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Proper Ways to Resolve iPhone Call Sound Low Issue

feature iphone call volume lowIf your iPhone volume drops in calls on its own, you are experiencing many problems due to this kind of issue. This type of issue could be the result of some software or hardware problem. It's incredibly disappointing and frustrating when you face this problem. Most of the time, iPhone users encounter this issue when talking with someone via a phone. It can occur because of physical injury to the phone, dust in the speakers, or any other software-related problem with it. But don't fret - we're here to solve the iPhone call volume low problem that you're experiencing with your device with this article.

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Why iPhone Call Volume Suddenly Becomes Low?

There may be a range of causes why the iPhone sound low on calls. You may have accidentally turned the volume knob during a call. There's likely a blockage preventing you from hearing the other person clearly, or there could be an issue with the hardware or software. It's possible that something as basic as an update to your operating system could be the reason behind the problem. Therefore the best course of action is to go through the troubleshooting procedures below in order to discover the solution to your issue.

iphone call volume low why

Most Powerful Solution to Fix iPhone Call Volume Low Issue

The finest and most reliable way to fix any iPhone-related issue, including iPhone call volume too low, is to get a professional iOS system recovery tool, AceThinker. This iOS system recovery tool is one of a kind in the market as it provides solutions to over 50+ problems. Not only that, the interface is user-friendly and recovers data in three simple steps. The tool has two dedicated recovery modes, i.e., standard and advance mode. In the standard mode, you can restore issues without losing any data; however, you will lose all your data in advance mode. Below are the steps to use AceThinker iOS System Recovery to fix the iPhone sound low on calls issue.

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  • Start the AceThinker iOS recovery tool on your computer. From the interface, select iOS system recovery. Then, with the help of a USB cable, connect your iPhone with the computer, and next, click start to start the process.
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  • Once the device is connected with each other. Choose the Option quick fix free to deal with common problems such as crashed devices, frozen devices, etc. If your problem gets solved in this phase, you don't need to go for advance mode.
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  • If the problem still persists, click on the fix button and choose one of the two modes, I.e., standard mode or advance mode. After that, confirm the information and download the firmware package and click on continue to start the repair.
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Other Ways to Fix iPhone Call Volume Low

1. Check Call Volume

It's not difficult; however, if you're experiencing difficulty hearing the person you call, it might be as easy as adjusting the volume of your call. The only problem is that you must perform it while taking a call. If someone calls you, press the volume up switch on your mobile to determine whether you can turn the volume back to a level that is comfortable for you to hear.

iphone call volume low check

2. Disable Phone Noise Cancellation

iPhone has an exciting feature that blocks out the noise to make it easier for us to speak to those we know. This can reduce the background noise that occurs during calls while you hold the phone to focus on the conversation with the other party. Sometimes this can also cause an iPhone earpiece volume low issue.

iphone call volume low noise cancel

3. Try Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot

Are you using an iPhone old or have gone by some rough wear and wear and tear? Chances are its speaker will be blocked with dust and dirt, which makes the iPhone phone call volume low. It is possible to repair this by cleaning the speaker of your device with care. To do this, you can use a dry, clean cloth to remove the speaker from dust. Another thing that you can do is apply a pin or brush and softly clean the speaker without causing any harm to your iPhone's screen.

iphone call volume low clean

4. Force Restart your iPhone

A force restart can also be called a soft reset because it will reset the operating cycle on your gadget without creating any data loss. A force restart can typically resolve minor problems on devices like the iPhone 6 Plus sound low. Here are some methods to force restart various iPhone models. For iPhone 8 and Later Models. First, press the Volume Up button, and after you let it go, quickly press on the key to turn the Volume down. After that, hold and press the Side key, then release it when the device is restarted. For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, hold both the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously at the same time, and continue pressing them for a few seconds. Release them once you can are able to see the Apple logo appear on the screen. For iPhone 6s and Earlier Models, hold power (wake/sleep) and the Home buttons for a minimum of 10 seconds. Please continue to hold them for a bit and release them when the device has successfully rebooted. By doing these steps you can also removed the iPhone stuck on mute.

iphone call volume low restart

5. Reset All Settings on iPhone

If none of these solutions work to resolve iPhone call sound low issues, try resetting your phone. For this, you need to reset your factory settings on your iPhone that will wipe out all saved settings and content that you have stored on the device. This will reset your iPhone to default settings and will solve your iPhone ear speaker low problem and more. Be sure to have all your data backed up in a device and you can also recover photos after factory reset iPhone.

iphone call volume low reset

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How come no one can listen to me on my iPhone?

The volume of your call or microphone is muted or low. It could be an issue with your microphone that is affecting your audio. Check to see if it's not blocked by dust.

2. What is the reason my iPhone volume is low when I play music?

There is a possibility that you have an audio volume limit set. Navigate the menu Settings > Music and ensure that your Volume Limit slider is entire to the left.

3. Why is my iPhone volume dropping when I move?

If your phone's sound is always fading or cutting out when you're on the phone, perhaps you could be in an area that has a weak signal. If you're in a room, try changing your location to a window or even outside to see if this improves reception.

In Summary

We're confident that after following these tips, you will be able to resolve the iPhone call volume issues. The majority of times, the problem is solved by tweaking iPhone settings with ease. However, if there's a more significant issue in your iPhone and you are unable to fix it, then seek the help of AceThinker right away. Professional iOS tool to repair your system can fix any minor or severe issues on your iPhone and all without causing data loss to it.

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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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