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Updated Walkthrough on How iPhone Restore from Backup Stuck

feature icloud restore stuckIn a world where uncertainty is expected, we always make continual plans to apprehend unpredictable scenarios. We do not want any piece of our information eradicated and never been found. Regarding our data, phones are the most feasible tool to store our information. We save photos, create videos, store contacts, and even cache our accounts with these compact devices. In this era, the iPhone dominates the global market of smartphones and gadgets. This flagship technology makes our life more accessible and provides storage capabilities for our data. One of the features of the iPhone is its ability to quickly backup and restore files using iCloud. This service serves as a cloud-based storage and cloud computing platform for most Apple devices. Yet, with a superior ability comes distinguishing fallacy. This service always comes in error, such as iPhone iCloud backup stuck. Nevertheless, the solutions exemplified below are the best option that we have.

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See iCloud System Status

Suppose you are trying to backup or restore your files, but it seems that the process is always stuck on a certain percent; there must be something wrong. If you are experiencing issues such as apps not downloading, iCloud is not functioning, or Apple Map problems, you should check this website The iPhone restore from iCloud stuck error may be due to Apple’s system errors. If iCloud is not working, the outage is usually indicated on this webpage. This site is an official “System Status” support. All you have to do is wait for the system to be fully fixed. Nonetheless, when the outage is eradicated, Apple will post an announcement on this page.

check system status to see if icloud has error

Disable Wi-Fi Assistant

We all know that the iCloud service can function through an internet connection. When backing up your files, a stable Wi-Fi connection is a must for you not to have interruption or errors, including restore from iCloud stuck on estimating. One of the most common misdoing while backing up files on iCloud is enabling the Wi-Fi Assistant. This feature is favorable if you are playing mobile games and streaming videos but not trying to save files on iCloud. Disabling this function will allow your device not to keep switching back and forth between cellular data and Wi-Fi. To turn it off, follow simple steps below.

  • To begin, access the Settings app on your iPhone and go to the Cellular function. You can see different functions regarding mobile connections and even different services that use a mobile connection.
  • Then, locate the Wi-Fi assistant button. If the function is on a green light, it is to enable set-up; toggle the button to disable it. Then, go back to your iCloud backup process if it progresses.

disable wifi assistant to fix icloud stuck

Utilize Another Wi-Fi Network

As stated above, a stable WI-Fi connection is needed to fulfill and finish the backup process on iCloud. Suppose you are experiencing an interruption or iCloud restore stuck error. In that case, the network you are connected to can be unstable. There are different options that you can use to resolve this issue. You can check your router to see if the cables are correctly connected. You can also call your provider to see a network outage in your area. But, if the issues above were resolved and still experiencing an error while backing up iCloud files. Try to connect on different Wi-Fi connections or use another means of internet fidelity. It is simple, go to the Settings app and access the Wi-Fi function. From there, select and connect to another Wi-Fi network to finish the backup process. Please note that this method is for those users who have more than one internet connection.

change wifi network to backup icloud

Update Your iOS Version

For those iPhone users who always tend to forget to perform system updates and upgrades on their devices, this walkthrough is for you. We all know that performing on different applications and processes with an outdated iOS device is troublesome. The process can be buggy and glitchy; these errors like iCloud backup stuck on estimating time remaining are most likely to happen. To solve this error, follow the steps provided below.

  • To begin the process, open the Setting app on your iPhone and make way to the General function.
  • From there, tap the Software Update. If there's an update available, click the Download and Install function. Once the upgrade is finished, you can restore and backup your device again with iCloud.

update ios version to fix icloud stuck

Remove iCloud Stuck Error

For the final methods and scenario, suppose you are not backing up your data, yet you receive an error like iPhone restore from backup stuck; this process is for you. This error can be sometimes troublesome if you are trying to re-back and restore from iCloud backup; since it is on stuck mode, you will not be able to push through. Therefore, look beneath how to remove the stuck error on your iCloud backup.

  • Open the Settings app on your device and make way for the iCloud function to instigate the process.
  • Once you have finished that, you can open the iCloud settings and look over the Backup option. Tap the Stop Restoring iPhone function to remove the error.
  • Lastly, there will be a pop-up that will appear on your screen. Tap the Stop option to confirm the termination of the process.

stop restoring iphone backup

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