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Why iPhone Calls Keep Dropping and Ways to Prevent It

feature iphone dropping calls Your call dropping can lead to a frustrating experience for iPhone users. This becomes more frustrating when these calls are important and the occurrence is becoming a frequent event. If you are experiencing this, it is a definite sign that something is wrong somewhere with your iPhone device. Your iPhone dropping calls can be because of either a software or a hardware issue. The solution to this issue can be either a quick fix or a long painstaking solution. Either way, this article explains why your calls keep dropping on your iPhone, steps to fix the iPhone dropping calls problem.

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Why Do IPhone Calls Keep Dropping?

In most cases, your iPhone calls keep dropping because of a bad signal in the environment you are making the call. If this keeps occurring in that region, check your network reception bar to confirm. If you have less than the average reception bar, you should try moving a few feet to get better reception. You might also need to leave the area before the coverage gets better. Asides from a poor signal from your network provider, the issue could also be coming from damage to your sim card. This could also cause a malfunction in the cell configuration and cause your iPhone to keep dropping calls. Furthermore, your device’s RAM may be under immense pressure from the apps on your device that leads it to malfunction. Whichever the case may be, you do not have to be a technical person before you can apply some practical solutions to solve this issue.

iphone dropping calls reasons why

How to Solve iPhone Dropping Calls Problem

To solve these issues, here are some things you can do to prevent your iPhone from cutting out during phone calls.


2. Check the Sim Card in your iPhone

The first place to check when you have this type of issue is to check the sim card in your iPhone. This is to ensure that there is no damage or obstruction between the sim card and the sim plate on your iPhone. Remove your Sim card from your iPhone, clean the surface and replace it gently. While you are carrying out this troubleshooting step, check if there is any trace of damage on your sim card. This would help you decide if you need a change in the sim card or not. After this simple task, try placing a call to someone and observe if it still drops the call during your test.

iphone dropping calls check sim card

3. Check your Airplane mode

Airplane mode on your device turns off all incoming communication to your iPhone. This is useful when you need to step away from being in contact while you wish to get things done. It is also useful when you are on an airplane for security reasons. Your Airplane mode being ON could be the issue why your iPhone keeps cutting out during phone calls. To fix this, navigate to your settings menu. Click on the ‘Airplane’ icon to activate it. This should temporarily disconnect you from all the network connections. Tap on the same ‘Airplane’ icon to switch it off. If you notice that your phone automatically switches to ‘Airplane’ mode during calls, this could be a clear indication of hardware failure. You need to get technical support to fix this issue.

iphone dropping calls check airplane mode

4. Restart your device

Restarting your iPhone will help to stop all processes and blocking programs from causing your device to drop calls. Restarting your phone stops all processes, restarts them, and possibly helps fix the bug disrupting normal processes on your iPhone.

Here’s a Guide to Restart your Phone:

  • Click and hold down the power button on the side of your iPhone.
  • When the power button appears on your device, click and slide from left to right on your screen.
  • Wait a few seconds after your phone shuts down.
  • After a minute, click and hold down the power button to switch your phone back on. The waiting period is to make sure all processes and programs stop properly. Restarting your device will give all processes and applications on your iPhone a fresh start while fixing any obstructing bug.

iphone dropping calls restart device

5. Close all background applications

Blocking applications on your iPhone can also keep your iPhone call to keep dropping. If several background applications are running on your iPhone at a time, there will be a great demand for space on your processor. The more powerful applications will demand space by killing other processes currently ongoing on your device. To make sure that this does not interrupt your phone call, clear all background applications immediately after you finish your tasks using them. This gives your phone more processor thread to handle your phone call operations instead of dropping calls to accommodate other applications.

iphone dropping calls close background apps

6. Reset network settings

Another useful step for fixing the problem when iPhone calls keep dropping is to reset network settings. Resetting your network setting returns it to default settings and negates any new settings that might be causing the issue. To reset your network settings, navigate to settings and locate ‘General’. In the ‘Reset’ option, select ‘Reset Network Settings'. After completing this reset process and you can confirm that it was a successful reset process, proceed to make some calls to test if the problem persists. Make sure you try calling different people and holding at least a minute-long test to be sure that you have a lasting solution to this problem.

iphone dropping calls reset network setting

Summing It Up

The above recommendations are simple steps you can employ in solving the problem you have with your iPhone dropping calls. Carefully following these steps in any of the recommendations above is important to get the result. In the event that these recommendations do not solve the problem you have with your device, you might need to take your iPhone to a technical specialist for a thorough troubleshooting exercise. Overall, the problem is not outside of the scope of a hardware or software issue.

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Last updated on September 21, 2021

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