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Easy Solution to Fix: iPhone Personal Hotspot Not Working

feature iphone hotspot not workingThe internet revolutionizes our way of communication and getting information. Due to its interconnected networks, we can easily access any data we want to learn. But its wireless connectivity and network fidelity have drawbacks. As we all know, WiFi works with routers; therefore, hiking on a mountain range or exploring the wilderness of the forest won't give you a WiFi connection. However, with today's innovation and technology, smartphones like the iPhone have an inbuilt WiFi hotspot. This feature enables users to connect one or several devices to another that will serve as the host to consume and use its data connection. Indulging and exploring outside activities will not constrict you from accessing the internet. Yet, sometimes we experience iPhone personal hotspot not working. This scenario is not a pleasant experience to come up against. But, fortify your knowledge and elevate your skills with these solutions we collected to resolve iPhone hotspot issues.

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Ways to Resolve iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting Error

If your iPhone hotspot not working, these suggestions presented below might resolve and fix the issue. These guides are intended for all iPhone models running iOS 13 and up. The instructions for older versions of the iPhone are the same, yet the detailed walkthroughs may differ.

1. Turn On and Off Personal Hotspot

The initial guide you need to do is check if your hotspot is turned on if you are experiencing an iPhone hotspot not connecting error. If the error persists even if you have already turned on your hotspot, reset it by following steps. On your iPhone, access the Settings and make way to the Personal Hotspot. Then, go to the Allow Others Join and toggle the slider to on/off its functions. The green button will indicate the hotspot is already enabled. Check your other device if you are already connected to the iPhone hotspot.

reset hotspot on iphone

2. Flick On and Off the Cellular Data

Hotspot gets its internet connectivity from the data connection you have on your iPhone. Sometimes the problem with it might be related to your cellular connection. Suppose your device is having trouble getting enough data connectivity, hotspot might not work either. This problem can be resolved by simply resetting your data connection. This process can be done by going to your Settings and accessing the Cellular option. Then, toggle the Cellular Data slider on and off to reset the connection. The green button will indicate that your cellular data is now enabled. Lastly, check and connect your other device to see if the personal hotspot not working error is already fixed.

reset cellular data with ios13 to resolve hotspot issue

3. Restart your iPhone to Fix Hotspot Issue

If the two solutions did not work above, try to restart your smartphone to fix personal hotspot not showing on iPhone. Simple restarting can resolve some significant issues; one of these is the hotspot error. Restarting your device clear opens the apps or any glitches you have on your iPhone. Therefore, a hotspot connectivity error can be easily fixed with this process. For iPhone X and later versions, press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Down option. For the earlier version, tap or press and hold the Wake/Sleep button. Doing this makes the power off slider appear on your screen. Toggle the option or release the Wake/Sleep button to restart your device successfully. Once the iPhone has been restarted, check if the iPhone hotspot keeps turning off again.

reset iphone to fix hotspot issue

4. Reset General Network Settings

Unable to start personal hotspot on an iPhone is an undeniably frustrating error that someone can experience. This error may be occurring due to the iPhone's incorrect network settings. Resetting your network setup will erase all the network modifications you have done on your iPhone. These settings include Cellular, WiFi, VPN, and Bluetooth settings. The cellular factory default can fix complex errors such as cannot connect to iPhone hotspot. To reset network settings, access the iPhone Settings and make way to the General option. From there, go to Transfer or Reset iPhone and tap Reset. Then, different options are presented to reset your settings. Choose the Reset Network Settings. You will be prompted to tick Reset Network Settings again to confirm your choice. Lastly, your iPhone will be turned off, perform the reset and turn it back on.

restart iphone network to fix hotspot issue

5. Perform Connection Troubleshooting on PC

If an iPhone hotspot not showing up on PC, we have a basic troubleshooting process dedicated for you. Windows offers a straightforward troubleshooter tool to fix network errors and settings. If you cannot connect your iPhone hotspot to your computer, you can run this tool to resolve the issue. To begin, launch the Control Panel app on your PC or use shortcut keys Windows +I. Then, access the Network and Internet and make your way to the Network and Sharing Center. Once accessed, the new tab will view your active network and enable you to change network settings. Under that option, look for the Troubleshoot Problems. Lastly, let the system analyze and fix the issue for you.

troubleshoot on pc network to fix hotspot issue

Which is Better 2.4Ghz VS. 5Ghz of Hotspot

Nowadays, hotspot connection has two modes, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Most routers and hotspot connections currently use these two radio wavelengths or frequencies. These two differ on every use or need of their patrons. We have collected a few considerations on which frequency you should apply to your hotspot.

1. Size of the Area

A considerable area will require a more expansive coverage space, and 2.4 GHz is the best frequency since this wavelength can penetrate through walls and furniture quickly. Nonetheless, for smaller houses, 5GHz will provide better hotspot speed and aid the wavelengths to minimize the interference from different clustering networks.

2. Count the Interference

The 2.4GHz band is exceptionally prone to interference due to the number of devices using this frequency. These include microwaves, Bluetooth devices, older routers, baby monitors, garage door openers, and more. Therefore, if you have these kinds of technologies at your home, setting your Hotspot to 2.4GHz is not highly recommended, and it might affect hotspot keeps disconnecting iPhone. Nevertheless, 5GHz provides a hassle-free internet connection due to its lesser interference. Yet, it also has a notable fallback; the area or the device connected to your iPhone hotspot using 5Ghz should be nearby.

3. The Usage of the Bandwidth

Although the 2.4GHz band makes it better to transmit internet connection through walls and other solid objects, this bandwidth is only recommended for browsing activities. On the other hand, 5GHz of frequency is well-suited for high-bandwidth devices or activities. This radio wave is suitable for streaming HD videos and playing high-graphic video games.

 2.4ghz vs 5ghx which is better

So it is up to you which frequency is suitable for your scenario and situation. Remember that setting up an incorrect bandwidth may cause a hotspot not working iPhone error.

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