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iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes screen? Try these solutions

iphone stuck on connect to itunes screenSo, you were trying to update your iPhone, or you were looking to copy some data on your computer from your iPhone but now you are stuck with this Connect to iTunes screen? Well, this may be strange to you, but this is not an issue that has no solutions to it. At first, you may think that my iPhone is stuck on iTunes connect screen and I can easily fix it. However, trying several things might prove to be useless for you because this is not an issue that is easy to get rid of. This only happens because of some specific reasons so it can be solved only in some specific ways as well. So, if you are also facing this issue, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some of the reasons as well as our top 4 solutions for this issue.

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Why iPhone stuck on iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes?

If you are getting this issue, then it means that your iPhone is going through any of these issues:

  • You caused some hardware issues to your iPhone.
  • There is some Software issue in the iOS.
  • The iOS update has failed.
  • Some maloperations were causing your phone to go to the DFU mode.

The 3 best ways to solve iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes

Now that you know what could be the possible reason for your iPhone to face this issue, here are our top 3 solutions to this problem that you can try out. We will start from the simplest ones to the most effective ones that you can try. So, you can try out in the given order or move to the most effective one as per your wish.

1. Try to force restart your iPhone

The first method that we will be discussing here is to force restart your iPhone. This is the process that disconnects power from the hardware of your iPhone meaning that everything restarts from zero. Most of the time it is enough to resolve the software glitches that you are facing.

If you are looking to force restart your iPhone, you can follow the steps according to your specific model. There are details available on Apple’s Website about force restarting different iPhone models. Try this and if it works then you are good to go. Otherwise, you will need to follow the methods below.

2. Use iTunes to reinstall iOS on your iPhone

The next common fix that you can try out for resolving this issue is to restore your iPhone by reinstalling iOS. It is important to note that your data will be lost, and you will need iCloud account credentials if Find My options are enabled on that iPhone. So, if you are good with all of these requirements you can follow these steps.


  • The first step in this process and the most critical one is to have the latest iTunes version on your device. It does not matter whether you have a Windows computer or a mac. You need to make sure that you are installing the latest version of iTunes. If you have previously installed it, you can try updating it to check if you have the latest one or not.
  • The next thing that you will need to do is connect your devices. It is always a better option to use the USB wire that is Apple Original Accessory. It ensures the best performance and experience.
  • When you connect your devices, iTunes will take a few seconds to detect your device. It will also detect what issues your iPhone is facing.
  • You will note that there are not a lot of options available. Your only options will be to update or restore. Here you will go with restoring your iPhone. Let the process finish and hopefully, it will solve the issue for you.

3. Get hardware check from Apple

Chances are that you are still unable to resolve the issue. It means that there might be some hardware issue. That may not be that easy to deal with, so it is a better option that you consider getting Apple’s professional services to get this issue resolved. They will tell you if repairing is possible or not.

You may think that going to some third-party repairing service place may solve the issue for you. Well, those services may be cheap but there are no guarantees about the result. Moreover, you may void a lot of benefits from Apple like Warranty coverage and such reliability features for your iPhone. So, always try to go for the safest option.

Easily Solve the Issue Using AceThinker iOS System Recovery

If using iTunes is not the right choice for you then you can use the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool. It makes an amazing choice because it removes activation locks and passcodes as well. So, using it means that there are no issues that you need to worry about. Below are the steps that you need to follow for solving the “Connect to iTunes” issue.

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Step 1 Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery on Your Computer

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a free tool available for both Windows users and Mac users. So, you can download and install it for free on your respective device.

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Step 2 Connect your iPhone with the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool

When the installation process is complete you can start the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool and connect your iPhone with this tool. Using original Apple USB wire will be the best option for this step.

Step 3 Select the repair mode that you need

AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool will detect your iPhone and you will need to select your desired repair mode. This is a vital step in repairing your iOS.

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Step 4 Download and repair iOS firmware

After specifying all the requirements, the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool will ask you to download the firmware. You can download it and start the iOS repairing process. Within a few minutes, you will have your iPhone on the startup screen. There you can easily set it up and start using it as a new iPhone. Note that you will lose your data with this method of repairing iOS.

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Getting iPhone stuck on Connect to iTunes screen is among the most frustrating issues that someone can face. Facing this issue means that you cannot use your iPhone at all unless the issue is resolved. So, if you face this issue, you can try the methods shared above to try and resolve the issue. Just make sure that you are following all the steps in the right way for the most effective results.

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iOS System Recovery
Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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