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Why Does My iPhone Alarm Not Go Off? Fix it Here!

iphone alarm not going offWith the tussle and bustle of the city, people are constantly moving at a fast pace. Every minute counts; as they say in a quote, "Time is gold." People always rely on alarms and notifications. These functions can be regularly seen on smartphones and tablets. So, it is evident that these features are needed in our day-to-day activities. Thus, can you imagine your iPhone alarm not working? What a disaster, right? These errors are now common nowadays. Many reports were posted on the Apple Support Community that their iPhone alarm not going off even though they had already stopped and disabled the alarm. Can you envision the embarrassment if your iPhone starts to ring or alarm your device has an issue turning it off? That is the reason we came up with these solutions that can fix your iPhone alarm and save you from unimaginable events. Below are the seven solutions to fix your iPhone alarm that is not going off.

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Reasons Why Does My Alarm Not Go Off iPhone

The old-fashioned alarm clocks still exist today; their existence certainly keeps dropping with the development of digital clocks and devices. For us, it is simple to rely on our mobile devices when we wake up in the morning. It is the initial thing many of us probably look at after waking. So developers added functions that are essential for our daily activities. However, most users experienced iPhone alarms not working. This is a crucial error that needs to be fixed as soon as possible as it will cause noise and distraction to you and the people around you. Knowing the causes of this error may help you to remove it from your iPhone system. Thus, we have collected the possible reasons why this error keeps happening; look at them below.

  • Your device has system bugs or glitches.
  • The alarm volume is too high or at maximum level.
  • Your Clock app is outdated
  • There is a problem with the alarm settings.

reasons why iphone alarm not going off

Check and Assess The iPhone Alarm Volume

Suppose your alarm has a booming sound or volume. This may cause your alarm to continually alarm at the highest sound that your device can give. It is annoying if your alarm keeps ringing at the highest or maximum volume. By default, the alarm sound is controlled in the Settings of your iPhone. You can ensure that the iPhone device is set high enough to wake you up or remind you of your schedule. To do that, you can simply by going to the Settings app. Swipe up on your screen to locate the Sound & Haptics menu. Tap on it to open its options. Under the Ringer and Alerts section, toggle the slider to tone down or volume up your alarm. You can also use the Change with Buttons option to adjust your alarm sound and your system's volume.

check your alarm volume

Check If the Alarm is Correct

The most apparent reason why the alarm wont go off iPhone is that you have set your alarm at the wrong time. It is a mistake a lot of us constantly make. Sometimes we set our alarm for a specific time, yet we are unaware if it is Ante meridiem (AM) or Post Meridiem (PM). In addition, if we are having a big event yet need our device to remind us of that date and time, we always set our alarm clock on our iPhones for many time frames. This scenario can also explain why your iPhone alarm is not turning off. To check the alarm settings you have set on your iPhone, you can go to the Clock app of your device and access the Alarm option located at the lower part of the Clock interface. If you have seen an alarm you no longer need, you can disable it by toggling the button on the left side of the time frame.

check the alarm set on your clock app

Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Suppose you have added an alarm on your device, yet, your device failed to notify you at that specific time. In that manner, you need to check your Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is an essential function of a smartphone on its system. This feature will create a bond or connection to different smart devices, including Apple Watch, speakers, wireless earphones, and more. When enabled, it might connect to other devices and hinder you from being notified of your alarm. This scenario may lead to an iPhone alarm not working. To ensure that your device is not connected to any speaker, earphone, or other devices, you can check the Bluetooth function by swiping down on your screen to access the control panel. On the panel, check if the Bluetooth device is enabled. If yes, tap on its icon to turn off its function. You might want to go back to your Clock app and check if the alarm sound is already working.

disable bluetooth connectivity

Look and Observe Your Apple Watch

Another solution you can do to solve why your iPhone alarm not going off or even turning on is by checking your Apple Watch. This solution is for users with an Apple Watch linked to their iPhone device. This device is another product of Apple service that provides a function of a wristwatch yet with the mini features of an iPhone. On this device, you can undoubtedly do essential functions directly affecting your iPhone, including setting up an alarm, checking a text message, receiving notifications, and more. Thus, if your Apple Watch is in Theatre, Airplane, and Mute mode, it can affect the alarm sound of your iPhone device. To fix this issue quickly, unlock your Apple Watch and enter your passcode if necessary. Swipe on its screen and access the Settings option. Check if your Apple Watch is on Mute, Theater, or Airplane mode. If one of those three icons is enabled, tap on them to turn it off.

