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Reasons and Solutions To Fix iPad Can't Slide to Unlock

ipad cannot slide to unlockAre you wondering if there is a device that has the process of a mobile phone but can also work as a computer? Well, an iPad is what you are looking for. This device is a well-known mobile gadget due to its faster operating system and broader screen size compared to smartphones. It is famous for binge-watching, playing games, and even doing graphic designs. It is evident that this type of tablet is now a trend and necessary for entertainment and educational needs. Although it provides functions like a computer and smartphone, its system is still vulnerable to different issues. It is a common fallacy that iPad or tablets can last longer without handling them with care. One of its common errors many users constantly complain about is its screen not working correctly. When the iPad is on lock status, the function like slide to unlock not working on iPad. Even though there are a bunch of answers on different forums that can fix this error, some of them are inaccurate resolutions. Thus, follow the guide below to give you a legit option to resolve the slide to unlock your iPad.

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Reasons Why iPad Can't Slide to Unlock

Indeed, unresponsive iPad lock screens are not a standard process you can experience on your iPad device. Knowing the causes of this error can lead you to a straightforward solution to fix it. Therefore, we have collected different reasons and scenarios that might affect the iPad cannot slide to unlock.

  • If your screen has a water droplet or your finger is a bit sweaty, your iPad screen might seem unresponsive.
  • Hardware problems, including a broken screen.
  • Outdated iOS Systems can result in glitches and bugs.
  • Malware intrusion and virus attack

why ipad cant swipe to unlock

Wipe and Clean Your Screen

Suppose your iPad has some dirt or water on it and the iPad touchscreen is not responding; you need to clean your device. In that case, use a dehydrated cloth and wipe it all over your screen to remove the sweaty fingerprints or dust lingering on your iPad screen. According to Apple support, soft and lint-free cloths are recommended cleaning materials to wipe out the dirt on your iPad screen. Do not use abrasive cloths, tissue papers, and towels as they can damage your iPad screen. It is also suggested to avoid excessive wiping to prevent screen damage to your device. In addition to that, do not use liquid products to clean or disinfect your screen. These products can get into the opening of your device or to nonporous surfaces, which may damage the internal hardware of your device.

clean ipad

Force Restart Your iPad Device

If you have cleaned your iPad screen and you try to unlock it but it is still unresponsive, dust and dirt are no longer responsible for it. Software issues are one of the reasons why this error keeps happening on your device. In case you didn't know, a soft reset or force restart is a simple solution that removes minor glitches and errors you have on your device. This process terminates the power supply of your device, which leads to the closure of all running processes on your iPad system. In layman's terms, it will force the restart of your system to eradicate minor software issues. Yet, this solution is not 100% guaranteed to fix the error. As it can only remove minor software problems like iPhone apps keep crashing and more. Nevertheless, if you desire to try this solution to resolve the iPad can't slide to unlock, follow the guide below.

  • The initial thing to do is locate your iPad device's buttons. Then, press and hold the Home button and the top button simultaneously. Please wait a few seconds for the Apple logo on your device's screen.
  • The device has been successfully restarted when the logo appears on your screen. Now, you can try to open and slide your iPad screen to unlock your device.

force restart ipad

Unlock iPad Using iCloud

The following solution we can offer you to unlock your device without touching it is with the help of iCloud services. Yes, you heard it right; iCloud can unlock your device if and only if the reason for your device not to unlock is due to virus intrusion. We all know virus infestation will linger on your system device and terminate all the processes if it escalates and is not removed immediately. If that is the case that your iPad does not unlock due to an unremoved virus or malware on your device, you need to empty them immediately. How can you do it since your iPad won't let you access your Settings app? iCloud comes in handy. You see, iCloud services have a website or online service that allows users to access all the data and files they have on their iPad. With this function, you can factory reset your device and wipe out all the malicious software and files you have on your device. However, a great function comes with more significant concerns. This process will delete all your iPad files regardless if they are not malicious files or viruses. It will permanently delete your iPad data if you haven't backup your iPhone files. Nonetheless, read the guide below if you want to remove this error as soon as possible.

  • The first step is to open a web browser and go to to sign in your Apple ID associated with your iPad files. On its landing page, you can see a list of applications and files you have for your device.
  • Next, select your device or iPad from the list of devices associated with that iCloud account. Select the Erase iPad option and follow the prompts to remove all the data from your device. Once the factory resetting is done, you can set up your iPad again and try to unlock it.

Seek For Apple Support

Let's say software issues are not the reason why your iPad screen does not allow you to unlock your device; hardware problems are indeed the culprit. We already discussed how dirt and wet fingers could disable you from unlocking your iPad, so let's dive into the bigger picture. Hardware problems, including broken screens, are a pretty apparent reason your iPad screen seems unresponsive. If you have checked your device and there are slight cracked or discolored pixels on your screen. You need to seek professional help. Luckily Apple service provides different Apple repair centers all over the globe to resolve system, hardware, and accessories-related issues for your device. You can access its official website through on your web browser. This website can also provide an estimated time and date when your device is ready to pick up from the repair center.

Use A Third-Party application To Fix It

Distinctive Feature: This tool can provide two modes for its users to repair iOS system-related issues.
Advantages From Troubleshooting: It can automatically backup your files during the repair process to prevent data from getting lost.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a powerful iOS utility tool that enables users to resolve iPad systems. It can resolve the 50+ common iPad issues, including iPad stuck in recovery, DFU mode, battery won't charge, and others. Its process includes two modes: the Standard mode and the Advanced mode. The standard mode can fix minor and significant issues without deleting your iPad files. In contrast, the Advanced mode can remove system issues, including unresponsive iPad screens. Yet, it can delete all the files you have on your iPad. This process is much more efficient than factory resetting because of its automatic backup process, even without relying on iCloud or other backup storage. You can read this article to have further knowledge. Additionally, it has a downloadable firmware that lets users download it on their iPad system and resolve software-related issues. To know the process of fixing an iPad cannot slide to unlock, check the guidelines below.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fix the iPad screen you cannot unlock is downloading the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. That said, tap the download icon presented above to get its installer. Run the file to prompt its wizard on your PC and follow the guide to install it.

ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Link the App on Your Device

Next, launch the tool to open its interface. Using your lightning wire, connect the application to your iPad device. Then, hit the fix option to push through to the next page.

link ipad to the application

Step 3 Select the Recovery Mode

Then, you will be landed on the selection of recovery mode. Choose the function you wish to use to recover your iPad device. Tap the indicator on the left side of the mode and hit the Confirm button.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Fix iPad Cannot Slide To Unlock

Lastly, download the firmware that can fix your system issue. Wait until the download process is complete. Then hit the Next option to install the firmware and fix your iOS system fully.

download firmware on ios system recovery

FAQs About iPad Unlock

1. Why is my iPad stuck in lock screen mode?
The most common reason that iPad users have touchscreen issues is software problems. Glitches, bugs, and even major virus infestation can compromise your iPad's function and basic system, leading to some errors. You can use basic troubleshooting to remove these issues, including restart or factory reset, but the optimal solution we recommend is to use iOS utilities to eradicate the problems further .
2. Can I remove the lock passcodes on the iPad?
Yes, iPad devices provide users the free will to remove and attach passcodes to their devices. Suppose you are constantly experiencing the iPad screen being hard to touch when unlocking your device. In that case, you can remove your device's passcode to automatically land on your homepage once you open up your device’s screen or when you press the home button.
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