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Here’s How to Fix iPhone Alarm Sound Not Working

feature iphone alarm not workingAre you constantly getting late to a schedule like for school, work, etc., because you overslept? It is one of the absurd things that could happen to you since you may lose something very crucial to you. Many people are experiencing this kind of problem on their devices. iPhone users are the first on the list. Tardiness is one of the common problems for people. That's why Alarm Clocks were created, to help people to be on time during appointments. But what would you do if your iPhone alarm not working? To help you with that, here are the reasons to ponder why your alarm clock is not working. And the solutions to fix it so that you will never be late again to your schedule.

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Reasons Why your iPhone Alarm Sound Not Working

To help you understand and not to get late on your sessions. Here are the reasons why your iPhone's alarm clock is not working. So that, in the future you will arrive at the exact time on your destination.

Settings is Wrong

Suppose you have set the alarm on your iPhone, but it is not settled correctly; it will not ring. You have to edit and correct the details of the alarm setting, like the sound, repetition, and time frame. Double-check this information to avoid missing the alarm.

Alarm Sound is Too Low

This could happen when you accidentally lower the volume of the alarm sound, not the system sound. There are three kinds of sound settings on every device, one is for the system, one is for notifications, and the final one is for alarm sound. Do not get confused about these three, or your alarm will not ring. Always check the settings on your iPhone and make sure that the Alarm sound is high.

Phone Speaker is Broken

Another reason that might cause problems with your alarm sound is a broken speaker. It might be caused by a hardware issue or a broken iPhone. Find a professional to fix the hardware on your device.

Headset is Plugged-in

It does not happen most of the time, but there is a possibility that you forgot to unplug the earphones on your device. That is why you did not hear the alarm. Or it might be caused by a more profound problem where your iPhone is stuck in headset mode. The alarm will not ring for sure if it's stuck in this mode.

Solutions to Fix Your iPhone Alarm Not Working

Here are the basic and best solutions to fix your alarm clock going off without making any sound.

iphone alarm not working 2

Solution 1. Check the Settings

Before setting the alarm, you must apprehend the settings correctly. To set the proper setting of an alarm on your device:

  1. Go to the “Clock” applications. Hit the “Alarm” option.
  2. Tap the “Edit” on the upper-most left corner of the device. And Choose the time you want to edit.
  3. Choose the repetition of the alarm on the “Repeat” option; you can choose what day the alarm will ring.
  4. And on the “Sound” menu, choose the loudest sound so that you can hear it properly and wake up in time.

iphone alarm not working solution 1

Solution 2. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your device when it is having a problem is the most prudent way. It secures the phone’s data, files, makes the applications run faster, and many more. To shutdown, long-press the power button until the “slide to power off” shows. Or you can go to the settings if your iPhone power button stuck. Tap “General,” scroll down and hit “Shutdown.” And slide to power off your iPhone.

iphone alarm not working solution 2

Solution 3. Update your iPhone Device

Next solution is updating your iPhone. Outdated version may cause a lot of troubles on your device. Including the problem with your alarm clock. You must update it to the latest iOS Version. To update, hit the Settings on your iPhone. Tap the “General,” and then “Software Update.” Finally, update it to the newest version.

iphone alarm not working solution 2

Solution 4. Use AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Operating System: Windows and Mac

And if the problems are combined and occur altogether at the same time. Like, the phone is stuck in headset mode, can’t update, and many more. You must use a professional tool to help you fix your problem with your alarm clock. The tool that is trending and famous right now is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is a tool that allows subscribers to fix 50+ system problems in two specific methods; Standard and Advanced Modes. The first mode, the standard, allows you to fix your problem without deleting any of your data. While the advanced will reset and delete all files on your device. Here is some additional information about the tool that will help you fix the iPhone alarm clock not working.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Click any of the available download buttons above to get the installer of the tool. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. When finished, launch the tool on your computer.

iphone alarm not working step 1

Step 2 Start the Fixing Process

Before you can start the process, link your iPhone to the computer using a USB-type cord. Then click the "iOS System Recovery" on the main interface. After that, on the new window that will appear, click the "Start" to commence.

iphone alarm not working step 2

Step 3 Confirm or Free Quick Fix

The next step is the confirmation of the phone's details. Check your details and continue by clicking "Confirm." Or you can choose the "Free Quick Fix," where the tool will fix your problem in less than a minute. However, the result is not guaranteed on this fix. The result is better if you wish to continue.

iphone alarm not working step 3

Step 4 Choose the Mode

As stated before, there are two modes to pick. Choose the most needed method to fix your device. Since we are trying to fix the iPhone alarm sound not working, the suggested mode is the Standard mode. So that all of your files and data are safe and sound.

iphone alarm not working step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and Finish the Process

In the last part, the tool will require you to download firmware. Download the latest version of it. And after the download, the tool will automatically fix your iPhone. Take note that you must not disconnect or do anything on your iPhone while the process is being done. Or else, another problem might appear.

iphone alarm not working step 5


  • Allows you to fix various problems on the iPhone, from minor to serious ones, without leaking any of your crucial and personal information.
  • User-friendly because you can navigate the tool smoothly because all of the information you need is indicated.
  • You can fix problems from the list of its supported devices. It supports the old and latest versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod.

  • There are four available interfaces on the tool. Each interface has a specific cost, and combining all of them can reach up to $65.80 per month.

FAQs about Why Does iPhone Alarm Clock is Not Working

1. Why does my alarm not work on my iphone?

Many circumstances might cause your alarm clock not to work. One of them is the wrong settings. You must double-check the settings when setting the alarm. Change the ringtone to the loudest one so that you may hear it.

2. How Do I Fix My iPhone Alarm Not Working for Free?

It would be helpful if you were looking for a tutorial to fix your alarm clock on your iPhone. There are many guidelines on the internet. But, if you want a professional tool that fixes different kinds of problems on your device. You can use AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It has a lot of distinctive features that are only for iPhone users.

3. Can I fix my iPhone Alarm Sound Not Working by Myself?

Yes, you can! This problem is very common and easy to solve. There are simpler solutions for you to fix it all by yourself. You can try restarting your phone, updating it to the latest iOS version, check the settings, and many more.

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