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Why Does My Phone Keep Saying Call Failed? Fix it Here!

iphone keeps saying call failedDigital devices power most that we see in our generation. Although messaging applications are thriving in terms of communication tools, phone calls remain relevant to this date. This digital communication paves the way for how we quickly contact and respond to our loved ones or colleagues. Additionally, taking effort and time to do phone calls carries more weight than text or email. That is why calling someone or receiving a call from someone is a relevant way to communicate well. Moreover, in times of emergency, phone calls are the most efficient way to get help. Therefore, if you received an error that phone calls failed to process, you need to fix it immediately. Are you wondering why does it keep saying call failed on my iPhone? No worries, we gather different reasons why this error constantly reappears on iPhone devices. We also collected the solution to fix it; read more to gather information.

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Reasons Why iPhone Calls Keep Failing

Back in the day, when phone calls and text messages were the effective means to communicate from other cellular devices, call failures were common. Due to the development of new cellular towers and technologies, errors like “Call Failed “ are relatively rare. There are different reasons why your iPhone is unable to make phone calls. We have listed the possible causes and scenarios that might help you assess a better solution to fix the error.

  • There is a network glitch on your service provider.
  • A minor glitch is present in your device’s settings.
  • The SIM card is not inserted correctly into your device.
  • Network issue.

These are the common causes and scenarios that might explain why your device fails to make phone calls. Luckily, each of these scenarios has a corresponding solution to fix it. We have also collected them and listed them below. Read the following solutions to fix your iPhone device.

iphone keeps saying call failed reasons

Try Your Call Once More

The initial troubleshooting on how to fix your iPhone device is to try to call the contact number again. Some scenarios might cause your network to fail and be unable to make calls for specific times, but it does not mean that your device is broken. As you can see, phone calls are connected to cellular towers wirelessly. Each tower transmits radio waves which will travel to a particular satellite that will transmit your call to the receiver. If the tower gets congested, your phone call may not push through, resulting in a Call Failed error. But what are the scenarios that can make the nearest tower congested? With many cellular users around your area, transmitting messages or phone calls might be more challenging. Another reason is during the holiday season. Many users may reach out to every contact they have, which will result in thousands of cellular activities transmitted around your area. So, before getting your device fixed, try another call and get in touch with your contact list.

try another call

Enable Airplane Mode and Turn it Off

Suppose there is no network congestion around your area, and you try to make a call on your other phone, and it pushes through; then your device is the problem. As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons why does my phone keep saying call failed is due to network glitches or bugs. Some cellular users might receive some bugs on their devices and be unable to make a call in a specific period. The most useful thing you can do to get your device fixed is to toggle the Airplane mode. This process is one of the most optimal ways to remove network-related issues on iPhone devices. It can remove errors like the iPhone won’t connect to WIFI. It is effective when it turns off. On your network connection, it boosts your cellular data and gets a more robust mobile network, allowing you to make phone calls. Follow the guide below to learn how to toggle the Airplane mode.

  • First, open or unlock your device and navigate to your homepage screen. Then, swipe down on your screen using your finger to access the Control Center. This feature allows you to access different functions without the need to access Settings.
  • Next, locate the first set of functions at the leftmost part of the control center. You will see an Airplane icon which stands for Airplane mode. Tap the button or icon to enable the function.
  • Lastly, wait for a few seconds until your network is completely turned off. Tap the button of Airplane mode once more to enable network connection. Once the signal of your cellular SIM is back, try another call and check if it pushes through.

toggle the airplane mode

Restart Your Device

Another option you can use to get your iPhone device fixed due to phone call errors is to restart or soft reboot it. This process is typical on almost every digital device we have. It turns off your device's power supply, which will eradicate the glitches and bugs lurking on your device’s system. Yes, indeed, it is effective in removing software errors that exhaust the RAM. We all know system glitches and bugs are lurking in your settings and functions. These malicious menaces will compromise the process of your device, disallowing you to use them properly. With that, it is necessary to remove them as soon as possible. Another benefit of this process is that it can optimize your device's process, which will boost the overall performance of its system. Not only will it remove system failures, but it can also enhance the speed and performance of your device. Follow the guide below to get your device correctly restarted.

