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Reliable Ways To Fix iPhone Camera And Flashlight Not Working

iphone flashlight not workingOur smartphone is a compact device that provides different options and basic processes for our daily lives. It connects us to our friends and relatives, gives us the option to share thoughts and experiences through social media platforms, and streams music whenever we like. One of the most valuable features most smartphones and iPhones have to date is the flashlight. This feature is a portable function that enables us to use the light of your camera whenever we need it. This feature can also be used to capture images in the dark. It allows users to provide portable flashes to take photos with low light ambiance and set up. With this helpful feature combined with the excellent camera quality of the iPhone, many users always utilize the flashlight feature more than any in-built function that iPhone has. However, in some cases, we found that most users experience a flashlight not working iPhone. Although the solutions are simple and easy to do, which solutions you should use to remove this error is still needed. We collected some of them and read them carefully.

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Reasons Why Flashlight and Camera Not working on iPhone

You must be conscious of the conceivable reasons for this error so that you are not stranded in the darkness with a halted iPhone flashlight. Having stated that, we've furnished a list of multiple reasons and possibilities that could damage or impair the functionality of your iPhone flashlight.

  • Minor glitch and bug associated with the camera and flashlight feature.
  • Virus and malware intrusion
  • Disabled flashlight feature on the control center
  • The flashlight is turned off when using the camera app
  • Outdated iOS system version
  • Broken flashlight.

iphone flashlight not working

Restart Your iPhone Device

With all errors iPhone devices have on their system, the first solution you must follow is to restart your device. This troubleshooting is the mother of all solutions, and it can eradicate most minor glitches on iPhone devices, including iPhone apps keeps crashing, iCloud notes not syncing, and more. By doing this solution, your device will terminate the power source to all its system and process. This function will allow your iOS system to refresh and remove possible bugs it has on its system. To restart your iPhone device and fix the iPhone camera and flashlight not working, check the guidelines below.

  • On your mobile phone, utilize the side button to restart your system. Simultaneously press and then hold the power button and the volume up button for a few seconds.
  • Next, a prompt will appear on your screen. Toggle the icon from left to right to restart your iPhone system. Then once the device is turned off, you can turn it back on by doing a long press on the power button.

Detach and Attach the Flashlight From the Control Center

If restarting your device did not provide a better resolution, try to use the following guide to fix your iPhone flashlight. This method detaches and attaches the flashlight feature to the control center. The Control center is a one-of-a-kind feature that iPhone devices have, and it provides quick and easy access to all iPhone mini tools readily available for its users. You can easily open and close this feature by simple gestures such as swiping up and down. The control center is also a temporary location to turn your iPhone flashlight on and off. However, if there is a bug or glitch on the iPhone control center, some mini tools might act up and malfunction. If that happens, you need to detach and reattach the flashlight to the control center. To fix the flashlight not working iPhone, follow the guidelines presented below.

  • The first guide is unlocking your device and browsing from your application list. Make way to the Settings app and tap its icon to access different menus. Then, swipe up to locate the Control Center feature.
  • Next, please tap on the Control Center to view the mini tools included in its control list. Look for the Torch feature and tap on the red icon to detach the flashlight. For a few seconds, you can reattach the flashlight by swiping up on the list of More Controls and looking for the Torch icon. Tap on the green icon or button to add the flashlight to the Control Center.

fix control center

Enable Flashlight Using Camera

As we stated, the iPhone camera uses a flashlight as a means to have a flash effect on photos taken in the dark. These two tools are correlated to one another. This statement means that you can access and turn on the flashlight with the help of the camera app. Suppose your control center is acting up, and you have already fixed it by restarting your device or arranging the controls on your quick gesture; the camera app might help you to enable the flashlight. This function is also helpful when you are trying to pass through a dark hallway or making some camp trip where you need to walk in the dark. Because doing basic troubleshooting when you are already in the dark might not be the intelligent solution you need to perform. Thus, the camera provides a quick function to enable the flashlight on your iPhone device.

