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Five Best Ways to Resolve iPad Charger Not Working

ipad not chargingThrough technology and innovation, humans have developed different approaches to gaining more knowledge and information. As the humbler iPad has made its way into the enterprise and households, it also found a place in the classroom. With its features, including a widescreen, good battery life, and a well-performed operating system, it is much more popular with kids and adult teens to be utilized. Nonetheless, it is lighter than a laptop with lesser cumbersome components; it is also well suited for young professionals. With this function, this tool has become one of the most anticipated digital devices in the market. However, with the dependency we have on iPads, experiencing an error can cause significant trouble. One of its crucial glitches is the iPad battery not charging. This error hinders your device from receiving enough electric charge to replenish your battery percentage, which leads to a scenario where you can't even open your iPad. Constant using your iPad while it is charging can cause different iPad charging issues. Luckily, we have a suitable solution to fix this system fallacy. Check them out here as you explore the depths of this written article.

iOS System Recovery
AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.

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Reasons Why Your iPad Does Not Charge

Do you wonder why all of a sudden, your iPad stops charging and prevents you from opening it? To prevent this error from coming back on your device, it is needed to learn about the reason behind this glitch. We listed the possible scenarios and causes why this error keeps happening on your iPad, and read them thoroughly below.

  • Outdated iPadOS System
  • Your iPad charging port is broken.
  • Hardware issue including lightning cable is not compatible with your iPad
  • Glitches and bugs

charge ipad

Check the Right Accessories

The initial guide on fixing your iPad plugged in but not charging is checking the lightning cable or accessories you have for your device. The iPad operating system can detect fluctuation in power sources from the charger that users are utilizing. These power fluctuations can be analyzed and interpreted as a risk or a threat to your iPad device. So, rather than trying to add power or your iPad’s battery, it may stop charging and cause significant issues. This scenario is due to utilizing multiple charging cables. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where your lightning cable is already broken or not working; your iPad is not charging correctly. If you find your device charging with other chargers but not the one you are using, you have already identified the problem. This error is due to your iPad charger. If the iPad charger not working, you can go to the official website of Apple and search for the correct lightning cable for your iPad. You can also put an order there to shop online without the need to go to Apple stores. However, you need to wait a few more days before you can completely recharge your iPad.

replace charger to fix ipad not charging

Update iPad Operating System

The following solution is to identify if there is a software issue on your iPad. One of the possible reasons why the iPad says not charging is due to outdated software versions. The Apple developers informed us that each system update they have on their devices has a purpose. These updates can fix glitches, bugs, and minor fallacies contributing to your device's inability to receive a power supply. With that said, it is needed to regularly check and have a notification for every update you have on your iPad. To know if there is an available system update for your device, check the listed guide beneath.

  • The initial guide to fixing the iPad battery not charging is to unlock your device. Browse the list of your in-built application to locate the Settings app. Tap on its icon to launch different menus.
  • Next, on the Settings app, look for the Software Update option. This option is usually located below your Apple ID or account. Tap on its menu to locate the available updates for your device. At the lower part of the page, hit the Install option to get the latest iPadOS version.

update ipados ipad not charging

Factory Reset Your iPad

If changing the iPad charger and updating its operating system did not fix the issue of why the iPad will not charge, this next solution is the most optimal option you can do. If you are experiencing software issues that lead to errors, including the iPad stuck in recovery mode, the iPad touch screen not working, and others, you need to factory reset your device. Factory resetting a device will help you eradicate and solve system glitches and errors caused by malware and viruses. This malicious software can attach to your iPad system and compromise its processes, which leads to significant issues. Luckily, a factory reset can give you the best solution to remove this unwanted software. However, to gain something, you need to lose everything. This process will remove and wipe out all your data on your iPad. Thus, it is suggested to back up your device using iCloud, iTunes, or other cloud-storage platforms. To factory reset your iPad, check the listed guide below.

  • The first step is to unlock your iPad device and make your way to the Settings app from the list of your application. Tap on its icon to open its menus and options. Please scroll up to locate the General option; tap on it to open its menu.
  • Next, swipe at the bottom of your screen to locate the Transfer or Reset iPad. Then, from the popup menus, tap on Erase All Content and Settings and enter your device’s passcode. Follow the prompts and wizards to reset your device fully.

Check Charging Port

Suppose you do not have any system issues or glitches, and your iPad suddenly failed to recharge; maybe you have a hardware problem. This scenario is possible if your charging port is dirty or full of dust. If you have checked and analyzed your charging port located at the lower part of your iPad and accumulated dust, you have to clean it. You have to use a dry, soft, and lint-free cloth. Please be mindful that you don't need liquids or cleaning products when cleaning your charging port.

cleaning the charging port of ipad

Moreover, if you have checked your charging port and it seems broken, the iPad will not charge even if you plug in your lightning cable. The best thing you could do is to go to the nearest Apple repair shop to fix the hardware problem. These professionals can fix and resolve major hardware fallacies. But to give you a heads up, sometimes, fixing your iPad takes time.

iPad Says Not Charging? Use This App

Distinctive Feature: This tool consists of two options that can fix your iPad not charging error caused by software issues. These modes are the Advanced and Standard modes.
Advantage: This tool has a higher repair rate than basic troubleshooting. It is also designed with a quick fix option that does not need to eradicate your entire iPad data.

Suppose software bugs and glitches cause the error of the iPad not charging on PC; you can use a reliable tool to resolve it. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-anticipated iOS utility that fixes over 50+ iOS-related issues. With its two modes, it can easily wipe out all system problems that hinder the actual process of your device. Among its advanced features, this tool is designed with a Standard recovery mode that repairs iOS systems without fearing losing your iPad data. Suppose it is already severe and you need to factory reset your iPad; this tool can help you without the need to access your settings app. You can utilize the Advanced mode to do the job for you. What is more, this tool is designed for data recovery. Even if you have wiped out your iPad files without backing them up, you can quickly recover your lost files. Check this written post to know more about this feature. To know the process of fixing your iPad, you can utilize the guide beneath.

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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery

To begin the process of fixing your iPad charging issue, install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Tap on the download button shown above this step to get its installer. Run the file and finish through the wizards to install the application fully on your PC. You can try to open the application first to get acquainted with its process and navigation.

isr interface

Step 2 Scan and Connect Your iPad

The following guide will connect your iPad to the application to scan and analyze your device. Use your lightning wire to do the linking process of your iPad and the iOS System Recovery tool. A prompt will present your device’s details, which notify you that the iPad is already connected. Hit the Fix option to push through with the process.

isr connect your ipad

Step 3 Choose a Mode of Recovery

Afterward, you will be navigated to the selection of modes. You can tap between the Standard and Advanced modes. Once you have already selected the recovery mode, hit the confirm button to go through to the next guide.

isr select mode

Step 4 Download Firmware and Fix iPad Not Charging

Lastly, a new page will prompt which is the selection of firmware. This file can help your recovery, fix your iPad issue, and get your system back to its original process. Once the firmware is downloaded, tap the Next icon to initiate the repair process. An indicator will appear which will provide you the progress of your recovery process.

isr download firmware

AceThinker iOS System Recovery
It is a straightforward tool that can fix iPad not charging error with high success rate.
  • It is equipped with data recovery that can restore deleted iPad files.
  • It has automatic backup function that can save and restore iPad data.
  • It is completely safe and secured.
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iOS System Recovery
Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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