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Solutions How to Fix Google Maps Voice Not Working iPhone

iphone google maps not workingPeople always love to travel. We always do this adventurous activity to cope with stress from the city. Whether you like to get out of the hustle and bustle of city noise, unload work tasks on your job, or give yourself the time to heal from traumatic experiences, traveling is the best you can do. Nowadays, different tools can accompany you when traveling around your area. Google Maps has been the top mapping tool that can guide you. It is a consumer application and web mapping platform developed by Google. It provides services and features including satellite imagery, aerial photography, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, street maps, and real-time traffic conditions. Additionally, it has route planning activities, including traveling by foot, bike, car, and public transportation. So, if you are traveling and you experience Google Maps offline iPhone not working. This is a big problem that needs a quick fix. Luckily, we selected the most compelling and feasible solutions to fix this error.

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Possible Solutions Why Google Maps is Not Working

The first task you need to do to fix or prevent this error from coming up on your iPhone device is to know why. Knowing the root cause can give you knowledge on which solution you should use. With that said, look down below to see the list of possible causes of why Google is not working correctly.

  • Outdated Google Maps application
  • Glitch on iOS system
  • Virus and Malware infestation
  • GPS is disabled

reason iphone google maps not working

Reboot or Soft Reset

For every system glitch and error you have on your iPhone, the first solution you need to consider is to reboot your device. Sometimes applications might malfunction due to overheating, system glitches, and RAM overload. With these scenarios, your device might act up and not function in its original process. You can also experience Google Maps voice not working iPhone. This error is serious when traveling since you mostly rely on the instruction from the voice-over of Google Maps. Follow the guide below to fix this issue.

  • To fix this, you can try to use your volume buttons. Regardless of which button you will use, press and hold that volume button. Simultaneously, do the same process with the side button. Do this until the slider on your screen appears. Slide or touch the slider from the left and toggle it to the right.
  • After sliding the button, wait until your device turns off. Your iPhone will automatically restart. You will know if your device is about to turn on, the Apple logo will appear on your screen. Then, try to use Google Maps once more. If the error persists, try the next solution.

Enable GPS or Location Services

We all know GPS provides the exact location of our device. This feature on our mobile system is the main reason we can use Google Maps and its advanced functions. Without this, the location will not be real-time, and Google Maps might act up. We understand that if you are not using your device, you are turning off this feature since it consumes a lot of battery percentage and makes the device overheat. Therefore, if you have an error on your Google Maps and it seems stuck in one place, check your device's GPS if it is disabled. If so, follow the guide presented beneath.

  • Enabling GPS is a straightforward and quick thing to do. On your iPhone device, locate the Settings app on your list of applications. Tap its icon to open its list of menus. Then, slide up to locate the Privacy menu.
  • Please tap on the Privacy menu to access its list of features. One of these features is Location Services; toggle its button to turn on the function. Try to navigate Google Maps once more to see if the solution eradicated the error. If not, read the next solution.

enable gps location

Update Google Maps

Sometimes, outdated Google Maps is one of the reasons why the application is not working as it should be. We all know that updates on applications can fix bugs and glitches and saves users from having malfunctioned service. So, if your Google Maps is outdated and not compatible with your iOS system, it might act up and malfunction severely. Applications are being updated to cope with the system of one’s device. So, if they do not have a compatible version, the application will not provide its patrons with the service it is supposed to give. Thus, if you are that person who is consistently not doing automatic updates, this solution will give you ease. Follow the direction below to know how to update your Google Maps.

