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How to Fix an iPad Keeps Restarting Over and Over on its Own

feature ipad keeps restartingWhen hearing iOS devices, the first thing that will indeed cross our minds is the best quality and extended-lasting utilities. The problems that might occur in this smartphone model are very minimal. But they need an urgent fix, and you must act immediately to prevent further deeper issues. One of the most devastating problems that possibly occurs on your device is restarting on its own. There is nothing more frustrating than your iPad keeps rebooting on itself without your permission. That might affect and cause some disturbances that lead you to miss something important. This content aims to help people who are experiencing this problem on their iPad devices. We will provide the best five effective solutions to repair your device at peace in the comfort of your accommodation. Follow the guidelines and read the solutions thoroughly to have an excellent outcome.

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Five Finest Solutions to Fix iPad Restarting on its Own

Random restarts on your iPad are often caused by system or hardware issues on your device. The most common attributes are storage running low, malware and software bugs, and many more. And here are the methods to help you resolve your iPad device restarting independently.

Method 1. Force Restart the iPad

Restarting your device is the most basic solution whenever your smartphone, especially iOS devices, has unnecessary malfunctions. This method will remove unwanted bugs, minor system failures, and many more without harming your device's apparatus. There are two types of iPad, and there are different ways to force restart them.

If your iPad has a Home button, press and hold the Home and Power button at the same time. Then, release it after the logo of Apple appears on the screen.

ipad keeps restarting method 1.1

And if your iPad has no Home button, promptly press the Volume increase button, then release it quickly. Repeat the first process in the Volume decrease button. After that, press and hold the On/Off button and release it when the logo of Apple pops up.

ipad keeps restarting method 1.2

Method 2. Update iPad Software

Another thing that might cause your iPad reboots randomly without doing anything is outdated software. This issue affects your device's performance and the system gradually, and the severeness will eventually increase if not updated as soon as possible. To update your iPad, open your Settings and select General. Then tap the Software Update, and after that, hit the Download and Install. Check after the process and see if your iPad is still rebooting randomly.

Method 3. Delete Problematic Applications

The possibility of some applications bugging and interrupting your device is incredibly high. Especially when the application you downloaded is not trusted and not fitted to your iPad. To know what apps are causing bugs to your device is when you open them, there are some glitches on it. Or it is not loading correctly and just stuck on a black screen. To remove these applications, long-press the icon on the homepage, then click the “x” or the “Uninstall” button.

Method 4. Restore your iPad using iTunes

iTunes has been helpful to iOS users ever since. It helps many people fix various problems on their devices. And iTunes can also help you resolve iPad keeps restarting the Apple logo issue with ease. It will stop your device from annoyingly restarting on itself over and over again. But be mindful that restoring your device using this program might delete all your existing data. Make sure that all of your files and documents are backed up if you use this method. Thus, if you are ready for these risks, follow the given steps below.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer using a USB-type cord after launching iTunes. Remember that it would be best to update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Click the device icon that can be seen at the top left corner of the tool and then select Summary. And on the Summary tab, click the “Restore iPad” and wait until the process is finished.

Method 5. Resolve iPad Constantly Restarting without Data Loss

Supported Devices: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Many more
File Size: 140.14 MB

And if none of the methods above did repair your iPad rebooting itself, it would be great to use a third-party tool to help you. One of the prominent and famous iOS System recoveries is AceThinker Fone Keeper
. It is manifested, and many iOs users have already tried it, and it works perfectly. It allows users to fix iPad issues in three distinctive modes. These approaches are used depending on the seriousness of the issue on your device.

Free Quick Fix - is the most basic mode that will fix any minor abnormalities on your iPad in less than a minute.
Standard Mode - this mode is for moderate problems that the first mode cannot fix. This method will not delete anything on the device.
Advanced Mode - this mode is being used for severe issues. This will reset your phone to factory settings and delete all of your data. If you want this mode make sure you have already backed up all your files.

To give you more insight about the tool and how to use it to fix your iPad. Download the utility on your computer and follow the steps and guidelines below.

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Step 1 Install Acethinker Fone Keeper

To install the application, click any download buttons above and get the installer to your computer. Launch the installer after it’s done and then follow the installation command. After that, the tool will automatically launch. You can now see all the features and different troubleshooting it offers.

ipad keeps starting fk step 1

Step 2 Connect your Device and Start Fixing iPad Suddenly Starts on Itself

Before starting the process, you need to connect your device to the computer. To do that, you will need an original USB cord/wire and link it with your computer. And you will receive a notification whether the device is connected or not. After that, click the “Start” toggle to begin fixing.

ipad keeps starting fk step 2

Step 3 Confirm your Devices Details

After such, the tools need you to confirm the information of your device before you can continue to fix the iPad keeps rebooting. Also, in this part, you will have the “Free Quick Fix” option. As explained earlier, this mode will repair your device in less than a minute. But since the problem is out of its reach, it would be best to continue and move on to the other modes. To continue, hit the “Fix” toggle and move on.

ipad keeps starting fk step 3

Step 4 Pick the Mode to Resolve iPad Keep Restarting on its Own

The tab that will appear after you confirm your device's details lets you choose the two remaining modes. Choose the Standard mode since the problem is only moderate and doesn't need a complete reset. Confirm it and continue to the last step.

ipad keeps starting fk step 4

Step 5 Download the Compatible Firmware and Finish the Procedure

To finish repairing, you need to download firmware. The tool will find and suggest all the compatible firmware to your device. Please, choose the latest one and download it. After the download, the tool will automatically proceed in finishing the fix. Click OK after it is done and enjoy your iPad free from restarting on its own.

ipad keeps starting fk step 5

The Bottom Line

To conclude, every solution is effective depending on the execution. You must not miss a single step or details so that your iPad keeps restarting issue will be gone for good. Nevertheless, using the Acethinker Fone Keeper is the best solution for you. The fix is straightforward, and missing a single step is impossible because they are appropriately indicated in the tool. Also, if you choose the Fone Keeper, you can fix iPad problems and iPhone issues. Like iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone not turning off, screen glitches, and many more. The instructions are the same in fixing iPhone problems, so you don’t have to understand additional information. It will be peaceful in mind and far from bombardment.

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