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Top 8 Solutions and Methods for Fixing iPhone Gray Screen

How to Fix iPhone Gray Screen

  • Get the iOS System Recovery by clicking the download icon below.
  • Connect iPhone to PC with Apple charging cable
  • Choose a recovery method on fixing your iPhone screen.

You may have experienced the "iPhone gray screen" phenomenon if you have an iPhone. This issue occurs when the iPhone screen turns gray and becomes unresponsive. If you've ever encountered the iPhone gray screen of death, you know how frustrating it can be. This issue can occur for various reasons, including software, hardware, and even water damage. Whatever the cause, it's important to handle the problem as soon as needed to prevent further damage to your device. Ignoring the gray screen of death can lead to more severe troubles, including having a completely black screen or even a bricked device. By promptly addressing the issue, you can feel at ease with your device as there is a solution to it. So, if you're experiencing the iPhone gray screen of death, don't hesitate to seek help from the trusted solutions that you can find in this article.

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Definition of iPhone Gray Screen

The gray screen issue on iPhones is a problem that can occur when the device's display becomes unresponsive or freezes. This error can happen for various reasons, including software glitches, hardware issues, or a lack of available storage space. It is different from other screen issues like the bottom of iPhone screen not working, and others because software issues usually cause this error. When this problem occurs, users may notice that their iPhone's screen turns gray and becomes unresponsive to touch, making it difficult or impossible to use the device. The frequency and occurrence of this problem are most likely to happen on lower iPhone models. The iPhone 8 series and the earlier version are prone to this issue since their chipset is less advanced than the later iPhone models like the iPhone 14 series. In addition, other factors may contribute to the occurrence of this issue. We listed them below for you to analyze your device.

  • Software Bugs- The initial factor you must consider is software issues. This factor is the main perpetrator of iPhone screen grey and unresponsive screen due to some processes containing bugs and glitches that make your screen freeze and gray screen.
  • Malware Intrusion- Security is our main priority regarding our mobile devices. However, breaching and attempts to bypass your iPhone security and privacy with other foreign software can make your device unresponsive. Check unwanted files stored on your iPhone storage and system.
  • Customization- We are not talking about your home screen layout. But, we are hinting at modifications you have made to your iOS system. If you previously performed jailbreaking on your device or downloaded the Beta version of iOS, you should bring back your original settings and system to fix the error.
  • Hardware Damaged- The last factor we can consider is to check the hardware component of your device., It could be a screen issue, water damage, a battery problem, or a wiring issue that causes your device to emit gray light on your screen.

what is iphone gray screen of death

Troubleshooting on Fixing Gray Screen Issue

1. Charge Your iPhone

The initial guide you should consider to fix your auto lock grayed out on iPhone is to charge your device. Charging is helpful for any system glitch you have on your mobile phone. Why? Sometimes, your device is just low in battery percent, so some of its features are not functioning properly. In regular usage, your device will run out of battery life, resulting in its brightness lowering the light emitted by your device. It will result in a gray screen hue if a system glitches your iPhone settings. You can easily resolve this issue by charging your device. Connect your smartphone/iPhone to a power source using a certified Apple lightning charger. If your device is drained and unresponsive, leave it in charging mode for 15 to 20 minutes before turning it on.

charge your device

2. Adjust iPhone Brightness

Does your iPhone device respond to any function you input in its system, but its screen feels like it is not emitting enough light? Your smartphone probably experiences an iPhone gray screen error. Well, not exactly. There is another feature on your iPhone that lessens the light that its screen emits and makes it look like it is gray. This feature is the brightness of your iPhone device. Screen brightness enables users to modify the light their screen emits according to their preferred preference. You can also use its Auto-brightness option, in which your device automatically responds to the light around its surroundings. When your screen emits dim light, it provides an illusion that your iPhone is experiencing gray screen issues. You can modify and change the brightness of your device by accessing the Control Center. Swipe on your home screen page and check for the brightness option. Adjust it according to your preferred brightness.

adjust iphone brightness

3. Force Restart Your iPhone

A force restart is when your device is forcibly shut down and cut off its power supply from its battery. This process is usually performed when a system glitches or bugs your iOS device. Therefore, restarting your iPhone screen is the best and safest method you can perform when it turns gray and unresponsive. Software bugs lurk on your system RAM in which all your iPhone processes are taking place and powered. Terminating your device's power supply is the best option when that scenario happens since these bugs and glitches can't live without feeding on your system's processes. By the time your device reboots, issues are no longer visible. This method of fixing your iPhone screen can also resolve problems, including iPhone WiFi saying connected but no internet, apps crashing, and more. Restarting your device can fix your iPhone system while retaining all your data files, making it a better choice for troubleshooting your mobile phone. You can check below the proper way to restart your iPhone.

  • Begin restarting your device by locating the side buttons of your iPhone. If you have yet to try this process, you need to be familiar with each location of the controls. The Volume rack is on the left side of your mobile phone. At the same time, the Power button is on the opposite side.
  • Next, push and continue to press the Power button and any of the Volume buttons. Release both buttons once the Emergency page appears on your screen. Access the slider where you can turn off your device.
  • For the finale, glide the button to shut down your mobile phone. Please wait for a few seconds before rebooting your device. Hit the Power button to refresh your iPhone system.

force restart iphone device

4. Disable Color Filters

Are you scared that your iPhone device might be damaged due to the gray color that it emits on its screen? Worry not; it might be due to features on your iPhone. As you can see, the iPhone has a better resolution and display function on mobile screens. It has a better refresh rate and resolution and is suitable for browsing the internet, watching videos, and playing games. It also comes with color filters that enhance and modify any aspect of the hue that your iPhone screen can emit. One of these filters is Grayscale. This function lets users see their screen in black and white, eliminating other colors. It gives the illusion that your device emits a gray shade or light on its screen. So, to fix this issue, you must check first if your device is in the Grayscale filter. You can observe the guidelines below to learn how to turn off this filter and the entire color filters.

