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Better Ways to Fix iPhone Call Forwarding Not Working

feature iphone call forwarding not workingIn an era where busyness and hectic schedules are typical, we rely on tools that will function efficiently. Smartphones are our helping hand in times when we have busy schedules. Smartphones were innovated to provide better communication. Calls and text messaging are at their core, which is why we have this device. One of the most common and anticipated smartphone brands we always want to have a date with is the iPhone. This pocket is known for its better display, processor, design, and more. However, this device is not only known for its glitz and glam. It has a function that enables the caller to be forwarded to a certain number for the end-user to receive the call. This option is call forwarding. This feature is commonly used by businesses, establishments, and corporate employees that often receive too many calls. Yet, this function is not limited to those users; we, as ordinary iPhone users, can maximize that tool. Although setting it up is easy, having an error for the first time is inevitable. Sometimes, when you set it up, the function of call forwarding iPhone not working. Thus, we have created the solutions for you.

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Why My iPhone Call Forwarding Not Loading

There are different reasons why iPhone call forwarding has an error. The most common cause is your iPhone settings and the system's dissimilarity. This is possible when you have accidentally mixed up the settings of your iPhone. There are three well-known scenarios for why iPhone call forwarding does not function properly.

  • Not getting any incoming calls is a common scenario. You may find your call history forwarded to voicemail. Thus, this error will prevent you from receiving forwarded calls. In this case, the call forwarding is not properly functioning on your device. Sometimes this error is also caused due to the iPhone not having any call notifications. If you want to know more about this error and its solution, read here.
  • Another reason why call forwarding may be interrupted is an error in your forwarding settings. You may receive calls on your primary number, but the calls will not be forwarded to the desired number you want to receive the call.
  • Lastly, glitches and software errors are also a cause of why this error persists in the first place. Bugs and glitches due to system incompatibility, uninstalled updates, and more may be the culprit of why you are experiencing this error.

Examine iPhone Call Forwarding Settings

If you cannot receive calls from your other number, your iPhone call forwarding function might have a settings problem. It could be a glitch in its settings, or the function was accidentally turned off. The best way to fix this is to toggle the function from on or off to refresh its functions. This trick will refresh its settings forcing the function to remove any bugs and glitches it has on its system. To know how to fix call forwarding on iPhone not working error, here is the guide to do it.

  • First, unlock your iPhone device by tapping your password. In your system’s applications, go to the Settings app and scroll until you reach the Phone icon. Tap the icon to launch its different menus and options.
  • When you see the Call Forwarding option, tap its menu to disable its feature. Wait about 60 seconds, and enable it again. When a “Forward to” function appears, insert your desired number and hit OK.

disable and enable call forwarding

Turn iPhone LTE Off

LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is a pinnacle for wireless broadband communication intended for mobile data and data terminals. It improves a mobile network's capacity and standard speed by using different radio interfaces and core networks. With that said, when LTE service is terrible and not correctly working, phone calls and call forwarding also be affected by this error. This fallacy in service will cause the call forwarding iPhone not working error to persist in your device. To resolve this issue, read the following walkthrough presented below.

  • The initial guide to fixing iPhone not forwarding, by turning off the LTE function, is to go to the Settings app. Tap on the settings icon from the list of applications you have on your device. Then, the tool will launch the settings menu once you have tapped the Settings icon.
  • Scroll up slightly to go to the Cellular function and access Cellular Data Option. Afterward, tap on the Voice & Data option to be redirected to a selection of Data connections. From the list of menus, toggle the button of VoLTE from right to left to turn off the LTE function.
  • Lastly, check if your device can now do call forwarding. Try to contact your phone nu,br and see if it will direct you to the second device. If not, check the solution below.

iphone lte turn off

Fix Call Forwarding Not Working On iPhone

Distinctive Feature: It comes with two repairing modes. These are Standard mode and Advanced mode.
Price: Its premium access costs $31.95 for two computers with lifetime upgrades and support.

Did you try the solutions above, yet the error persists? Well, in that case, you need a better solution for that. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-known iOS system repair tool that can fix iOS-related issues. It comes in handy when trying to repair a system error that simple troubleshooting can no longer fix. In addition, this tool is capable of resolving and fixing over 50 iOS-related issues. Additionally, it is a much better solution than the troubleshooting mentioned above. This is evident due to its ability to fix and solve system errors without losing iPhone data. Moreover, it has different firmware versions that allow your system to install and eradicate the error directly to your iPhone. This feature makes this application prominent from other tools and solutions similar to its functions. To know the guide on fixing the call forwarding on iPhone not working error, read the instructions below.

Key Features:

  • It can fix major issues caused by malware by using the Advanced mode.
  • It is entirely safe. It can get your iOS back to normal without leaking or changing any information.
  • It can repair the iOS system even without restarting your device.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery Tool

The first guide to fixing iPhone call forwarding not working is by installing AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Get the installer file by ticking the download button above this step. Run the file to pass through wizards and prompts. Launch the tool if you need to circumnavigate its processes and functions.

isr interface

Step 2 Scan and Confirm iPhone’s Details

Next, connect your iPhone device to your PC. Using your lightning cable, connect the application to your iOS system. The app will notify you if the connection is already established. The details of your iPhone are already presented on its interface.

isr scan iphone

Step 3 Select the Mode

We have two modes of fixing iPhone issues. With this error like call forwarding iPhone is not working; we will use Standard Mode. This function will fix errors without losing your iPhone data.

isr select two mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Then, hit the Confirm button to push through on the application. Then, the system will present a list of firmware that it needs on your device. Choose and download the firmware and hit the Next option.

isr download firmware

Step 5 Finalize on Fixing iPhone Call Forwarding Not Working

Lastly, please wait for the system to finalize its process. There will be an indicator that will notify you of the progress of the process. Once it reaches 100, hit the Ok button to confirm the end process.

isr finalize the process

AceThinker iOS System Recovery

This tool is designed with quick fix feature to resolve minor glitches.

It has other iOS functions including iPhone Data Recovery, Backup & Restore, and WhatsApp transfer.

This computer software can do backup while recovering your iOS system.

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