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Fix iPhone Screen Keeps Dimming With Auto Brightness Off

iphone keeps dimmingDim lighting is commonly associated with relaxation and winding down after heavy activities or work. But a new study shows that spending much time with dim lights changes our brain structure and hurts our ability to learn and remember. No wonder why people choose and apply brighter screen lights on their mobile devices and computers. The good thing is that new devices nowadays can adapt to any lighting condition. One specific smartphone brand is the iPhone. This device is compact with an ambient light sensor. This sensor naturally detects the light condition around its user. It will also adjust the brightness display, which users need to see on their phone screen. Yet, several users reported and complained that their iPhone keeps going dim. So, this article will explain the steps to resolve and the possible culprits why your device keeps on dimming itself.

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Disable Automatic Brightness

For most iPhone users, automatic brightness is their haven to adjust their iPhone screen light while using it outdoors. Not only will it adjust the brightness to the amount of ambient light present on its location, but it also saves users time and effort to modify the brightness on their setting. Yet, this auto-brightness feature does not accurately perceive the amount of light present in its environment, resulting in errors like the iPhone screen dimming. This scenario is the right time to disable this feature to have better screen light on your device.

  • The initial guide to disable automatic brightness is by accessing the Setting app on your iPhone. From there, go to Accessibility to open different functions.
  • One of these functions is the Display and Text Size feature. Open this option and scroll until you can locate the Auto-Brightness function. Toggle the green button to disable its use.

disable auto brightness to fix dim issue

Turn Off True Tone

For iPhone 8 and later designs, Apple included the True Tone function. This feature can naturally adjust the display of brightness and color temperature. It will make colors appear consistent in different locations. It does not always work that's why it causes errors as the iPhone screen keeps dimming. If that is so, try to disable this function right away to fix this issue.

  • To instigate the walkthrough, open your Settings app to locate different functions. Then, make your way on the Display & Brightness option to access its settings.
  • Afterward, look for the True Tone function from the list of options. If it's in the green light, toggle its button to disable its function.

Check the Night Shift Feature

Similar to True Tone, Night Shift is a new feature for iPhone users that provides better assistance regarding staying on your phone. It gives an automatic adjustment on the display brightness to turn your screen slightly warm to reduce eye strain. While it slightly affects the fading of iPhone brightness, it can make your screen appear dimmer than usual. So it is a must to turn it off to reduce the fading error on your device. The steps below are the ways on how to keep iPhone from dimming.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and access the Display & Brightness to access more functions.
  • Then, look for the Night Shift feature to disable the Schedule, and the Manually Enable Until Tomorrow Functions.

disable night mode

Shut Off Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a suitable feature for users who have always wanted to save their battery percent. When enabled, this feature can reduce the data that you consume, the background apps running on your device, and dim your screen brightness. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why your iPhone screen keeps dimming with auto brightness off. The trick to resolve this is simple, follow the steps below.

  • First, access the Settings app on your device and make your way to the Battery section.
  • From there, you can see different battery-related functions; one of these is the Low Power Mode. Toggle its button to disable its function. This will make your screen brighter and lighter.

disable low battery mode

Does Your Device Overheat?

People who consistently use their iPhone under direct sunlight can make their device heats up. Overheating may lead your smartphone to automatic troubleshooting, such as reducing its performance and dimming down its screen brightness. To add, overheating may also occur when charging or using your phone continuously for how many hours. These scenarios can significantly contribute to why your iPhone experiences problematic glitches, low performance and iPhone screen flickering error. To prevent and resolve this, avoid using your phone in direct sunlight. Also, if you are charging your device, do not use it more often to not exhaust its power source, resulting in overheating.

Charts of the Typical and Brightness Level of iPhones

Below is the list of iPhone models with HDR content that can make your screen brighter. Please note that these models do not have an IPS display like iPhone 11 or iPhone 8 plus. This feature is also not available for iPhones with an OLED display, such as iPhone X and iPhone XS.

iPhone Models Typical Brightness HDR Brightness
iPhone 11 Pro 800 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 11 Pro Max 800 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 12 625 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 12 Mini 625 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 12 Pro 800 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 12 Pro Max 800 nits 1,200 nits
iPhone 13 1,000 nits 1,200 nits
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