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Why Do Apps Keep Crashing On My iPhone? Fix it Here!

feature iphone apps keep crashingWhen we try to buy a new phone, people usually choose between two of the most well-founded operating systems. One of these OS is the iPhone or iOS. There are different reasons why we look forward to the latest release of iPhone models in the market. The most common one is its ease of use. Apple smartphones are known for their ease of use. The usability of their device comes from a simple operating process. All the applications of the device are launched from its home screen. In addition, its settings can be seen under one menu. Even upgrading to its newest model, the iPhone still uses the same operating system. Moreover, they provide better information security compared to other operating systems. A study by Forbes found that 97 percent of smartphones operated by not-iOS systems are prone to malware and virus intrusion. Even with this data, some iPhone users reported that their app keeps crashing iPhone. The solution to this error is simple; we have listed them here if you want to know them.

iOS System Recovery
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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.

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Causes Why Do Apps Keep Crashing On My iPhone

There are a ton of reasons why apps keep crashing on your iPhone. Before we tackle how to solve this issue, let us see the different triggers for why this error keeps happening. Below are the listed reasons that might cause the crashing of your iPhone application.

  • Uninstalled updates of the specific application.
  • Outdated IOS versions.
  • Malware intrusion is caused by installing different applications on restricted websites.
  • Low space RAM.

Reboot Your Device

The initial resolution you can consider to fix the error is by Rebooting your device. Reboot or soft reset is the process or act of shutting down and restarting your iPhone device. This process will cause your OS to execute its functions and effectively reset the iPhone. With that, it will make your device’s operating system reload. In addition, it will help you to preserve memory and prevent iPhone application crashes. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to reboot your iPhone regularly if you are not experiencing software glitches. To know the process of resolving an app keeps crashing iPhone, read the listed guide below.

  • To begin with the process, on your iPhone device, hold down your power button together with the Volume up button until the Slide To Power Off will appear or prompt on your screen. Slide the power icon from the left going to the right. You need to wait for 20 seconds or so until your iPhone has shut all the way.
  • Then, turn on your iPhone device again by holding the power button or side button until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Afterward, try to open an application that frequently crashes and check if the error still persists.

reboot iphone

Update Applications

Another reason why iPhone applications are crashing is due to outdated versions of the applications themselves. We all know that mobile applications nowadays are frequently having updates. These provide proper improvements on every application of your device. Sometimes, updates consist of different specifications, including fixing bugs, optimization of memory space, and more. If you have an outdated application and your mobile device is currently running an updated operating system, the application might crash. This error is possible due to compromised cached files and data of your application that are not compatible with the current iOS. To update your application and remove the error of why do my apps keep crashing iPhone, follow the guide presented beneath.

  • Swipe and browse your applications on your iPhone device or home screen and locate the App Store. Tap or hit on your Account icon, located in the upper-right corner of your device.
  • Then, scroll down your screen to find your list of applications with updates available. Tap the update option next to the applications you want to update. Alternatively, you can hit the Update All button to install the latest version of your apps.

update application of your device

Update iOS Version

Suppose your iPhone applications are updated and on their latest version; the problem might be your device’s operating system. As we stated above, if the application and the iOS version are updated and not well-suited to each other, applications might keep crashing. So you have to double-check if your device’s operating system is well updated and well installed. In addition, corrupted installed iOS updates can also be a culprit on why iPhone apps keep crashing. You can try to resolve this issue by fully installing the current iOS version available for your device. To do that, look at the listed guide underneath this brief introduction.

  • Open your iPhone device by unlocking it and browse your list of applications to locate the Settings app. Open the application and scroll a bit to access the General menu.
  • From there, you can see the Software Update option and access its list of functions. You will see the latest version of the iOS device. If there is an Install Now option on your screen, tap it to update your operating system directly. Wait until your device reboots, and check your applications if the error lingers on them.

update ios version of your device

Factory reset Your Device

When all above fails, this will be the last option to eradicate the app keeps crashing iPhone. The factory setting is the ultimate solution to remove software glitches and major iPhone bugs. As we all know, apps that keep on crashing may be caused by malware intrusion and virus infestation. Similarly, this fallacy can also be caused by different modifications to Network settings and more. Additionally, with too much data on your iPhone, its performance becomes less efficient. Suppose you observed your device that has become full of unnecessary applications and data. In that matter, it might be easier to reset your device immediately. This tip will prevent you from having an error, including iPhone apps that keep crashing. Yet, it is recommended to backup iPhone videos, pictures, or any information to prevent data loss.

  • The initial guide to remove the crashing of iPhone apps error is by accessing your Settings app. Launch its menu and go to the General page by scrolling a little bit on your screen.
  • Look for the Reset option on that page by swiping up your screen, which is commonly at the lower part of the list. Open its menu and tap the Erase All Content and Settings. You will be prompt to type your password; then, permission will pop up to confirm the process. Hit the Erase button to confirm it. The methodology will take a few minutes, but your iPhone device will restart as new once the deletion is completed.

factory resetting your device

Remove iPhone Application Crashes on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It can remove errors like iPhone apps keep crashing using two modes. These include Standard mode and Advanced mode.
Supported iPhone Devices: It supports iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and earlier models.

When the simple troubleshooting mentioned above does not meet your expectations, this computer software application will indeed resolve your problem. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-founded program for Windows and Mac that provides better iOS system recovery methodologies. With its advanced technology, it can quickly remove software glitches and bugs which may cause iOS problems, including app crashes on iPhone. Similarly, it can resolve major and minor software malfunctions, including iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, frozen screen, device won't turn, and other 50 related iOS problems. These errors can be removed with its two efficient repairing modes: Standard mode and Advanced mode. In the Standard mode or process, users can fix most common iOS problems without deleting their device's data. Conversely, the Advanced mode can fix major iOS problems, including malware intrusion, while deleting your iPhone device's data. Yet, do not worry while using this function as this tool has recovery tool for iPhone files. You can read more about it with this written guide. To know how to fix iPhone apps that keep crashing, follow the detailed walkthrough presented below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

To start with the process of fixing sudden crashes of iPhone applications, you need to get the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. You can have a copy of its installer by ticking the download button, which is shown above this step. Run and analyze the file while your computer analyzes the software, finish through the wizards, or prompt to finish the installation process. Open the application once the installation has ended to circumnavigate its processes.

isr interface

Step 2 Scan and Confirm Device's Details

Afterward, use your lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. This process will enable the tool to scan and confirm the device’s details. Then, there will be a Fix button on the tool’s interface. Click this button to push through to the next step.

scan your iphone device

Step 3 Choose and Select the Mode

Subsequently, the application will prompt you to the selection of repair modes. You can choose between Standard and Advanced mode. Tick the confirm button to go through the process of downloading the firmware.

select mode to fix

Step 4 Download the Firmware And Finalized the Process

Lastly, you can download the tool's available firmware for your device. Once you have acquired the firmware, you can click the Next button to go through the final prompt of the process. This window allows you to see and locate the progress of the recovery process. Once the process is at 100%, your iPhone is fixed and free from errors like apps keep crashing.

finalize the process

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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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