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Five Ways To Solve iPhone Keyboard Not Working Properly

feature iphone keyboard not workingThe keyboard is the main tool we always use to type and write messages and texts to convey our sense or content towards one topic. But did you know that the modern keyboard begins with a similar inheritance from the invention of the typewriter? In 1900, people had already developed and used the keyboard. There are several legends around the innovation of the QWERTY keyboard layout we used today. The most compelling explanation why the layout is like that is to overcome the physical limitations of mechanical technology back in the day. Now, in modern times, we are accustomed to this layout, and we always use it on our devices. The iPhone device is one of the smartphones that use this kind of keyboard layout. This function aids its users in quickly typing and conveying texts, messages, and symbols to communicate better. However, although we innovated this layout to its finest ability, errors still linger with it. If you go to the Apple Support Community page, many users reported that their keyboard on iPhone is not working correctly. Although the solutions to this error are pretty simple and easy to do, We bet you are not aware of them. Thus, we have collected the best ways to fix the iPhone keyboard not working.

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Reasons Why doesn't My Keyboard Work on iPhone

The solutions are straightforward and a bit standard troubleshooting we can easily talk about. But, first, we need to discuss why keyboard errors persist initially. Below are the listed possible causes why the iPhone keyboard is messing up.

  • Unfinished update
  • Bugs and glitches in iOS
  • Technical issues with keyboard settings
  • Malware and software virus

Reset Keyboard Settings on iPhone

Have you ever experienced a scenario where you are typing on your iPhone device, yet the keyboard freezes on your screen? Well, this error is known to most devices, especially iPhone. This error may be due to the modification of settings on the keyboard setup. Additionally, the dictionary feature also contributes to this error. We all know this function aids users in checking the correct spelling and suggests the possible words you are about to type. It is functional for users who want to type faster and quicker. However, this setup also can make your keyboard freeze and the iPhone keyboard mess up. With that said, you need to know the correct solution to fix it.

  • In your settings, access the General option from the list of menus. Then, scroll down until you locate the Reset function.
  • Then, tap the Reset menu, and a list of functions will prompt on your iPhone screen. Choose the Reset Keyboard Dictionary to reset and refresh your keyboard. Then, to check if the error is already listed on your device’s system, go to the messaging app and try to write a message using your iPhone keyboard.

reset iphone keyboard

Turn the Zoom Feature Disabled

The zoom feature on iPhone devices is a valuable function to zoom in and out of your mobile screen. This Tool will magnify anything shown on your screen when this feature is enabled. It is helpful for iPhone users who have eye problems, including blurry eyesight, which need to enlarge text messages and photos for them to be able to see them. However, this function also contributes to a vast number of iPhone screen errors, including the iPhone keypad not working. When the zoom function is on, the keyboard can be distorted or freeze when constantly zooming in and out of the iPhone screen. So, if you do not need it, you can disable this function on your device. You can also read the complete guide on fixing the zoom function if it malfunctions on your iPhone. You can check it out here. The listed guide below is the proper solution on how to fix your keyboard.

  • From the list of your application, access the Settings app to locate all the menus and setups. Then, locate the General option and tap it to open its menu.
  • Next, go to the Accessibility and go to the zoom option to disable the feature. At the right part of the option, toggle the button to turn off the zoom feature.

disable zoom to fix iphone keyboard

Removed Third Party Keyboard

Why is my keyboard not working? There are many reasons, but the possible cause is using a third-party keyboard. Third-party keyboards provide and enable users to use a different setup of keyboards as an input tool for their iPhone device. It can also provide different keyboard languages, including Korean, Thai, German, Chinese, and more. Suppose you enable full access with these third-party tools. In that case, they will access your personal information, including photos, location, and others. This feature can also contribute to different keyboard malfunctions, including iPhone or iPad keyboard not working. You can disable and remove these third-party keyboards on your device. To know the process, read the guide below.

  • Go to the General option on your settings app and tap it to launch its menus. Then, select the Keyboard option from the list of menus, and tap it to open its functions.
  • Next, access the list of your keyboards by tapping the Keyboard option once more located at the topmost part of your screen. Afterward, a list of keyboards will be prompted on your screen. Tap the Edit option and hit the red button to erase it on your device.

remove third party keyboards

Update iOS Version

Usually, the new iOS version for your device will fix bugs and glitches issues on your device's system. Apple always does software updates to provide a better experience to its patrons. So, if you are that person who always complains that "my keyboard wont type," an uninstalled iOS update might be the reason for your misery. Uninstalled updates can contribute to software issues, including the iPhone keyboard not showing. Therefore, it is a must to regularly check if there is an available update for your device. Additionally, this new iOS version helps users remove significant iPhone errors like iPhone notifications not working. To quickly fix this issue, follow the listed methods below.

  • First, open your Settings app and tap the General option to open its menu. Select the Software Update option from the list of options on your screen.
  • If there is an available and accessible update, click the Download and Install button. Wait until the process is finished, and check if your iPhone keyboard works back to its original function.

iPhone Keypad Not Working During Call

Distinctive Feature: It consists of two modes and functions to repair iOS system issues—the Advanced mode and the Standard mode.

Price: It is a freemium software program, and this feature means that the tool provides essential repair functions for free. To access more features, you need to avail of its premium pass for $31.95 for two computers. In addition, it has lifetime support and updates.

Suppose you are already exhausted from the solutions presented above; you now need a prominent tool to fix the iPhone keyboard not working. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-known recovery tool that provides a function to fix iPhone systems. It has two ways to fix iOS systems, the Standard mode and the Advanced mode. The standard mode enables users to fix iPhone issues without deleting the entire data of their device. Contrary, the Advanced mode is for devices that need to remove hard-to-delete viruses and malware. This tool is also equipped with different iOS functions, including backup and recovery of iPhone files and more. To fix an iPhone keyboard, follow the detailed guidelines below.

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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery Tool

The first guide to fixing an iPhone keyboard is installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. You can tick the download option presented above. Run the file to install it on your computer. After that, launch the tool to circumnavigate the application.

isr interface

Step 2 Connect iPhone to the Tool

The second step to perform is connecting your iPhone to your computer. Use a lightning cable to perform the linking process. You will be notified once the tool has detected your iPhone successfully.

isr connect iphone

Step 3 Fix iPhone Keyboard Glitch

Then, the selection of two modes will be prompted on your computer screen. Choose your desired mode to fix your iPhone system. Hit the confirm button to instigate the process.

isr select mode

Step 4 Download Firmware and Finalize Process

Lastly, the tool will present the firmware dedicated to your device. Once downloaded, you can hit the Next button to push through with the process. Wait until the system finishes fixing your iPhone keyboard.

isr download firmware

Terms and Words About Fixing iPhone Keyboard

Firmware Freemium Service Recovery Tool
This type of software program is etched or made directly into a piece of hardware. It is a subscription or model in which a product offers basic and limited features for its patrons. It is a software program that provides the ability to fix a mobile system and software.
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