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Why Wont My iPad Download Apps? Look For the Solutions Here!

ipad won t download appsModern technologies and inventions play a considerable role in human society. With the span of 15-20 years, technology has become an integral part of modern man to attain our day-to-day activities objectively. Technological advancement paved the way for multi-functional activities and quick completion of basic activities. One of the most valuable devices we have to date is the iPad. This integrated device comes with different features capable of handling various routine tasks. These include browsing the internet, sending messages on your friends' list, and keeping your workspace organized and systematized. Additionally, iPad has built-in applications such as a clock, alarm, notepad, and messaging tool, which ease the way you communicate and perform your daily routine. Nevertheless, it is also designed with the App Store, which users can download and get third-party applications compatible with their iPad. However, even a device as complex and secure as the iPad has its downfall. Many users reported on the Apple Support page that their iPad will not download apps. This error is a huge problem, especially for users relying on different third-party applications. Fortunately, we have gathered the best solution to fix this issue. Read the following guides below to eradicate this system failure.

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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.

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Reasons Why My iPad Won t Download Apps

There are a lot of explanations and reasons why your iPad does not have an option to install. This concern is popular and most talked about on forums and even in the Apple Support Community. The main reason for this mistake is due to software failures. Knowing the reasons behind it, you can quickly identify the best solution you can use. Yet, software-related issues are broader and sometimes hard to identify. You can't use one solution that does not resolve the main cause of why the iPad is having difficulty installing apps. Luckily, we have come up with the most popular reasons why wont my iPad download apps. We have enumerated them below for you to identify the best solutions.

  • Your internet connection is not secure.
  • The App Store on your iPad is not updated.
  • There is a glitch and bug lurking on your device's software.
  • System failure on Apple System Status.
  • The Apps Store or the settings on your iPad has restrictions.

reasons why ipad won t download apps

Restart Your iPad Device

The first solution to fix the iPad doesn t download apps is a restart or soft reboot. This basic troubleshooting is an optimal solution to get your system back to its original process. It is a suitable method for users with iPad models that are pretty old or earlier versions, as these devices have older processors and hardware technologies, making them vulnerable to software failures and glitches. Thus, restarting is needed for these kinds of devices. Restarting or soft rebooting will terminate your iPad's power supply and eradicate the glitches or bugs as the processors and software chips do not have any power supply to function. This solution can also fix minor iOS-related problems, including the iPad no charging, Spotify keeps crashing, and others. Check the brief guide below to know how to fix your iPad failing to install applications.

  • The initial guide to restart or reboot your iPad is to long press either the Volume Up or Volume Down button. You can do the same for the Power button until the power slider appears on your screen. Glide the button from left to right to turn off your device.
  • Next, after 30 seconds, you can turn on your device to check if the iPad can install applications now. Go to the App Store and attempt to install any application.

restart ipad to fix ipad won t download apps

Check Internet Connection

Suppose you already restarted your device, yet it still fails to install any application on your device. In that case, you must inspect the internet connection you have on your device. As we all know, the internet must be established first for us to gain access to our online applications, and WiFi access is indeed needed to install any application from the App Store. You can check your WiFi by going to the Settings app and hovering on the WiFi settings. There you can check if your internet access is enabled. If it is not, you can toggle the button to enable it and connect with the nearest and most robust WiFi connection. However, suppose you are already connected to WiFi and can still not install an application. In that case, you can call your internet service provider to check if there is a system issue.

check wifi access to fix ipad won t download apps

Clear App Store Cache

Cache or App Store cache is another culprit why your App Store is acting app and not functioning well. App cache is similar to a browser cache. This cache is tiny bits of information stored on your applications to speed up the user’s experience. However, these bits of information can suddenly make the application crash or malfunction. Thus, clearing the cache is the best way to resolve this issue. On most iPadOS devices, you can do the pull-to-refresh feature to clear up your App Store cache. You can do this option by dragging up your iPad screen and locating the App Store device. Swipe up the App Store to remove the cache with it.

clear cache on ipad

Check The Restriction Mode

The restriction limits or blocks specific applications on your iPad devices. This feature is favorable for parents who need to manage the application their children will use on their devices. It is also helpful and comes in handy to prevent your kids from accessing and enabling adult content on different apps and websites. Users must set and put a unique passcode on their iPad when accessing the Restricted Mode. This passcode will give them access to the restricted contents, apps, and features they want to restrict and unrestricted. With that said, if you need to install an application on your iPad device but fail to do so, check the restricted mode to see if it is enabled. Follow the guide below to disable this feature and fix the iPad won t download apps.

