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How to Fix iPad Stuck at Apple Logo – Top 5 Ways

ipad stuck at apple logoYou're sitting down to see a film or read the latest book on your iPad and suddenly your iPad screen gets frozen on apple logo. This problem, especially iPad stuck at Apple logo, is quite irritating since it stops you from getting to its Home Screen and continuing your film. It is impossible to switch to another screen, and then you'll be stuck on that screen for long periods of time. There seems to be no issue with your tablet, so what can you do? If you are in a similar position and asking the answer to why my iPad is frozen on the apple logo, you may use the techniques described in this article to solve this issue.

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My iPad is Frozen on the Apple Logo: The Possible Causes

Are you wondering why my iPad is getting stuck at the Apple logo? In general, the iPad will be stuck in the Apple logo in the event that there was something that occurred during the process of rebooting. When your iPad reboots occur, it goes through various tasks such as switching on the processor, checking memory, etc. After your iPad is fully operational, you can perform other tasks, such as iOS application support and internet browsing, etc. are possible using the iPad. Most of the time, you experience this due to a fundamental issue in the iPad's software, or a third-party application installed on your iPad begins to malfunction. Another reason you could encounter this issue with the iPad is because you could have jailbroken your iPad.

Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo with 1-Click

Salient Features

  • Repair iPad stuck on Apple logo error and that too without any loss of data.
  • Ensure to update your iOS back to normal; no matter how complicated the problem is.
  • Repair numerous iOS system problems such as being stuck in the recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping at the beginning, etc.
  • Helps in various other iPhone related tasks as well.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

First of all, if you don’t want to get involved in tedious tasks or looking for the most effective solution to fix iPad stuck on Apple logo, then you should opt for a third-party software. AceThinker iOS System Recovery was created to assist when you encounter any sort of iOS problem. iPad stuck at its Apple logo can also be a problem with the software and can be fixed using this software at home. The software offers an easy to use interface that you can operate without any advance technical skills.

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Step 1 Choose iOS System Recovery in AceThinker Fone Keeper

Before doing anything else, you will need to install the AceThinker Fone Keeper and, and then in the main menu, select iOS System Recovery. After that, using the USB cable, you will be able to connect the device to your system. After that, press Start to allow the procedure to begin.

select ios system recovery on fone keeper

Step 2

Once your device is successfully identified, check the data in your gadget. You can try "Free quick Fix" option to solve common issues on iPad. This fix can resolve issues like broken devices or frozen devices in just 60 minutes. It is unnecessary to look for a more sophisticated solution after this solves the problem.

device info

Step 3 Proceed the Advanced Modes Option

If the first method doesn't seem to be working, you should look for the Fix Button and ensure that you click on it. The window will then open, in which you have to select the type of repair you'd like to do. You have two choices available, Advanced Mode and Standard Mode. Make sure you select the most effective method for solving your problem. After selecting one of the above options, select the Confirm button and move on. Then, the specifics of the firmware need to be confirmed. Download the firmware that you need before proceeding through the following step.

standard advanced mode

Step 4 Download the Relevant Firmware Package

In the last step, the firmware's data must be checked. Download the firmware you need, and then, click on Next to proceed further. To repair your device, click Repair. Once the firmware is installed and downloaded, your iOS program for system repair will start to repair your device by itself. Following this your iPad will start normal operation once again.

fix iphone black screen spinning wheel with fone keeper

Common Solutions to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo

1. Force Restart iPad

A good first option to try if you're in an instance where your iPad is being frozen on-screen with the Apple logo screen is to force-restore your iPad. Although this approach is simple, it is accompanied by an extremely low success rate. It is possible to do this by following the steps listed below.


  • To force restart iPad 11, 12, 12.9" and other recent versions Press and release quickly release the "Volume Up" button and "Volume Down" button one after the other, and then hold the "Power" button until the iPad is restarted.
  • To force restart iPad Air, Mini, Pro, and various other versions, press the "Home" button and the "Power" button simultaneously and press them until the iPad starts to restart.

2. Try Charging Your Device

Another way to fix My iPad stuck on the Apple logo is to charge it. Examine your USB cable and charger, or change the cables if you don't need them. Then try charging your iPad until it is fully charged, and then start it up. The iPad should be working fine following this procedure if the battery depletion causes the problem. This technique definitely takes an extended time and is not a great percentage of success. We have several other methods that you can get around the issue on your iPad.

3. Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo by Restoring with iTunes

Restoring your iPad with iTunes should be a carefully thought-out option and should be carried out cautiously. We've assembled a few easy steps you can follow to get back your iPad quickly in order to repair your iPad stuck on the Apple screen.


  • Download, install and then run iTunes from your computer. Then connect your iPad that is stuck in the Apple logo on your laptop computer via a USB cable.
  • iTunes may not recognize your device because ipad stays on apple logo and does not boot normally. You'll need to start your iPad in Recovery Mode to allow iTunes for it to recognize it. Press the Power On/Off button and Home button simultaneously, and do not release them on the Apple screen. Press them continuously until the iPad displays a "Recovery Screen".
  • A pop-up window will come up on your iTunes interface, asking you to "update" or "Restore" the iPad. Select "Restore" and wait for the process to finish.

Restoring an iPad could appear to be a time-consuming process, but it's actually a useful tool and can help you in the same way that it resolved the iPad stuck in the Apple logo problem for a lot of other users.

4. Put Your iPad into DFU Mode

It is also possible to use the DFU Mode to restart your iPad to repair the issue. This can be done using the following method to restore different iPad versions. It is important to note that Apple's website does not contain instructions on how you can perform DFU restores. Because the majority of the time, it's unnecessary and could cause irreparable damage to the device.

For iPad with the Home button:

  • Connect your tablet to the computer and start iTunes. Switch off the device completely.
  • When the device has been switched off, hold and press down the button that turns off or is located on the top of the device for 3 seconds. Hold and press the Home button located on the device's front while holding the button to turn off or on.
  • Continue to hold both buttons for 10 seconds. Release the On/Off button, but hold the Home Button for around 5 minutes. If the display remains black, your iPad may be in DFU mode.

To Conclude

It is now time to understand what you can do to fix your iPad stuck at the Apple logo. In comparison to the other four methods, AceThinker gives you a more reliable and effective method to fix iPad that simply flashes the Apple logo in a short time. Download AceThinker and repair your iPad today.

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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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