  • The initial guide on updating your iOS device is by accessing the App Store from the list of your applications. Tap its icon to open its functionalities.
  • On its search bar, type Google Maps to locate the application on the App store. If there is an update for the application, you will see an Update button. Tap that button to install the latest version of Google Maps. Once installed, launch the Google Map and check if it is now working.

update google maps on app store

Reset Device’s Location Settings

Most of the time, glitches lurk on the internal system of your device. This is possible with cache and viruses entering your device due to malicious download activities from different unprotected websites. These glitches can affect different processes on your device, resulting in various errors like no sound on Google Maps iPhone. With that said, you need to remove all the location settings on your device. Doing this will revoke the location permissions for Google Maps, terminating the processes and the glitches applied to its settings. The device will revert the setup of your location and privacy to its original state. Thus, it will eradicate malfunctioned settings you have for your location. Follow the guide beneath to reset the location settings of your iPhone.

  • Using your iPhone, select Settings from the list of applications you have on your device. Swipe up for a bit on your screen to locate the General option. Tap its menu to launch different options located on its window.
  • Swipe up until you reach the button part of the General menu. From there, you will see the Transfer or Reset iPhone. Tap on it to locate the reset option. From the reset option, a prompt will appear to provide different settings; one of these is Reset Location and Privacy. Follow the popup instruction to allow the device to reset all its location settings. Once done, you can launch the Google Map to check if the solution works with your device.

reset location settings

If the resolution mentioned above does not work, you can rely on different iOS system repair tool to fix the issue. We have a recommended tool; read the latter part of this article.

Fix iPhone Google Maps Not Working Using Computer Software

Distinctive Feature: This application is designed and equipped with two modes of repairing iOS system issues. These modes are Advanced mode and Standard mode.
Price: This tool is a freemium service. Fixing iOS-related issues is free and limitless. Yet, if you want to enjoy its advanced features like lifetime updates and support, you can avail its premium plan for $31.95 only,

Basic troubleshooting might work sometimes, yet it does not assure that Google Maps are fixed as soon as possible. So, to have higher success in repairing your iOS system, utilize a reliable tool to resolve the issue. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a recommended software for iOS devices that provides a quick and straightforward solution to fix iOS-related issues. This tool is designed and concocted to repair almost 50+ common iOS issues. Namely, iPhone screen stuck on the Apple logo, bricked iPhone, Apple Music keeps skipping, and more. In addition, its process is safe and has a higher success rate. This feature is possible due to its accelerated technology that provides fast recovery and correct firmware to fix iOS issues. Also, this tool is designed with different functions. These functions include the ability to recover deleted data from your iPhone. To know more about this functionality, check this write-up about this option. Nevertheless, follow the detailed guide to fix the Google Maps voice not working on iPhone.

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Key Feature:

  • It is designed with quick-fix options that provide users with a straightforward repair process.
  • It is equipped with other functions, which include data recovery, backup files, and restore backups.
  • It supports the latest versions of the iPhone, including the iPhone 13 series and earlier versions.

Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fixing Google Maps not working is to install AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your device. Tick the download button presented above to get its installer. Run its file and open it to enable its installation wizard to process the installation. Familiarize its navigation and its processes to have a better workflow experience.

isr interface

Step 2 Scan and Confirm your iPhone

Connect your gadget to your computer using your lightning cable. Then, go to the tool’s interface. You will be notified once the data of your iPhone is already presented on the tool. Hit the Fix button to continue with the process.

isr connect iphone

Step 3 Select the Mode

Next, you can choose the repair mode for your device data. The Standard mode is to fix devices while retaining all the data you have on your iPhone. The Advanced mode is to repair the iPhone system while deleting all your data on your device.

isr select modes

Step 4 Download Firmware

The following guide is to download the firmware dedicated for your device. There will be a list of files that you can download. Choose the most recent version and hit the download button. Tick the Next button to initiate the process.

isr firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Process

Lastly, a new window will appear to provide you with the progress of the process. Wait until it finishes, and hit the OK button to finalize the process. Afterward, go to your iPhone device and open Google Maps to check if the error has been removed.

isr finalize process

AceThinker iOS System Recovery

An iOS utility that can resolve Google Maps issues within few clicks
  • It is designed with quick fix and other iOS utility like backup and restore, and more.
  • It provides higher success rate of repair process.
  • It is compatible with latest iOS versions including iOS16.
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