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Solved: iPhone Swipe Up Menu Not Working

feature iphone control center not working The iPhone comes with a fantastic user interface that is very convenient. Several user interface elements make this possible, and one of those elements is the control center. You can have all the necessary controls and shortcuts to access wherever needed quickly. However, sometimes things do not go the way they should. Furthermore, the iPhone control center not working usually can be a massive issue. Otherwise, you have to open different apps manually to access any option. This problem could occur because of changing some settings intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes your kid changes something that can get you in this trouble. However, resolving this problem is not difficult at all, as we have sorted the best ways that you can use to fix the issue with your iPhone.

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Reliable Ways to Fix Your iPhone's Control Center

When your control center stops working, all the other things on your iPhone are working. You can utilize any of the following ways to get the problem at your end solved.

1. Check Any Physical or Hardware Issue

Most people do not know that this issue of the iPhone control center not working can occur because of some hardware issues. Some of them are:

  • A new case that is not allowing the finger to reach the touch screen part.
  • Some new screen protectors.
  • Broken touch screen sensor.

Follow the guide below to fix them:

  • Since a lousy phone cover can be the most common reason for phone swiping down not working, you need to get rid of the phone cover. Remove the cover and try if the control center works or not.
  • Try removing the screen protector if removing the cover didn't work for you. Be careful as the glass protectors can crack the glass, and shards can get you injured.
  • If the issue is still not solved at your end, you need to try using the Assistive Touch option and swipe it on the control center option section on the screen. If it is working flawlessly, there is an issue with the software.

2. Force Restart iPhone

The funny thing about software issues is that they are automatically solved when you restart the device most of the time. This can also be used when iPhone is running slow. So, if you want to solve the problem at your end, you need to restart the phone. If that didn't work, you could try force restarting your iPhone. If the phone swipes down and is not working, the issue persists.


  • Depending on your phone model, you need to go to the restart menu. In the latest models with no home button, this is done by holding the volume down button and power button simultaneously.
  • Once the many appear, you need to swipe to turn off and hold the power control.
  • Hold the power button till the Apple icon appear. Once the logo appears, you can let go of the power button.

force restart iphones

3. Enable Control Center Within Applications

Sometimes the settings in our phone are the reason for the phone swipe done not working issue. If the control center is not working issue only comes when you are using some application, then you need to next the steps below.


  • Open the Settings application on your phone.
  • You can either search for the control center option or swipe down until you see the control center option. Once you find the control center option, tap on it to open.
  • You will see "Access Within Apps" with a button next to it on the top. You need to make sure that this button is turned on.

enable access within of control center

4. Enable Control Center Access on Lock Screen

Sometimes, the control center's issue does not work only on the lock screen. This control center not working issue can also be solved by changing a few settings. Here are the steps that you need to follow.


  • First of all, go to the iPhone's settings.
  • Search for the Face ID & Settings option or swipe down until you see it. Once you see the options, tap on them and enter the passcode.
  • You need to go to the "Allow Access When Locked" section and ensure that the "Control Center" option is turned on. In this way, your iPhone swipe-up menu not working issue on the lock screen will be resolved.

enable lock access of control center

5. Reset All Settings

If you cannot change the settings or find the proper settings, reset things to default. It is an easy way to get things done. Follow the guide below to know how to do it.


  • The first step is to open the device settings application.
  • Move on to General and then tap on Reset.
  • Out of all the options that appear, tap on Reset all settings and then enter the passcode. Now all the settings will reset, and this will resolve your issue.

resetting all settings on iphone device

The Best Way to Solve Control Centre Not Working

If any of the above troubleshooting did not work for your iPhone swipe-up menu not working issue, then there is only one way left, and that is to repair your iOS. It is possible with the AceThinker iOS System Recovery.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Tool

As AceThinker iOS System Recovery is available for Windows and Mac OS, you can easily download and install it. Then start it to launch its main interface.

fk-isr interface

Step 2 Connect the Device and Select the Repair Mode

Using the Data Cable, connect your device to the computer after the installation and the tool are open. Also, select the repairing mode that you need. In this case, you will need System Recovery mode.

iphone control center not working fk-isr mode

Step 3 Download the Firmware and Start Repairing

The tool will prompt you to download the firmware for your device. Download it and start repairing and you will solve the iPhone swipe-up menu not working issue. If the case is still not solved, then the issue most probably lies in the hardware.

iphone control center not working fk-isr finish

Final Verdict

The iPhone control center not working can be the most frustrating thing one can face. It is because your efficiency significantly drops when this problem happens. However, the excellent part is that you can solve this issue quickly by trying out many things that check all the possible hardware and software issues. Get the issue solved, and your iPhone will be as good as before.

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Last updated on February 16, 2022

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