Update Your Clock App

The Next solution you can do to resolve the error of why does my alarm not go off iPhone is by updating the Clock app. As the new patches and versions of the iOS system are being disseminated worldwide, Apple does not forget its pre-installed app to cope with these changes. Other applications, including Apple Music, Calendar, Notes, and more, are preinstalled apps you can get when you buy your iPhone device. These apps rarely have an update, yet Apple always keeps on checking their functions and features. That is why if you experience that your Clock app is a bit glitchy, you can check the App Store to look and see if there is an update. You can do that by accessing the App Store on your device and searching for the Clock app on its search bar. Look at the first search result and see if it has an update button. Please tap on the update option to get its latest version. Wait until the App Store fully installs the new update.

update clock on app store

Get The Latest iOS Version

Suppose you have already updated your clock and an error like an Apple alarm not going off is lurking on your device. In that scenario, you need to check if there is an update on your iOS system. Glitches and bugs appear out of nowhere and lurk on your iPhone system, and they will hinder most of your functions from performing correctly or the way they used to be. The solution for this is simple, check if your device is needed to upgrade its operating system. An iOS update is filled or packed with different firmware that eradicates and terminates all system issues and errors on your iPhone software. So, if you fail to perform the update for your device, your phone may experience a bit glitchy or sometimes freeze. These errors will lead to different application errors, including iPhone call sound low, keeps restarting, and more. To get the update on your device, go to the Settings app, and below your Apple ID, there will be a bar saying Software Update Available. Tap on it to access the downloading page, and hit the Download and Install option to get the latest iOS version.

update ios version

Fix The Alarm Wont Go Off iPhone Using Computer Software

Distinctive Feature: This tool is designed and developed with a quick fix option that can quickly fix minor glitches and bugs on your iPhone device.
What is it best for?: This tool is best for users who are afraid of losing iPhone files while doing a recovery process. It automatically does a backup process while recovering your iOS system.
Price: It is a freemium service. It offers broad advanced features, including encrypted backup and extensive repair for only a $31.95 one-time payment.

The last option you can rely on to fix and resolve an iPhone issue like why does my alarm not go off iPhone is the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool is equipped with favorable functions intended to fix your Clock application. It consists of downloadable firmware that can update your operating system and remove all errors on your current iOS device. Additionally, fixing your alarm sound can be quickly done by its mode of recovery. These two modes are the Advanced and the Standard modes. The Standard is a normal process that resolves iOS issues. On the other side, the Advanced mode is to fix the iOS system while deleting all the data files on your device. Therefore, backing up your device is the first thing you need to perform before accessing this recovery mode. Follow the guide below if you wish to know how to fix your iPhone alarm.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to get your iPhone alarm fixed is by getting the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. You can get the tool quickly by ticking the download icon presented above. Run the file from your download folder to finish through its installation prompt.

ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Connect and Scan Your iPhone

Next, launch or open the tool on your computer to access its interface. Connect your iPhone device to your computer with the guide of your lightning wire. Once connected, the tool will present information regarding your iPhone. Tap on the Fix option to go to the following process.

scan data and connect data

Step 3 Select The Recovery Mode

The following step is selecting the recovery mode to fix your iPhone alarm. In this scenario or a specific error, we will be using the Standard mode as the solution to fix the error does not need a factory reset or complete deletion of your iPhone files. Tap on the Confirm button and go through the next page.

select mode of recovery

Step 4 Download Firmware

After you hit the Confirm button, the tool will prompt you to the next page. This page will give you a list of firmware available for your device. Select the latest version and hit the Download button on the right side.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Recovery Process

Finally, tap on the Next option once the firmware is downloaded. Doing this process will finalize your device's recovery, and the tool will install the firmware on your iPhone. Please wait for the indicator presented on your screen to reach 100 percent.

finalize the process

FAQs About iPhone Alarm

1. Why does the alarm on my iPhone not go off?
There are different reasons why your iPhone fails to turn off your alarm. But, most of the possible causes you can encounter are system bush and glitches. These errors are frequent if you fail to optimize your device’s RAM continually and its software and delete the cache that is not useful for the overall performance of your device.
2. How do I resolve the iPhone alarm glitch?
You need to utilize an application that can safely recover your iOS system. You can read this article
regarding these kinds of software. Nevertheless, we recommend AceThinker iOS System Recovery is full-featured that can quickly fix your device. It uses two modes which are the Standard mode and Advanced mode. To get a quick insight on how to fix iPhone alarms with this tool, read the listed step to do it.

  • First, launch the tool and connect your iPhone with the help of a lightning cable. Hit the Fix option and select the recovery mode of your choice. Then, a page will provide a list of downloadable firmware you can get and download.
  • Once you have downloaded the firmware, you can run it on your iPhone by tapping the Next button. Please wait until the tool finishes the recovery process. After that, you can check your Clock to see if it works on the function the way it should.
AceThinker iOS System Recovery

This tool has other iOS functions, including Backup & Restore, iPhone Data Recovery, and WhatsApp Transfer.

It supports the latest iOS version, including iOS 16.

It can fix devices even with older models, including iPhone 6 and earlier versions.

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