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Reasons Why My iPad Keeps Crashing and How to Fix It

feature ipad keeps crashingIn a period where humans are dependent on technological inventions, the iPad brings out new functionalities. This device is developed by one of the world’s largest technology companies, Apple Inc. Due to this, Apple’s iPad is the sole ruler of the tablet market globally. This device is being patronized due to its sleek and classy design. Not only that but also this gadget is the line between computers and smartphones. It can act and serve as a personal computer while it has the process of a smartphone device. Due to that, its developer elevates its performance and capability compared to smartphone gadgets. However, this device does not exclude different developing issues. One of its significant fallacies is the iPad apps crashing frequently. If you are having this problem, you are not alone! There are a bunch of iPad users who experience the same problem. Fortunately, there are solutions to fix this issue. You can read the presented solutions beneath.

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Reasons Why My iPad Keeps Crashing

Of course, before diving into the solution on how to fix iPad apps crashing frequently, we must know the reason first. Let us analyze and understand what might trigger this error and cause unexpected crashes. In most cases, the iPad crashes when it gets stuck or remains in the infinite boot loop. In addition, several other factors result in crashing your device. This includes:

  • Incompatible applications or third-party apps.
  • Uninstalled software updates.
  • Battery-related problem.
  • Malware intrusion or attacks.

Clear All Background Applications

While it might seem impossible to cause your iPad to crash, the recently used application may cause this error to happen on your device. When you do not close the application on your iPad, they still run in your device's background, which will trigger your iPadOS to receive an error. This issue is most common to those people who do not permanently clear the background application running on their iPad. So, to prevent your iPad crashes all the time, you need to follow the simple guide below.

  • Double press the Home button located at the lower part of your iPad device. Doing this will present you with the list of recent applications you failed to close permanently.
  • Then, close all the applications one at a time and check if your iPad still experiences crashes and issues.

Force Restart Your iPad Device

iPad keeps shutting down apps error can be due to some minor glitches. With that said, a simple restart or hard reset can do the job for you. This process is one of the simplest ways to get your iPad device back into its normal working state. In addition, this method will not eradicate your iPad data and not lead to data loss. It provides your system software and applications with a refresh, eliminating simple bugs and glitches. To perform this task, you must follow the guideline below.

  • Hold the home button and the power button on your iPad device simultaneously. Do this process until the Apple logo emerges on your screen.
  • Then, wait until your device restarts and check if the error persists.

Update Your System Software

Another reason your iPad apps keep crashing is not updating system software. Running your iPad device on an obsolete OS software could be the culprit of the issue. For Apple devices like the iPad, updating the system OS must be done regularly. This may prevent and fix software bugs and glitches that can cause the frequent crashing of your device’s application. To perform the update, follow the walkthrough below.

  • On your iPad main screen, access the Settings application to look for the list of functions. Go to the General option and make way to the Software Update function.
  • See if there is an available update for your device. If there is, tap the download and install the updates to acquire the updated OS.
  • Lastly, make sure that your iPad is fully charged or connect it to a power source to prevent some fallacy. Your device will be restarted once the updates have been installed and implemented.

Check the Battery Health

If your iPad is the oldest version, you can check your device's battery health. Sometimes weary and old battery health may be the reason why the iPad keeps crashing. So, it is necessary to always check your device's battery life if you have experienced this kind of error. To do that, read through the guidelines below.

  • On your iPad screen, access the Settings app. Doing this will give you different functions that may be helpful for your iPad device.
  • Then, access the Battery option and make way to the Battery Health. This feature is automated and accurate. If the battery life is lower than 50 percent, you need to change a new one to fix the issue.
  • Lastly, go to the nearest Apple service store or repair shop to modify your device's battery.

check battery health

Reset All iPad Settings to Fix Issue

If the above solutions and methods do not meet your standards, this last solution is your last resort. If the issue persists, your device must need to erase all the setups you have made in its settings. This process can be done by factory resetting your iPad. However, it should be your last resort as it takes all the data and removes all your iPad settings. This means all the setup you have applied and the information you have saved with your device will be eradicated. And, if you want to proceed with its process, you must backup your iPad files or download iCloud backup to PC to save your entire files. Nevertheless, the method of resetting all the data on your iPad is underneath; it is for you to follow it correctly.

  • The initial guide to rest all the data is by going to the Settings app on your iPad. From there, access the General settings to open up its menu.
  • Then, locate and select the Reset option to navigate its functionalities. On the list of functions presented on your iPad screen, choose the Erase All Content and Settings button.
  • Lastly, your iPad will remove all the settings modified on its system. Wait until the process finishes. Take note that you will pass through the setup and on-screen instructions to open your device.

Fix the Issue Using iOS System Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It has two modes to fix the iPad that keeps closing apps error, and these modes are the Standard and Advanced modes.

Suppose the above solutions fail to resolve your issue. In that case, you need to rely on a third-party solution to amend the errors. The computer application that we highly recommend is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is one of the most powerful computer software that can fix iPhone issues, including iPad apps that keep crashing. Also, this solution helps users to bring back their iPad device to its normal state effortlessly. It consists of two modes to fix the issues on your iPad device. The modes that it has on its functionalities are Advanced and Standard modes. Standard mode enables users to fix common iOS system errors without losing any data or information. On the other flip, Advanced mode can amend iOS system errors, yet it will wipe out all the iPad data stored on your device. This Advanced mode is favorable for errors caused by malware attacks and intrusion. Below is the detailed guide on fixing the iPad's crashing issue.

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Key Features

  • It is equipped with advanced acceleration technology to fix the issue quickly.
  • It can fix iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices.
  • It only requires 1GB of RAM to function well. It means even with a low-end PC; it will function smoothly.

Step 1 Install the Repair and Recovery Tool

The first guide to fix iPad crashing issues is by downloading the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. Get its installer by clicking the download option presented above in this step. Then, run the file to analyze the installer and pass it through the installation wizards. Open the tool once it is installed. You can also circumnavigate its functionalities to acquaint yourself with its process first.

ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect Your iOS Device

Using your lightning cable, link your iPad to your PC, creating a connection on your iPhone to the software. On the tool's main interface, hit the start option to instigate the process. From there, you will see the two modes which you can choose from.

ios sytem recovery connect

Step 3 Fix iPad Crashing Issue

Afterward, choose or select your desired mode to fix your iPad software system. In this scenario, we will be using standard mode since it is not needed to clear out all the data on your iPad. Hit the confirm option to push through on the new window. Here you can download the firmware and fix the crashing issue.

fix the issue using ios system recovery

Step 4 Finalized the Process

Lastly, select the firmware that can fix the issue of your iPad. Tick the next button to finalize the recovery process. There will be an indicator that will provide the progress of the process. Once the process is finalized, click the OK button. You can check your iPad apps or their process to see if the error still persists.

finalized the process using ios system recovery

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