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iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore: 6 Ways to Fix!

iphone apps stuck on loading after restoreWhen the iOS device is upgraded to a fresh version, it can show various undesirable problems. For instance, there are instances where iPhone apps get stuck in the wait (loading) phase for an indefinite time. Even if the app has already been downloaded to devices, it is unable to start and displays the iOS 15/14 waiting for the app sign. However, there are solutions available that can be used to solve this app stuck on loading after restore issue. To assist you, we've created this complete guide. Learn more and become well-versed in the following methods to get the iPhone apps stuck loading after restore problem fixed.

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Why iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore: The Possible Reasons

Before we discuss the options, you might want to know why my iPhone apps all say waiting for an update? There are many reasons, and we've listed the probable ones to consider:

  • Poor network connection.
  • Storage issues.
  • System conflict.

Top Solutions to Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore

1. Check Network Connection on Your Device

Unstable and unstable network conditions can cause iPhone apps to be stuck in waiting mode. Examine your network connection to ensure it's steady and functioning properly. You should choose an effective Wi-Fi connection instead of cell data.

change wifi

2. Try Closing Running Apps in the Background

Using too many applications on the background could result in iPhone applications getting stuck in the waiting issue. In general, it is advised to shut down the background applications frequently to fix any issues that the apps may cause on your device and their efficiency.


  • To stop all programs running in the background, open the multitasking switch by pressing twice the Home button.
  • This will give you the list of all applications that are running on the device.
  • Tap to close all apps that are open in the background. After closing all applications, you may attempt to open the appropriate application again.

iphone dropping calls close background apps

3. Reinstall the App that Stuck on Screen

The simplest ways to resolve all apps stuck on loading after restore Issue is to reinstall the apps that aren't being loaded simply. This way, you can delete any not working app installed on your device. It is done using these steps:


  • First, find the applications that aren't being loaded. Go to the Settings on your phone's General > Storage and iCloud Usage.
  • From there, you'll need to choose the "Manage Storage" from here "Manage Storage" section to manage your applications. This will show an overview of all apps running on the device.
  • Click on the app that you want to remove and choose "Delete" from the "Delete App" option. Make sure you confirm your choice and then erase the application. Take a few minutes and then return to your App Store to install the application.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Suppose your iPhone apps are still displaying a waiting message for you to finish the task after iTunes restoration. In that case, you may restart the device to disable unknown background applications and to release temporarily stored memory.

Restart iPhone: Hold the Sleep/Wake button, slide to power off, and then Hold the Sleep/Wake button. After rebooting restarts, you can update the waiting and dark apps by pressing one app at one time to update each app.

5. Check and Make Space on Your iPhone Storage

We now have the last and only solution to this issue. Clear some space on the device. If the storage on any device is nearly full or full, then the app will start acting strangely, and you'll encounter an array of errors. Therefore, make sure to look over for storage space on your iPhone and iCloud.


  • Open "Settings" and click on "General"
  • Tap "Usage"
  • Check how much space you have available/left on your device. If you are running out of space, you could eliminate videos, photos, or unwanted content.

check iphone storage

The Most Effective Way to Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore

If the solutions mentioned above fail, you can use AceThinker iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone apps stuck on loading after restore or any other iOS-related issue. If your iPhone app updates hang while waiting for or installing, you could attempt to put your iPhone into recovery mode and then remove it to resolve the issue. Utilizing this application to place your iPhone in and out of the recovery mode using just 1 click is your ideal alternative.

Key Features

  • It can solve more than 50 issues related to iOS system
  • You are not required to have any technical knowledge
  • AceThinker Fonekeeper can also retrieve data without you having any backup
  • It also has two dedicated repairing modes

Try it for Free

Step 1 Choose iOS System Recovery Option

After launching AceThinker Fone Keeper on your computer, the first thing you need to do is to select the iOS System Recovery option from the main interface.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Connect iPhone via USB

Using an original USB cable, you can get the device hooked up to your system. Next, hit the Start button, which will detect your device and allow the procedure to begin.

Step 3 Select Free Quick Fix for Common Issue

Once your iPhone has been detected successfully, you can confirm the device’s details and proceed to the next step. The software offers a Free Quick Free option, which is designed to fix simple issues like frozen devices. You can try this option to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore.

ipad black screen of death fk step 3

Step 4 Choose in between Standard or Advanced Mode

If the above option remains unsuccessful to resolve your issue, then worry not! There are advanced solutions that can help you get rid of more complex problems. To do that, click on Fix button and it will take you to the next window. Here, you will need to select in between Standard and Advanced Mode. The Standard Mode can help you fix issues with any risk of losing data. On the other hand, Advanced Mode can fix every type of iOS problem with a higher rate of success, however, the data will erase completely on your device. You can select the Mode that is best for your situation.

fix iphone black screen spinning wheel with fone keeper

Step 5 Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading

After selecting the Repair Mode, next, you will need to confirm the firmware information. Then, download the firmware package and click on the Next button. When the firmware is downloaded completely, click the Repair button and AceThinker will begin fixing Click on the Repair button, and once the firmware has been downloaded, the iOS system recovery program will automatically begin fixing your iPhone instantly.

fk-isr download firmware

The Bottom Line

This post explains how to solve the iPhone apps stuck on loading after restore issue. AceThinker is the most option as it can solve the problem without erasing information.

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