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5 Quick Methods to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off Problem

iPhone Keeps Turning OffWe can understand how stressful it is for someone when the iPhone keeps turning off on its own. You must be wondering if its battery is causing the trouble or if the phone got damaged internally. Before you head out to contact the Apple store to know what’s wrong with your phone; hear us out. There might be chances that this annoying loop is due to a glitch and nothing horrible you are imagining. “Why does my phone keep showing the apple logo and turning off over and over again. Is there any solution?” Well, there can be different reasons that we will put forth as we head into the article. So, that you know what could be wrong and then you can apply the solutions accordingly.

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Reasons behind the iPhone Keeps Turning Off

This continuous loop where your iPhone turns off by itself may be the outcome of a number of reasons which could be related to hardware or even software issues. Plenty of times, this problem is due to glitches in the software of your iPhone. Here are some points which could become the reason why iPhone shuts down:

1. Battery Indicator at Fault

Sometimes, the battery indicator of your iPhone is faulty and shows that your phone is about to die and charging is extremely low when in reality you have just fully charged your device. The operating system misinterprets it and your iPhone keeps shutting off.

iphone keeps turning off battery indicator

2. Incompatible Software

It is another reason you could be facing this issue because the software of your iPhone is not compatible with the programs you want to use. Either the software is not updated or corrupted, and therefore, the iPhone randomly turns off.

iphone keeps turning off incompatible software

3. Slacking Apps

Another reason could be the number of applications you have installed in your iPhone that are inactive for a longer time. These applications not only take up the storage of your phone but also make it sluggish and become the reason for random rebooting.

iphone keeps turning off slacking apps

5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off (100% Working)

Now that you know what could be the motives of your iPhone when it randomly starts to reboot, you can check out these 5 solutions to fix the iPhone.

1. Restart or Hard Reset Your iPhone

Most commonly, minor issues like iPhone randomly shuts off are usually resolved with restarting of your device. If it doesn’t help you can try a hard reset for your iPhone which deeply resets your iPhone keeping intact all the data. You can do a hard reset simply by holding the volume down button and Sleep/ wake button simultaneously for a few seconds or until the apple logo appears. This could also fix the problem of an app draining battery than usual.

iphone keeps restart on hard reset

2. Restore Your iPhone from Backup using DFU Mode

If you are still experiencing the same issue, then you can try to fix it using DFU restore which is similar to recovery mode.


  • Create the backup for your iPhone in iTunes by connecting the iPhone to the PC via USB cable.
  • Turn off your iOS device and now, press the Sleep/Power button and home button together. For newer models of iPhone 7 and above hold the Volume down button instead of the home button.
  • Hold them for about 10 seconds and not longer because it will enter Recovery mode.
  • You have to release the Sleep/Power button and hold the Home/ volume down button for 5 seconds. If only the screen is black and no icons appear it is in DFU mode and iTunes will recognize it. Lastly, restore the iPhone from the backup you created.

iphone keeps turning off backup using dfu mode

3. Repair Operating System with AceThinker

If the problem persists and your iPhone suddenly turns off and reboots multiple times in a row you can fix it with AceThinker Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery, a tool that will fix all the problems related to the iPhone without losing your data. This tool is completely safe and will not modify or erase your data and fix every problem including when your iPhone keeps shutting off. Here are the steps you can follow to get rid of the iPhone keeps turning off issue.

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Step 1 Connect your iPhone to the Computer

After you have download and installed the tool, click on the "iOS System Recovery" on the tool's interface. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer through a USB cable.

ios system recovery main interface

Step 2 Click on the Repair Mode

Once the software detects your device, you will be asked to click on the "Start" button to start the scanning. Wait until it finishes then, hit on the "Repair Mode."

ios system recovery choose the mode

Step 3 Download the Firmware and Start the Repairing Process

In the last step, you'll need to download the Firmware. Once the downloading process is done, click "Repair the iOS System" to fix your iPhone.

ios system recovery download firmware

4. Check Battery Health of iPhone

The battery health of your iPhone tells you about the capacity of your battery for maximum charging and also about how the performance of your iPhone is affected by the strength of the battery. If you have poor battery health this might be causing constant rebooting and you will have to replace it. To view the battery health, you will go to Settings and tap on Battery and then, Battery health. If Peak Performance Capability doesn’t appear, it means your battery is causing issues.

iphone keeps turning off check battery health

5. Contact Apple for Hardware Problem

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then the problem lies with the hardware of your iPhone. It may be the battery that could be causing issues and needs replacement or IC issues. For either scenario, contact Apple Support.

iphone keeps turning off contact apple

Summing Up

In this article, we came to know about the possible reasons why my iPhone keeps showing the apple logo and turning it off randomly and how this irritating issue could be resolved. Aside from that, you can also recover photos from broken iPhone with the recommended solution, AceThinker. So, you'd be free of the issue without worrying about losing your data.

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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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