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A Walkthrough On How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone

feature hide my number on iphone When you call someone through your iPhone, the caller ID shows up your phone number. Sometimes, you call a company to inquire about some product, and you don’t want your number to be known, or you’re calling a friend and want to surprise them or want your number to be private. There are several ways to know how to hide caller ID on iPhone. This article will be guided by a few efficient methods that we will list in the next parts. We hope these tips accommodate you if you want to know how to call private on iPhone and don’t want to reveal your caller ID.

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How Can I Hide My Number on iPhone?

How am I going to hide my number on my iPhone? Here we have provided three ways to hide your contact number from the person you’re calling. You won’t require any high-tech knowledge or software to be able to hide your caller ID and will surely be able to know how to call anonymously iPhone:

1. Temporarily Hide Your Number on Specific Calls

How to block my number on iPhone to call a specific number? Especially when you call companies and don’t want them to contact you back. This can simply be done by specific codes provided by telecom providers of every country. For instance, if you live in the UK, you can add a code 141 followed by the number you want to call, and thus the receiver will see a No caller ID or Private Number. However, it is different for every region in the USA; you will have to add #31# before you dial the number you want to call.

temporarily hide your number on specific calls

2. Permanently Hide Your Number via Settings on iPhone

How to block caller ID on iPhone permanently? Now, this can quickly be done by changing the settings in your iPhone. Go to Setting’s menu, click the ‘Phone’ Button, and hit the ‘Show My Caller ID’ option. Switch off the toggle for Show my caller ID, and now, if you call any number, your caller ID won’t be visible to the receiver.

permanently hide your number via settings on iphone

3. Request the Service from Contract Provider

Do you still wonder how to withhold number on iPhone? Then you can also achieve this by simply requesting the service providers as an added feature to the contract. This will ensure your caller ID is blocked. As this could be a paid service, be sure that it’s a reliable option because we have seen and heard many complaints that people receive text messages after calling the companies. This happens because the number still got through. So, you have to be sure before opting for this service.

request the service from contract provider

Bonus Tip: How to Know If Someone Is Blocking Your Number

We know how frustrating it might get if you are trying to contact a person and your call cannot get through. It could be because the other person has blocked your number. Whenever someone blocks a number, they no longer can receive texts or calls from that number. There is another way to know if someone has blocked you by doing a call from a private number. How to withhold your number on iPhone? Well, that we have discussed in detail above in the article. You can block your caller ID and then try to contact the person, and you will know if they have blocked you if they pick up the call. Want to discover if someone has blocked you? Then here are some signs you can notice.

Here's a bonus tip on how to block your number when calling on iPhone in the end to confirm your suspicion:

  • Suppose your text is going through normally. There is complete silence for a long time, even if you are trying to reach out through text or call. There is a possibility you have been blocked.
  • If an unusual pattern of ringtone that includes a single ring persists even after trying several times and you’re directly sent to voicemail. It might indicate that you have been blocked.
  • After trying several days, getting an automated response such as “the customer is unavailable at the moment” trying several days may indicate that service providers have blocked you.
  • If someone has blocked your text messages, you can also check that on iPhone.

User Guide:

  1. Firstly, open iMessage and send a text.
  2. Your message should get a delivered label.
  3. If your previous texts have the label and newer ones don’t have it, it could indicate that you have been blocked.

know if someone blocks your number

In Conclusion

We hope by the end of this article you were able to get your query sorted and how to turn off caller id on iPhone. You can either do this by temporarily hiding your number by adding a code prior to numbers or permanently by changing the Caller ID settings in your iPhone. In addition, you can ask your service provider to block off your caller ID.

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Last updated on February 28, 2022

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