  • To restart your device, you need to familiarize the side buttons of your device. These buttons are the key factors to safely rebooting your smartphone. On the left side of your iPhone, you will see the Volume rack or the Volume buttons. On the other side, you will see the Power button.
  • Next, press and hold either Volume Up or Down and release it immediately. Do the same process on the Power button. Release the power button once a slider appears on your screen.
  • Lastly, toggle the slider on your screen in the right direction. Your device then turns off its system after the slider has been toggled. After a few seconds, press the power button to open your device. Release it immediately once the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen.

reboot iphone device

Check SIM Card Tray

One more troubleshooting you can do to assess why your device has difficulty making phone calls is by checking the SIM card slot. Your device will rarely get your SIM card misplaced in its slot. Yet, it could happen due to some scenarios. You need to check the SIM card tray when your device does not have a cellular signal. The SIM might get out of its slot when your device has been dropped, which loosens the SIM card tray. This SIM card tray fallacy is more common for devices that constantly hit the floor or bang on hard surfaces. Another reason that this error might happen is due to the wrong side of the SIM card chips being attached to the SIM card tray. If you are constantly removing and reinserting your device, placing the wrong side of the SIM card is most likely to happen.

  • The initial guide to checking the SIM card of your iPhone device is to locate the SIM card slot. You will find the SIM card slot on your device on the right side of the tool. It sits below the power button of your iPhone device.
  • Next, get your SIM card ejector and insert it in the small hole in the tray. Push it until the SIM card tray is ejected. Assess your SIM card to see if it is placed correctly on the SIM card.
  • If not, ensure that the gold film is facing downward to insert the SIM card properly. Insert back the SIM card tray together with your SIM card. Wait until the signal of your cellular is back. Make a phone call if your device’s signal comes back.

check sim card slot

Fix iPhone Keeps Saying Call Failed

Distinctive Feature: This computer solution is designed and equipped with a Quick Fix option, allowing users to fix minor iOS-related issues.
What is it best for?: It is most useful for users who want to save money on something other than professional help, as this tool can do all the processes in the comfort of your home.

Doing all of this troubleshooting is exhausting and sometimes hard to follow. Therefore, it is recommended to use computer software to save you time and effort fixing your iPhone device. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is an iOS utility that focuses on fixing software issues. Using this tool will give you clear instructions on how to fix a specific error on your device. It has four options that sort out the common iOS-related eros. These errors were sorted on Devices Issue, Screen Issue, iOS Mode Issue, and iTunes Issue. Since your device cannot make phone calls, you can choose the Devices Issue option. Selecting this mode will allow you to download the proper firmware to fix the error. To know more about the process of this computer program, check the detailed guide we presented below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Get the Recovery Software

The initial guide on how to fix an iPhone keeps saying call failed is to get the tool installed on your computer. You can tap the download icon presented above, which has the file installer of AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Go to your download folder, access the file installer, and run it on your computer’s system.

fonekeeper interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone Device

Once you have finished the wizards and installation prompts, the app will launch automatically. Using your lightning cable, connect your iPhone to your computer. The details will prompt on your screen once your device is connected to your iPhone.

connect iphone

Step 3 Choose the Mode of Recovery

Hit the Fix option to push through to the next page. This page will give you choices on which mode you should use. Select the Standard and tap the Confirm option. Doing this will prompt you to the download page of the list of firmware.

select mode

Step 4 Fix iPhone Failed Calls

Lastly, get the firmware that you need to fix your device. This file contains an updated iOS system which will remove system glitches. Hit the download button and tap the Start option to instigate the process.

download firmware

ios system recovery icon
AceThinker iOS System Recovery
A fastest Way to Fix your iOS System
  • It comes with two modes of recovery.
  • It has other iOS utilities including iOS backup and restore, data recovery, and WhatsApp transfer
  • While doing a recovery process, it can create backup on your device automatically.


Fixing iPhone failed calls is quite a straightforward thing to do. Even with software bugs, malfunctioned SIM card trays, or outdated iOS systems, you can quickly fix the solutions provided above. We hope to tackle the issue of the iPhone failing to make calls. With the solutions given in this article, we hope you can resolve your device's issue. Similarly, suppose you have other call-related issues, such as the iPhone being stuck in the call-ended screen. In that case, you can rely on this article.

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