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Guides to Amend the iPad Touch Screen Not Responsive

feature ipad touch screen not workingThe impact of 21st-century technologies in our society is undeniably huge and necessarily needed. The innovation of these utilities and mechanics changes the way we live. Smartphones and other machines became a companion and somehow fulfilled our lives lacking. And because of the continuous improvement of some gadgets, they became touch-screen functions. Some of the famous devices built with touch-pads only are iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. However, the problem is unavoidable with these touch-screen gadgets. You may experience an iPad screen unresponsive due to many circumstances. But there is nothing to worry about because we already have the natural fixes to help you resolve this issue. Please continue reading to know and understand the finest solutions to fix your unresponsive iPad screen.

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Approaches to Repair iPad Touch Screen not Working Properly

If you are experiencing an unusual issue with your iPad screen, try these approaches, and your device will function properly again.

Approach 1. Force Restart your iPad

Shutting down and reopening is the most recommended and proven by many iPad users. It fixes minor issues on your devices such as frozen screens, devices running slow, etc. And it is a straightforward and hands-on approach to fix such problems. To restart your iPad follow the given steps and conditions below.

For iPad with Home Button
Long-press both the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Release when the Apple logo appears on your screen.

ipad touch screen not working approach 1.1

For iPad without Home Button
Promptly toggle the Volume Up button and release, and then repeat the same process in the Volume Down button. After that, long-press the Wake button until the logo of Apple pops up.

ipad touch screen not working approach 1.2

Approach 2. Turn on Touch Accommodations Mode

This approach is also one of the best solutions to fix iPad screens not working, and many iPad users test it. It solves many screen issues and malfunctions. To enable this mode, tap the Accessibility on Settings and find the Accommodations option. And then turn on the “Touch Accommodations.” Then, try if the screen is working.

ipad touch screen not working approach 2

Approach 3. Turn Off Tap to Wake Function

When tap to wake mode is enabled on your device, it might cause problems on your screen, especially when accidental taps are frequently happening. Consider turning it off to improve unresponsiveness on your iPad screen. To disable this mode, open your Settings, open the General menu, and tap Accessibility. Find the “Tap to Wake” toggle and turn it off.

ipad touch screen not working approach 3

Approach 4. Update your iPad’s System

Another convenient approach is updating your device. Out of data devices may result in unresponsive screens. If this is the case, check your device's software if it is updated. The update is a smart thing to do because Apple always releases software updates to remove bugs and enhance your iPad performance. So it would be better if you constantly updated your iPad. To do that, go to your Settings and open General. Tap the Software update and then Download and Install and wait until it's done. Check your screen if it's still hard to touch and unresponsive.

ipad touch screen not working approach 4

Approach 5. Remove Screen Protector and Clean the Screen

Screen protectors are used to avoid and lessen the damage to your iPad screens. However, they often cause problems with your screen when improperly placed, and remove it, clean your screen, and place it properly. But to prevent some accidents, it would be best to shut down your iPad first before cleaning the screen. And then open and check the screen to see if it's working after you have cleaned it.

ipad touch screen not working approach 5

Approach 6. Fix iPad Screen Not Responding to Touch without Loss of Data

Supported Devices: iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and all iPad variants
Supported Operating System: iOS 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.7, and Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

And if you have tried all the approaches above and the iPad does not respond to touch, problems still occur. You must find software that will surely help you fix this kind of problem on your iPad device. The prominent and leading iOS system recovery that many iPad users recommend is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is a very straightforward and innovative tool because of its features that allow end-users to fix iPad unresponsive screens and iPad stuck in recovery mode, iPad screen glitches, etc. In addition to these fantastic features, you can resolve the system’s malfunction in three distinctive modes.

Free Quick Fix - this mode allows users to fix problems in no more than a minute
Standard Mode - is used to fix system problems without removing any data on your device.
Advanced Mode - is the crucial mode for resolving severe problems, and it will reset your device to function like a brand new one. Please take note that this will remove and delete all of your files, so backing them up will be helpful.

Here are the steps to achieve and resolve unresponsive iPad screens.

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Step 1 Download the Tool

Choose from any button displayed above and get the installer to download AceThinker iOS System Recovery. The left button is for Windows-supported systems, and the right is for macOS. Follow the installation process after the download. Launch the tool and click the iOS System Recovery option to fix the iPhone's unresponsive screen.

ipad touch screen not working fk step 1

Step 2 Connect your Device and Start Fixing iPad Touch Screen Unresponsive

To start the process, the tool must recognize your iPad first. To do that, you must use a USB cord and link your device to the computer. After that, you can commence the process by pressing the “Start” button.

ipad touch screen not working fk step 2

Step 3 Confirm your Details

In the next phase, the tool will lead you to the new window to confirm your phone’s details. On the other hand, Free Quick Fix is available in this tab. Still, it is not recommended because the problem is above its capability. Please click the “Fix” button to continue for better results.

ipad touch screen not working fk step 3

Step 4 Choose the Mode to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

In order to continue, you need to choose the mode. It would be best to pick the Standard mode for this typical problem so that all of your data are safe. After choosing, you can click the “Confirm” button.

ipad touch screen not working fk step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and Finish the Fix

To finish fixing, download the firmware first. The tool will find and suggest the compatible firmware to your device, choose the latest one and download it. After the download, the tool will proceed in fixing your device. Please remember that you must not unlink your device while fixing, or the process will be canceled. Tick the “OK” button when it is done and try if your iPad screen is still hard to touch or unresponsive.

ipad touch screen not working fk step 5

FAQs to iPad Touch Screen Not Working

1. Why is my iPad Touch Screen Not Working in Some Areas?

There are many occurrences why this is happening on your iPad. But the two main factors are that your screen might be broken or hard to touch because of improperly placed protectors. Or your device might be running slow. The best and safest approach is to restart your device or remove your screen protector and clean the screen.

2. How Do I Fix an iPad Touch Screen Not Working?

Restarting is the best option when this problem occurs on your device. However, if it does not work, you should use a third-party tool to help you with that. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is the leading tool that fixes system malfunction on your iPad. It is proven and used by many users. It fixes iPad problems and resolves iPhone problems like iPhone touch screen not working, screen glitches, blue, red, and black screen of death, and many more.

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