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How to Fix iPhone Home Button Stuck

iphone home button not workingAre you trying to make use of your iPhone, but when you put your finger over the home button, the phone wouldn't open? We can understand how aggravating it is when the primary button that allows you to unlock your phone has been unable to function for a while. We often forget the frequency of using home buttons on our phones -until it ceases to function. It could be that your Home button doesn't work, or is only functional for a fraction of time, or the iPhone home button broken; it's frustrating in any case. However, there's some positive news: Most of the problems with Home buttons can be resolved at home. This article will go over the possible solutions for your iPhone home button is the stuck issue.

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Why Home Button Isn't Working On Your iPhone?

Although the latest iPhone models have eliminated the Home button's physical component, you could have an older model with one. This is why it is a bit of a hassle that the iPhone home button is not working because there is no alternative for replacing your older model. The Home button may not function due to a software glitch that would be simple to fix yourself. If the issue is a hardware issue, the issue may not be apparent, requiring you to go to a repair shop to replace the whole button. Before you head to the repair shop, you can take a look at some of the solutions below to fix my iPhone home button is stuck issue:

iphone home button

Top Solutions to Fix Unresponsive Home Button Issue on iPhone

1. Try Restarting Your Device

The solution is straightforward. All you must do is restart your iPhone, which can fix a lot of minor issues with iPhones. To fix the iPhone home button not clicking issue, just comply with these instructions:

  • Press the power button for a long time till you see the Power Off slider.
  • Drag and click on your slider until turning the device off.
  • Next, you need to give it a few seconds.
  • Hold the power button long-pressing till the Apple logo appears.

Your iPhone will reboot at this moment. Once it has booted, you can verify that the Home button is working just like it did before.

restart iphone

2. Clean the iPhone Home Button

As time passes, your home button will be susceptible to attracting dirt and water particles from the environment or your fingertips. This is especially evident when you work in a dusty place or when your thumb is constantly wet. It is a problem that happens frequently that can build up and cause temporary or even permanent injury to the home button. Don't worry about it; an easy clean could assist you in fixing your iPhone home button that isn't working correctly. To wash your home button, you'll require only a couple of tools. Find a cotton bud or a soft, clean cloth, then pour a large amount of alcohol onto the cotton bud or cloth. Clean the home button using the cotton bud. Wait a couple of minutes before letting it dry.

clean iphone button

3. (Re)calibrate the iPhone Home Button

Recalibrating the home button is another option. Follow the instructions below for how to do it:

  • Start any app you have installed onto your iPhone.
    NOTE: This could refer to any default app, including calendars, reminders, photos, or notes.
  • Press the power button to activate the Power Off slider for a long time. Make sure you don't shut off your iPhone right now.
  • Hold on to the home button till the slider is gone.
    If this fails to resolve the home button issue initially, try it again 3 or 4 times. If it doesn't work after several attempts, move to the next solution.

recalibrate iphone home button

4. Realign the Port With the Help of Charger

Changing the port's alignment using the USB cable and the home button can also fix this issue. To accomplish this, comply with these directions:

  • The lightning connector is connected to the iPhone.
  • Press the connector's back close to the lower edge on your iPhone, and this should cause you to "push" the cable against the Home button.
  • Keep the pressure on while pressing the Home button several times.

realign home button through charger

5. Enable Assistive Touch

If you find that your Home button does not work, it may be time to discard it. A translucent button appears on the bottom of your screen. It is possible to use it as a replacement for the home button by pressing it before hitting Home. This triggers the same thing if you hit the Home button just once. You can drag the AssistiveTouch menu to any location you wish to the screen for the greater convenience of the place. Although, you can switch to and adapt to the iPhone Assistive Touch feature, which replaces the Home button. To activate it, take these steps:

  • First of all, start in the Settings app.
  • Click Accessibility, then Touch > AssistiveTouch.
  • In the case of an old iPhone, This is located accessible under General Settings > Accessibility.
  • Turn to your AssistiveTouch option.

enable assitive touch

Best Way to Fix iPhone Home Button

If your iPhone's home button is not responding due to a software problem. In that case, you can use AceThinker iOS System Recovery to fix the iPhone Home button not responding. AceThinker iOS System Recovery can repair most iOS-related issues, including iPhone stuck issue, iPhone won't restart/restore/update, iPhone buttons stuck, and more. If the iPhone's software does not respond as it should when you hit the Home Button, this is when AceThinker can assist you in fixing the issue with your software. You can then apply the below steps to resolve the issue:

Feature Highlights

  • All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices can be fixed using this program.
  • It also supports the most recent iOS at the moment, i.e., iOS 15.
  • Get Rid of any iOS-related issues with AceThinker iOS System Recovery.
  • Straightforward to utilize and no technical knowledge required.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Download and Select iOS System Recovery

Hit any of the buttons above to download the software, then install it on your computer. Launch the software, and iOS System Recovery should be selected from the interface.

select ios system recovery on fone keeper

Step 2 Connect via USB Cable

Utilizing the help of a USB cable, connect your device to your PC. Next, press Start for the process to begin.

iphone camera black screen step 2

Step 3 Select the Repair Mode

Find the Fix Button option and make sure it is clicked. In the new window, select the type of Repair you want to make. You have two options - Standard Mode as well as Advanced Mode. Then click the “Confirm button to start the fixing process.

repair with ios system recovery step2

Step 4 Download the Firmware

The information on the firmware will need to be verified. Download the firmware you require, then go to Next to continue. If you want to repair your device, click Repair. Once the firmware is downloaded and installed, iOS system recovery software will begin to repair your device's problems automatically, such as an unresponsive home button. Once this process is done, your device and home button will start functioning normally.

download firmware

The Bottom Line

By using these strategies most of the time, you can fix iPhone Home button not working problem. However, we strongly recommend AceThinker as an ultimate solution to everything iPhone-related.

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Last updated on February 23, 2022

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