  • The beginning step to fixing the iPad not being able to install applications is opening your device screen or unlocking it. Make way on your settings application and tap on its icon to access it. Swipe up on your screen and locate the Screen Time option.
  • Next, access the Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your screen time passcode. Go to the iTunes & App Store Purchases and make way to the Deleting Apps. Hit the Allow option to enable applications to be installed on your iPad device.

disable restricted mode

Contact Apple Support

This resolution is for users who are not tech-savvy enough to resolve their issues. There may be hardware or software issues that basic troubleshooting can't resolve. In this case, you must contact and reach Apple Support to address the issue. You can go to their website, which is Users can send a repair request regarding their iPad software and hardware issues on this site. This website furnishes a wide variety of options that can help you resolve your issues. One of these is it can tell the repair coverage of your device by simply logging in to your Apple ID. This website also provides a glance at the status of your repair request. You can track when your device is readily available for pick up, or you can track what else has been done to fix your iPad device. Please keep in mind that fixing your iPad will take at least 3-5 business days, depending on the circumstances.

contact apple repair support

Fix iPad Won t Download Apps With Third-Party App

Distinctive Feature: This iPad utility is designed with a quick fix option that can resolve minor glitches without the need to restart, reboot, or delete your iPhone files.
Its Advantage Among Basic Troubleshooting: This tool is designed with other utilities that troubleshooting does not have. While fixing the iPad system, the tool will automatically create a backup for your files.
Price: This service is a Freemium plan, and this information means this tool is free to use for users to fix iPad software-related issues quickly. Yet, if you want to avail and utilize its two recovery modes, you need to purchase the premium plan for $31.95 with lifetime support and upgrades.

Are you still having problems regarding your App Store, although you have utilized the basic troubleshooting? AceThinker iOS System Recovery is the tool that you need. This iPadOS utility is equipped with accelerated options that can quickly fix iPad-related issues such as iPad screen freezing, iPad stuck on charging mode, and more. It has two methods of recovery: the Standard and Advanced mode. These two provide similar output but different approaches. The Standard mode is a quick fix where users can resolve system issues without fearing losing data files. On the contrary, the Advanced mode can fix all major and minor issues with tremendous sacrifice. This feature can remove all the data files on your iPad while fixing your device. So, if you plan to use this feature to resolve your issue, creating a backup for your files is necessary to prevent data loss.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

To begin fixing the iPad will not download apps; you need to install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your device. Hit the download button above this step to save the installation file. Run it with your computer and pass through different prompts to install the app thoroughly.

acethinker ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Connect iPad to Computer

Next, connect your iPad device to your computer to create a bond on the application. This process is achievable with the help of your lightning cable. When the device is connected, the application will present its information and provide a Fix button to proceed to the next step.

connect your ipad

Step 3 Select Mode of Recovery

The following step is to select the recovery mode for your iPad. Choose between the Standard and Advanced modes. Hit the indicator located on the left side of the modes to select one. Tap on the Confirm button to go to the next step.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware for iPad

After that, there will be a prompt where you can download firmware for your iPad device. This firmware will provide solutions to fix iPad devices and return them to their original processes. Hit the Download button to save the firmware on your device.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize The Result

Lastly, tap the Next button to install the firmware on your iPad device. Please wait until the system reaches 100 percent. This firmware will fix the iPad system while backing up your data files.

finalize process

Terminologies With iPad App Store

Apple Developer Program License Agreement In-App Purchases(IAP) Free Apps
This term and condition govern membership in the Apple Developer Program and manage the distribution of free apps on the App Store. This term is something that has been bought within the application. Software vendors can sell all the things from within the apps. For instance, in games, users can buy characters, upgrade attributes and abilities, and spend money on in-game currencies. This type of application has a literal zero download threshold. Users can download and use these applications without disbursing monetary amounts or fees.
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