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Expert Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Black Screen

feature iphone camera black screeniPhone devices are prominent for their outstanding features like high-quality cameras, protected and secure systems, and many more. Their camera is perfect for capturing spontaneous occasions, memorable happenings in our lives, moments with our loved ones, and much different scenery like foods, landscapes, or other objects. When you have an iPhone as your camera, you pretty much have everything you need to captivate those moments. The iPhone camera is even more astonishing because you can capture scenarios in different modes such as panorama, portrait, time-lapse and slow-mo videos to create an impact and etcetera. However, all of this will be useless if your iPhone camera not working. It is so annoying, especially when your camera is nothing but a black screen. You cannot capture beautiful moments because of that. Fortunately, we found the solutions for fixing the black screen on your iPhone camera. Please keep reading to know these quick fixes, so that you can get back to captivating magnificent scenery and occasions.

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Reasons Why your iPhone Camera is Turning Black

Given that cameras are a basic necessity for many nowadays, the black screen is very devastating to experience. But what are the natural causes why your iPhone camera not working? Here are the most common situations experienced by everyone.

1. iPhone Camera Did not Load Properly

It's pretty rare for this to occur. Still, it is not impossible because sometimes the iPhone running slow due to many circumstances like too many applications being used, your device being worn out, and many more. That is why your camera is not loaded correctly and turns to a completely black screen.

iphone camera black screen reason 1

2. Overheated iPhone

Another reason why your iPhone camera turns black is that your device is being overused. That might cause the device to overheat, and we all know when your iPhone starts to overheat, it will limit all the activities you can do. That includes the camera turning black, and you cannot take any images.

iphone camera black screen reason 2

Quick Fixes for iPhone Camera Black Screen

Here are the most suggested solutions online to fix this problem. We have gathered all of them to make it easier and effort-saving for you.

1. Reload your Camera

This is the first thing that everyone will do if their camera is nothing but black tint. Reopen your camera application by double-tapping the assistive touch. Scroll up the camera application in the background to exit it. Open it after a few moments.

iphone camera black screen solution 1

2. Shutdown your iPhone

If the camera is still black after you reloaded it. You must restart the phone by shutting it down. Shutdown is the safest way to do it if there are some issues on your device like iPhone camera shaking, camera is stuck on black screen, etc. To shut your iPhone down, open the settings and hit the General tab, then scroll down and tap the Shutdown. Slide the button to shut it down.

iphone camera black screen solution 2

3. Switch off Voiceover Feature

It might sound obnoxious, but many people observed that the iPhone camera not working black screen when the voiceover feature was on. You can stop it on the settings. Open the phone’s settings ang hit the “Accessibility,” and from there, you can turn off the voiceover function on your iPhone.

iphone camera black screen solution 3

4. Update Your iPhone

Out-of-date devices can result in many malfunctions, and it affects the performance of your iPhone. And it might be the reason why your iPhone camera black and flashlight not working. It is necessary to update your device from time to time to avoid problems such as this one. Go to the Settings, and tap the General. Then update your device on the Software Updates.

iphone camera black screen solution 4

Expert Solutions to Fix iPhone Front Camera Black Screen

To help you solve the iPhone camera screen is stuck on black tint problem professionally, if the quick fixes did not work. We will provide the top three conventional software to fix your camera.

1. AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Operating System: Windows, Mac, and iOS
Price: For two computers, you need to pay $19.95 for monthly support and upgrade

AceThinker iOS System Recovery can help you fix this issue as it lets users fix different system problems without data loss, including the iPhone camera black screen. No matter the cause of this, it can restore your device without losing any data as it enables you to download different firmware to fix iOS issues. It has two modes of fixing procedure: the Standard and Advanced Mode. in the Standard mode, it will fix your iPhone camera black screen without deleting crucial data. While in the advanced one, the tool will reset your iPhone and remove all the problems, and the result is slightly different from the first mode. However, both have an outstanding outcome.

Key Features

  • Trustworthy because the tool will not disclose all your information such as email, password, etc.
  • User-friendly because you can smoothly maneuver on the program. All the steps are understandably provided, so you can quickly fix your camera even if you do not have initial knowledge of the tool.
  • It can also be used potentially as an alternative for backing up data. If you want to reset your iPhone because the camera is stuck on a black screen, you can use this for backing up your files.
  • Virus and Malware Free. You do not have to agonize about malicious ware that will harm your device.
  • It will give your iPhone the best things it needed, because the tool will automatically update your device after the fixing process.