  • Unlocking your device is the first step to fixing the iPhone gray screen. Go to your home screen page and locate the iPhone settings. Tap on its icon to launch its features and menus.
  • Scroll down on your screen and access the Accessibility feature. Tap on its menu and go to the Display & Text option. Slide below until you reach the Color Filters option. Check if it is enabled.
  • Lastly, access the Color Filter button and toggle it to turn off the function. If you do not want to turn off the filter, you can change the intensity of your chosen filter. You can also select color options like Red/Green Filter, Blue/Yellow Filter, and more.

turn off color filter

5. Update iOS Device

The next step can help you resolve ongoing software issues on your device and cause the iPhone screen grey and unresponsive. Downloading the latest firmware of your iOS system can fix the screen issue and other related problems on your iPhone. It helps users to repair certain iOS issues on their devices. Updating your iPhone to its latest iOS version removes bugs and software errors, which you can get by getting the firmware provided by an Apple developer. An outdated iOS device is also vulnerable to every iOS error since its firmware and security features are not updated. You can avoid this error if you automatically update your device. However, if you fail to update your device on time, you can still update it manually. Check the solution below to learn the best process.

  • Unlock your mobile phone to access your home screen page. Then, browse the list of apps on your iPhone and check for the Settings app. Hit its icon and launch the app on your iOS device.
  • Next, the Software Update Available is below your Apple ID. Tap on this option, and you will be directed to the download page of the new iOS system. You can read its description to learn about the update's status.
  • Lastly, hit the Download and Install on your device. Make sure that your device is fully charged and is connected to a strong internet connection. Once completed, your device will reboot to install the new iOS system and fix the issue you have on your iPhone.

update ios device

6. Factory Reset Your iPhone

Another option to fix your iPhone grey screen of death is to factory reset your iPhone. This process only applies to users with an iPhone gray screen, and it is caused by malware intrusion or jailbreaking. This process is an effective way to fix errors caused by system modification of jailbreaking. Any feature you have added to your iPhone that is not part of your original features will be removed once you have reset your iPhone on default settings. In addition, when your iPhone is infected with malware, such as spyware, that can harm and compromise your security, this method is suitable for removing them immediately. However, there will be a great price for using this method. Although it can resolve your iOS issues, your data files will be removed with this function. It means other data unaffected by the error will be permanently deleted. Nevertheless, if you are desperate to fix your device, here is the tutorial.

  • On your iPhone device, unlock it and make your way to the home screen page. Go to the Settings app by tapping on its icon. The app will launch a list of settings that you can use.
  • Next, go to the General option and tap on its menu. Scroll down on your screen until you have reached the Transfer or Reset iPhone. Select the menu and locate two options for resetting your device to its default settings.
  • Lastly, choose the Erase All Content & Settings to reset your iPhone. Follow the prompts and finalize the reset process. Please wait for the completion of the factory reset to set up your device once more.

reset iphone device

This tool deletes your entire data to fix your iOS device. Better save those safe files in a drive or cloud storage. Read this article or post on how to properly protect your files.

7. Contact Customer Support

Software issues are not the only culprit or factor that can turn your iPhone screen gray. Hardware issues are also contributors to how your iPhone screen emits gray light. The first obvious reason is it is due to screen damage. Unintentional damage on your screen due to falling from a higher place or due to water damage is another factor in why your device is unresponsive. If these two scenarios have recently happened on your device, you better check your device for repair. You can seek professional help for your iPhone to get fixed. You can take it to the nearest support center, where they can assess and improve your iPhone screen. You can also use the online service to contact a support or technician to fix your device. Also, you can schedule a repair check-up and ship your device to their official service center.

contact apple support

8. Use Third-Party App

Are you looking for an immediate solution to fix the gray iPhone screen? You can consult AceThinker iOS System Recovery for instructions. This tool contains options that can improve your iOS device more so its screens. It comes with a Device Screen issue with firmware that is purposely for iPhone screens. Before starting the repair process, it has two modes that can offer firmware to correct the fault on your iOS system. You can also upgrade and downgrade your smartphone on any iOS version that Apple releases in addition to that procedure. You can do these upgrade and downgrade procedures by getting firmware and installing it on your device. In addition, there is an option where you can fix your iOS device without deleting the entire data on your iPhone.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Get AceThiner iOS System Recovery

Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your Windows or Mac. Hit the download icon above for a fast install to get its installer easily. Then, go to your download folder and hit the installer to run the app on your device. Once the installation is completed, circumnavigate its system and launch it on your PC.

ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Choose a Recovery Method

Next, connect your iPhone to your PC with a lightning charger. Access the application on your PC and analyze your iPhone by hitting the Fix option. You will be able to access the selection of recovery methods. It is recommended to choose Standard Mode to fix your iPhone screen while retaining your iPhone files. Hit the Confirm option to proceed to the next step.

choose recovery method

Step 3 Fix iPhone Gray Screen Error

For the finale, choose a downloadable firmware from the list of files presented on your screen. Hit the Download icon to get it on your device. Run the file by clicking the Next button, which will eventually start the repair process.

download firmware

In Summary

The gray screen error on the iPhone is so inconvenient that some of us do not want to experience it. Yet, surprisingly, the solution to fix this issue is easier, like ordering a drink at your favorite coffee shop. You can charge your phone, adjust its brightness, restart it, update its firmware, reset its settings, contact customer support, and use AceThinker iOS System Recovery to fix it. Your device is an investment that is favorable in today’s digital age, so you better keep it last.

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