  • The initial guide is by unlocking your iPhone device and browsing your list of mobile applications. Look for the Camera app and tap on its icon to access its feature.
  • Next, on the camera app, access the video mode by swiping from the list of modes presented on the application. Swipe up from the lower menu to access more options. Afterward, the application will present the Flash On option to access the flashlight. Tap on the option to enable the flashlight on your device.

enable flashlight using camera app

Update iOS System

Glitches and bugs are common nowadays in our mobile devices. These errors cause your mobile programs to crash and create unfavorable errors. These bugs are entirely random. But one main reason these system fallacies exist is an outdated operating system. Apple provides us information that every time they provide or create a new iOS update, its primary purpose is to fix system glitches and enhance device performance. That said, not constantly checking an update of your device will hinder your iOS system from removing these bugs and errors. Additionally, updates create compatibility and efficiency for your applications. If your device has an outdated version while the application you installed is for the new version of iOS, these will wreak havoc on your device. Eventually, it will lead to significant problems, including iPhone back camera and flashlight not working. To prevent these issues from constantly appearing on your msmartphone, you need to learn how to update your iOS system.

  • Unlock your iPhone device and swipe from the list of your apps to locate the Settings icon. Tap on the gear icon and swipe up to search for the General option.
  • Hit the General opinion to go through the new window that will give you general settings. From the list of options, locate the Software Update function and tap on it to glimpse if there is an update for your iPhone. If update is available for your device, tap the Install now to re-equip your device on the latest system.

update ios system to fix iphone flashlight not working

Fix My iPhone Flashlight is Not Working on PC

Distinctive Feature: This equipment consists of two modes when fixing iOS system issues. These modes are the Standard mode and Advanced mode.
Advantage: This tool's edge over quick troubleshooting is its capability to repair iOS systems with a high recovery rate. Additionally, it has an automatic backup for your iPhone device, ensuring that no data will be lost during the process.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a reliable iOS software equipment that caters a quick and easy guide to repair iOS-related problems. This program is designed purposely for Apple mobile devices, including iPod, iPad, and iPhone series. It is also considered compatible with the latest iOS versions and models, which are iPhone 13 series with iOS 15. When it comes to recovering and repairing iOS systems, this tool provides downloadable firmware to its users to resolve and fix the issue. Not only that, but users can also check the firmware and select the best files that can fix their iOS issues. With this feature, you will be able to fix the flashlight error you are experiencing on your device. This tool also has a quick fix option allowing users to resolve minor glitches. This feature is suitable for errors only caused by bugs such as application crashes, connectivity issues, and more. Moreover, this device is equipped with other processes favorable for iPhone users. To know more about these additional features, you can look at this written post to gain more knowledge about them.

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Step 1 Acquire the Recovery Tool

The initial direction on improving the iPhone flashlight not working is by obtaining the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your Windows or Mac PC. Hit on the button shown above to download its file installer. Run the installer on your computer system to analyze its information. Pass through its prompts to establish the software completely.

isr interface

Step 2 Link and Analyze Your Mobile Device

Afterward, open the software to connect your device to its system. Using a cable or lightning wire, connect your smartphone to the application. The application will prompt the information of your iPhone once it is connected. Hit the Fix option to continue with the process of fixing your flashlight.

isr scan and connect

Step 3 Select Mode of Recovery

The subsequent guide is to select the mode of recovery. You can choose between the Standard mode and Advanced mode. Once you have selected your desired recovery mode, tick the indicator on its left side and hit the Confirm button.

isr select mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Finally, select from the list of firmware that you can download. You can get the latest firmware available for your device. After that, hit the confirm button to process the firmware. The tool will prompt you on the last page, which is the indicator of what progress thus the process is currently fixing. Once it is completed, your device is all set and done.

isr download firmware

AceThinker iOS System Recovery
Easy to access iPhone recovery tool with high recovery rate.
  • It is free to recover and repair iOS system.
  • The process is completely safe and secure.
  • It is designed with other function like backup & restore, and more
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