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How to Fix iMessage Not Delivering Messages

feature iMessage not deliveredI know it’s a disappointment to see a notification that says iMessage not delivered. If you are using an iPhone/IOS, then I'm sure that you have faced this issue. iMessage is an exciting feature of the IOS, but everything comes with glitches. However, sometimes you can meet a problem like iMessage not being delivered on an iPhone. In this situation, people who are unaware of the technicalities find it difficult. As a result, people conclude that message has gone in vain. But you can fix this problem by following a good guide. So, let's discuss what it is and how to handle it if iMessage says not delivered.

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iMessage Not Delivered: What Does It Mean?

Is your iMessage not saying delivered? But at first, it is vital to understand what is meant by an iMessage. If you send an iMessage and in exchange, you get the red words that say "iMessage not delivered." However, these red words come with an exclamation mark that means your message didn’t go through. So, there is always a notification behind this message, which means you can solve the issue.

Difference Between DELIVERED & READ:

So, if you think that terms like DELIVERED & READ are the same, you are wrong. Delivery means when the other person has received the message. But the READ implies that another person has tapped on it and read the statement. So, you need to understand that if a message is delivered, it doesn't mean another person has read it. It will be exciting to know that there is an option where you can turn ON or OFF the read receipt. Yes, here are the steps on IOS that you will follow to change the read receipt:

"Go to the settings > Messages > Send read receipt."

iMessage not delivered send receipt

Still, if the iMessage not saying delivered, then don't panic because there is always a reason behind this. Sometimes, the recipient receives the message on one device and not on the other. Moreover, there are other issues as well. But by taking it the right way, you can instantly solve the problem. So, let’s discuss all possibilities and solutions here.

iMessage Not Delivered: Best Tips To Fix The Issue

There are lots of reasons why your iMessage is not being delivered on the iPhone. So, before moving on towards specific solutions, start working with these troubleshooting tips.

1. Check Your WIFI/data Is Working Properly

If iMessage is not delivered, then the problem could be related to WIFI or mobile data. I hope you already know that iMessage works with an internet connection. So, if the connection isn't stable, you can't send a message. It is recommended to run a quick search to check whether the internet connection is working or not. There are the following tips that you can adopt to fix the internet connection.

  • Try switching on and off AIRPLANE MODE.
  • You can switch WIFI connection by tapping on "You can switch WIFI connections by tapping on Settings > WIFI > Auto Join."
  • Still, if the WIFI isn't working, you can switch on the mobile data or vice versa.

iMessage not delivered wifi connection

2. Ensure iMessage Is Working Properly

Sometimes, you can see the notification "iMessage not delivered" because the system is down and not working correctly. But this happens once in a while; still, you can check the status by going on the official Apple page. Here you will get information about maintenance, downtime, and the website's update frequency. Apart from this, the outage could be local nature, and you may find info on local Twitter. So, if the iMessage is down, then you have to wait until the problem is fixed. Meanwhile, you can use the regular texting app.

iMessage not delivered apple official page

3. Restart Your iPhone/iMessage

The other solution that works most of the time is restarting the phone. But before continuing the phone, you can disable and enable the iMessage to clear out the system's flaws. Here are the steps to restart features:

Restart iPhone

Keep holding the side button for a few seconds > Release the button when the power off slide appears > slide the bar to turn off the phone > now keep pressing the side button until the Apple logo appears.

iMessage not delivered restart device

Disable/enable iMessage

Tap settings > Go to messages > top switch to turn off the iMessage > Now restart iPhone to clear cache > Now go back to the settings and turn on the iMessage.

iMessage not delivered enable imessage

After following these steps, there is the possibility that the glitch will get solved and you will not receive notification of iMessage not delivered. You can create a sample message to check if things got fixed and everything is working correctly.

4. Sign Out And Sign-in Into iMessage

There is the possibility that the existing system of the iMessage is having a problem. So, for this, you will again sign in to iMessage to utilize the service. Here are the steps to sign-out and sign in:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Tap on message.
  • Go to the send and receive messages and select the Apple ID you use on your device.
  • Now go down and tap on the sign-out.

iMessage not delivered signout imessage

After successfully signing out, tap on the option to use your Apple ID to sign in again. After successfully signing in, your iMessage will be delivered. It is the best way to check that you are correctly logged in to the Apple ID. In case, you encounter Apple ID verification failed while signing in you can click the link to see the ways to fix it.

5. Update Your IOS Software

The other vital thing is to check whether the software is updated or not. Sometimes, the older version of the IOS doesn't let apps work correctly. While updating the software, you don't need to backup photos and videos. But few apps may ask you to re-login in the system. So, here are the proper steps to follow to update the software: "Settings > General > and now tap on the software update."

iMessage not delivered update os

6. iMessage Not Delivered: Free Some Space

If you are receiving notification that iMessage has not been delivered, then the problem could be related to memory. Yes, if you have lots of photos and videos occupying space, it will slow down the device. So, try to delete some videos and pictures to get some free space. However, you can adopt the following tips to free space:

There is a feature of "KEEP MESSAGES" where you can decide the time limit to keep the message. For instance, you can choose to keep messages for one year or 30 days. But before selecting any option, ensure it goes best with your needs.

iMessage not delivered keep messages

Apart from this, you can select the feature to send low-quality pictures and videos that take less space. For this, you will go to Settings > Messages > Tap on low-quality image mode.

iMessage not delivered low quality image

Few Quick Tips If iMessage Not Delivered

Still, if you are getting notifications where iMessage not delivered on iPhone, here are quick tips that can help you get over the error.

  • Check whether you selected the correct time zone.
  • Force stop the iMessage.
  • The issue could be related to group messages; in this situation, you can follow this guide.
  • Reset network settings by re-entering your password.
  • You can factory reset your device. But don't forget to back up the necessary documents, photos, and videos.
  • Check by changing your sim card.


Still, if your iMessage not showing delivered, then the problem is with the recipient's phone. I hope all of these ways will help you to fix the problem of iMessage not saying delivered. You can apply these techniques on all IOS devices, whether iPhone, Mac, or iPad. But if you are aiming to reset your phone, then back up all the critical data.

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Last updated on September 16, 2021

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