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Steps to Follow to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen

Step 1 Install the Application on your Computer

To install AceThinker iOS System Recovery, you can click any download buttons available to get the installer. Wait for a moment, and then tick the downloaded installer. After that, you can follow the guides on the wizard installer to complete the process. Launch the tool and navigate to understand it better.

iphone camera black screen step 1

Step 2 Initiate Fixing iPhone Camera Not Working

But before that, you must initially connect your device to the computer. Using an original type USB cord, link your device to the computer, and it will be instinctually detected. Please, always remember that the tool must recognize your first before you can continue. Usually, it only takes a couple of seconds for the tool to determine your device. If it is longer than this, please wait a bit; the computer might be slow or checking the tool. If the device is already recognized, you can start the process.

iphone camera black screen step 2

Step 3 Check Phone’s Details and Move on to Fix

After you have started the procedure, you must confirm the details of your device before you can move on. Also, if you want to fix your device without further operation, you can click the “Free Quick Fix.” But just a disclaimer, if you choose this way, the result is not guaranteed. It would be best for your phone to continue to the next step. Click the “Fix” button to carry on.

iphone camera black screen step 3

Step 4 Choose the Necessary Mode

In this part, you are required to choose the suitable mode to fix your black screen camera. Since the problem is minor, you may use the standard mode so the data will be safe and intact to your phone. And then, click the “Confirm” toggle after you have decided on the mode.

iphone camera black screen step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and iPhone Camera Not Working Black Screen

To finish fixing the camera, you must download a firmware suggested by the tool. The tool chose the firmware that is suited and compatible with your device. Choose the newest version and download it. After the download, the tool will proceed in fixing your iPhone camera. Please remember that you must not disconnect your phone during the process because it will be canceled and cause another problem.

iphone camera black screen step 5

2. Fonelab iOS System Recovery

Operating System: Mac, Windows, and iOS
Price: For 1 Computer, you have to pay $44.95 for lifetime support

The following tool that is one of the best in fixing iPhone problems is Fonelab iOS System Recovery. It allows its users to fix abnormalities on their device such as an iPhone stuck in boot loop, stuck charging screen, camera black and not working, etc. This tool can also bypass various iTunes errors like cannot connect to the iTunes store. It also has two distinctive methods; Standard and Advanced mode. Both modes have similar functions as the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. The standard mode will fix your device without removing any data on your phone. On the other hand, the advanced method will reset and delete all your data.

Key Features

  • Reliable because all of your private information is well secured and the management will never sell or leak your data.
  • It is user-friendly because you can repair your iPhone front camera black screen in three simple steps.
  • Your phone will be updated to the newest iOS version after the fix.
  • Virus and Malware free

iphone camera black screen fonelab

3. Reiboot iOS System Repair

Operating System: iOS, Mac, and Windows
Price: For 1 PC and 5 Devices, you are required to pay $45.95 monthly

Last on the list is the Reiboot iOS System Repair of Tenorshare. Another great tool that can fix various iOS problems that many iPhone users are commonly experiencing. That includes the iPhone white screen of death, screen glitches, black screen on the camera, etc. It also has two creative modes of fix, same with the first two stated applications. Standard mode fixes malfunctions on your iPhone device without deleting crucial data. While the advanced one will remove and reset your mobile phone as it fixes the problem. You must backup your data before you can choose the advanced mode to be sure about the consequences.

Key Features

  • It is suitable for anyone, because you can use it even if you do not have enough knowledge of it.
  • All your data and information are well secured. The company will never release and spread personal details without your permission
  • Free from any virus and malicious malwares that might harm your iPhone
  • The tool will spontaneously update the iOS to the latest version after the fix.

iphone camera black screen reiboot

Comparison Chart of Tools that Fixes iPhone Back Camera Black

Tools Supported Languages Other System Requirement Supported Devices
AceThinker iOS System Recovery English, Dutch, French, Mandarin, Portuguese 200 MB and above for Storage, 1GHz [32 or 64 bit] CPU, and 1GB RAM or more iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Fonelab iOS System Recovery English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Russian 200 MB and above for Storage, 1GHz [32 or 64 bit] CPU, and 1GB RAM above iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Reiboot iOS System Repair English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Korean 200 MB and above for Storage, 1GHz [32 or 64 bit] CPU, and 265 MB RAM iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV


With the steps and recommendations above, you can quickly fix your iPhone camera black screen. Those solutions are the best, and everyone commonly uses them. They are proven and tested by professionals and reviewed by many critics. If you follow the instructions given, your life will be more accessible, and you don’t have to exert too much effort. You can fix your camera in the comfort of your home. Give them a try, and we promise that you will never be disappointed.

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