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Resolve iPhone GIFs Not Working With Five Simple Ways

gifs not working on iphoneModern technology provides an exciting invention that we constantly take advantage of. One of these technologies is the ability to send media files or even stickers to playfully enhance the way you send or receive messages. GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is one of the most popular media files we constantly use to send to our contacts. It is a bitmap image format that conveys moving images or short video clips. It is in widespread usage due to its broad support and portability between different operating systems and applications. Yet, with this portability, errors are still observed with this type of media file. Many reports on Apple Support Community that some GIFs not loading on iPhone. Although they are still able to send or receive other files, GIFs are still vital as they spice up and enhance the ambiance of our conversations. Besides, who on earth would want to have an error lurking on their device? Therefore, we have listed the five solutions we collected to fix this error; follow them below.

iOS System Recovery
AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.

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Reasons Why iPhone GIFs Not Working

In a few cases, most iPhone users might encounter issues on their devices throughout their existence. Apple makes GIFs extremely shareable on iMessage. One issue you might encounter is that iPhone GIFs not working. Yet, do you know what causes your GIFs to malfunction? We know this error is caused by a system glitch or software problems. To learn the most common causes of why your GIFs are not working correctly, read them below.

  • Your device has a poor network internet connection.
  • Bugs and glitches that lurk on your iMessage app.
  • The reduction motion is enabled.
  • You have inaccurate regions and language.
  • Your #images are disabled.

Fix iPhone GIFs Not Loading on Your PC

Distinctive Feature: It is a computer program that provides a quick fix option that can easily remove iOS-related issues.
What is it best for?: It is a tool that can both fix iOS issues and update iOS software at the time.
Price: It is a freemium service that provides a recovery process for free. Yet, to obtain more advanced features like automatic backup, you need to avail yourself of its premium plan, which costs $31.95.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a relevant tool that provides an easy fix on your iPhone system. It is an iOS system recovery tool that can fix over 50 iOS-related issues on your iPhone or iOS devices. It is also touted as one of the best repair software available. It has two dedicated options that help users fix GIFs errors and other issues on their devices. Its recovery mode consists of two, which are the Advanced mode and the Standard mode. If you want to know how it can fix the GIF error on your device, we will tell you right now. This tool has a list of downloadable firmware on its system that matches the device’s problem and issue. You can quickly get the correct firmware by choosing the error listed on its interface. This sorting feature consists of four primary iOS-related functions, including Device issue, screen issue, iOS mode issue, and iTunes issue. To know how to perform the process of getting rid of GIFs not loading on iPhone, follow the guide beneath.

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Step 1 Download AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The first action you need to perform to fix GIPHY not working on iPhone is to download AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. Tap the icon presented above to get its file installer. After that, open your download folder and access the file for you to run on your computer’s system.

install acethinker ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect Your Device

The following guide is to launch the application after you install it on your PC. Select the category on which GIF not working is associated. For this one, we will use Device issues and hit the Start button. Simultaneously, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer using your lightning wire.

connect iphone

Step 3 Choose Recovery Mode

Afterward, you need to select the mode of recovery for your device. You can select between the Standard and Advanced modes. For the sake of this step, we recommend the Standard mode to prevent data loss.

choose recovery mode

Step 4 Get and Download Firmware

Then, a new window will appear on your computer screen. This new page will give you a list of downloadable firmware that can fix and update your device’s system. Select the latest one and hit the download icon.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Result

Finally, tap on the Next button once the application has downloaded the firmware. A final page will prompt on your screen that provides the progress of the recovery process. Once it reaches 100 percent, the firmware is already installed on your device.

finalize process

Check Your Network Connection

When your iPhone GIFs not working, do not panic right away; you need to assess if it is your device or just your network connection. It is a common reason why GIFs on your iPhone must be fixed. A good internet connection is a must to view GIFs, as it contains thousands of animated files. What you can do to assess that is to get another device and connect it to your WiFi connection. If it is not working on another device, then the problem is the connection itself. You can troubleshoot your WiFi by restarting your router or modem. If it still does not operate, you can check this article to fix your WiFi network on your iPhone. Yet, suppose you have changed your network on your mobile data, and the error keeps coming back. You can refresh your network by going into airplane mode to reset your device's signal and connectivity features.

check wifi network to fix gifs not working on iphone

Asses Your Device’s Region and Language

Suppose you have set your device’s language and region in another country; make sure that the region or language you have set up supports GIFs. If not, it will cause the GIFs on your messaging application to malfunction and stop working correctly. If the selected region and language do not support GIFs, you can easily change it on your iPhone. What you can accomplish to fix it is to unlock your iPhone device and go to your home screen layout. From the list of applications, please hit on the Settings icon to access its menus. Scroll down a bit to access the General settings. Tap on it to access its list of features under which Language and Region are. Touch the menu of Language and Region to change the settings. You can select the English language and region as the United States. Lastly, go back to your messaging application and see if the GIFs are now working correctly.

 change your device region and language to fix gifs not working on iphone

Disable Reduction Motion

Another reason you have GIFs not loading on iPhone is the reduction motion feature. This feature is favorable for users who are sensitive to too many motion effects on their device or screen. It limits your iPhone's screen movement, allowing users to customize their preferred movements on other screen elements. These elements include the parallax effect of wallpaper, screen transitions, Siri animation, type autocompletion, and animated effects in messages. Therefore, if you have errors in the GIFs of your iMessage, you must check the reduction motion feature on your device. To customize or disable it, you can go to your settings, scroll down to the Accessibility option, and tap on it. From the list of the Accessibility menus, touch the Motion icon. You will be directed to its landing page, where you can check the Reduce Motion option. Disable the function by tapping or toggling its button.

disable the reduce motion

Enable #images on Your iMessage

Disabled #images are another common reason GIFs on your iPhone malfunction. On iPhone devices, #images is a feature on their message apps that provides users with hundreds of trending GIFs. You can use #images in the messaging app, and you will be able to find GIFs and animated media files that can be attached to your messages. However, this tool is turned off by default. So, if you need help getting GIFs that can be attached to your messages, make sure to follow the correct rules to add them to your messages. You can go to your messaging app and tap on any conversation. Then, tap on the more option at the bottom of your screen. Then, a popup menu will appear. Select the #image, and a list of GIFs will be presented on your screen select one to send on your message thread.

enable #image

FAQs About GIFs on Messages

1. Can you unsend GIFS on message threads?
The answer to this depends on what application you are using when messaging your contact list. Some apps allow users to unsend GIFs or even chat messages on their system. One of the most common applications includes Ding talk, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more. However, messages or GIFs sent on your iPhone messaging application can not be revoked, as SMS messages can not be unsent or edited.
2. How to save GIFs on your iPhone device?
The iPhone device provides a better feature where users can save the GIFs they received on the Photos app. It is a favorable function where you want to use specific GIFs but need to know what is the corresponding keyword to check it online. Follow the guide below on how to save the GIFs on your Photos app.

  • The first guide is to open your iPhone device and go to the Messaging app. From the list of your message threads, select the conversation that has the specific GIFs. Scroll on the conversation until you reach the correct GIFs.
  • Then, tap and long-press the GIFs file, where there will be a popup menu to save it. Select the Save option to store the GIFs on your device. You can go to your Photos app to preview and check the saved GIFs.
3. Can iPhone users send GIFs to Android users?
No, the #images feature only works for iPhone devices. The GIF file will be corrupted if the sender attaches GIFs to its message and sends it to an Android device. The receiver will not be able to see the sent GIFs file even if they try to open the attachment.
AceThinker iOS System Recovery

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gifs not working on iphone
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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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