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Things To Do For iPhone Water Damage Repair

feature fix water damaged iphone Did you accidentally drop your iPhone in the water? Well, we suggest you don’t panic. In this scenario, if you instead hurry and act smartly, you could save your device from permanent damage. Although most iOS devices claim to be water-resistant but not completely waterproof, water tends to lodge in places that could damage your device. The query that we need to answer is how could you fix a water damaged iPhone? This article has enlisted methods that will surely be useful for the iPhone in water fix situations.

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Things to Do If Your iPhone Gets Wet

If you are experiencing iPhone screen flickering water damage, then you take your phone immediately out of the water surroundings and can act upon the following:

  • Don’t try to make it work by plugging in the charger. If you did already, carefully remove the cable.
  • To prevent any short circuit, do not turn on your iPhone.
  • Remove casing from your wet iPhone.
  • Open the sim slot and take out your sim card.
  • Turn your wet iPhone upside down and give a gentle pat so excess water comes out.
  • You can dry out your iPhone with a dry towel.

7 Best Ways to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Although, there is no guarantee that these methods will work in your case because it depends on the amount of damage your device has suffered. However, we will explain some of the best ways to increase your iPhone's chances of starting working again.

1. Take the SIM Card Out

After making sure that your iPhone is powered off, remove the sim card to prevent the damage and let water escape from the tray. Take a sim card removal tool or a paper clip and insert it into the tray hole, and pop the sim out. Leave it open for some time for the iPhone to dry.

take the sim card out

2. Wipe the Exterior of Your Phone

Next, you will put your iPhone stationary and then take a water-absorbent cloth or tissue paper to wipe the exterior of your iPhone. Get the case off your iPhone to absorb maximum water. Try to gently wipe the charging port, volume, power keys, and speaker.

wipe the exterior of your phone

3. Place Your iPhone in a Warm & Dry Place

After you have successfully wiped the exterior of your iPhone, the next step would be to prevent it from any interior water damage. The best-recommended way is to put your iPhone in a warm, dry place and let it air for some time. Don’t simply place it in the direct sunlight; instead, place it on a warm TV or monitor. It can become more effective if you can remove the battery of your iPhone.

place your iphone in a warm and dry place

4. Try Drying it with Silica Gel Packets

To be on the safe side and completely dry out the interior of your iPhone, here is an effective way for iPhone water damage repair. Try using silica gel packets above and below your iPhone. They come with products shipped from humid countries. So, these will quickly draw out and absorb any excess from the iPhone when kept for about 48 hours.

drying iphone with silica gel packets

5. Place iPhone in Uncooked Rice

Placing your water-damaged iPhone in the uncooked rice is a method that might be known to you to fix water damage screen repair. Make sure to place the iPhone in enough rice to cover its surface. You can place it for a day or so, and it will absorb the moisture from your iPhone. G on the device model, and you can use a flashlight to check it.

place iphone in uncooked rice

6. Try Using Hairdryer (With Cool Wind Setting)

If even after giving your iPhone some time to dry out, it's still not working, you can try to dry down its interior with the relaxed wind setting of your hairdryer. Have your phone at a distance and if the iPhone heats up, just turn the dryer off.

hairdryer iphone with cool wind setting

7. Wait for at least 48 Hours & Check Water Damage Indicator

A water damage indicator is a small piece of plastic that changes its color from silver/white to red as soon as it comes in contact with excess water. It may be planted differently depending on the device model, and you can use a flashlight to check it.

wait 48 hours and check water damage indicator

Work Around Water Damage: Repair iOS System Issues

After salvaging a wet iPhone, if you have found any iOS system issues, you should use specialized software to fix water-damaged iPhones. We recommend AceThinker iOS System Recovery software, a perfect solution to solve all of your iOS-related problems with ease. Whether your iPhone has become stuck or your screen is frozen. Either your battery isn’t charging, or your iPhone won’t turn on, even if your iPhone faces water damage. All of this and much more can be fixed with this Recovery Software. With two recovery modes, it will fix all of your problems in a few minutes and won’t tamper with your present data.

Key Features:

  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Fixes more than 50 iOS related issues.
  • Possess two efficient Repairing modes: Standard and Advanced Mode.
  • Keeps your data intact even after recovery.
  • Able to fix multiple errors in any iOS device, including water damage.

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How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone AceThinker?

Step 1 Connect iPhone and Launch iOS System Recovery

Connect your iPhone to your PC via cable wire. Launch AceThinker iOS system Recovery software and click on the iOS system recovery tab on the main interface.

Step 2 Confirm the Device Information

Next, click on the start button. Now, you will confirm the information about your device. Click on a free quick fix to solve iOS in a few seconds.

Step 3 Proceed to the Advanced Recovery Modes

If your problem has not been fixed, find and click on the Fix button, taking you to two recovery modes. Carefully select one of the modes and click the Confirm button.

Step 4 Fix Water Damaged iPhone by Downloading Firmware

Download the firmware package and then click on the Next button. Lastly, click on the Repair button, and the recovery program will begin. When the process is through, your device will begin working.


Water damage to the iPhone is frustrating but a resolvable issue. This article guided you with methods that can fix water-damaged iPhones when done quickly and carefully. When none of them work, you can try AceThinker iOS system Recovery software, an ultimate solution to any of your iOS-related issues.

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