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Learn the Five Ways to Restore Bricked iPhone Quickly

feature fix a bricked iphoneAs the iPhone ages, its iconic look has matured since 2007. This device has come a long way since its appearance. It became a well-known flagship smartphone that curates better camera quality, a smooth process, and chic designs. These are the main reasons this smartphone brand is famous among all ages. However, when you visit the official forum of the Apple Support Community, many users report or comment that their iPhone is in brick status. Some of us have been in that situation when you plug your iPhone into your computer to update the iOS version, and it gets stuck halfway through the process. It does not even power on when you try to restart the iPhone. This error is the brick error where your device's software is in non-working conditions. In a common term, you cannot use or even open the device. Luckily, we have straightforward solutions on how to fix or unbrick iPhone. Without further ado, let's indulge in the process of resolving it.

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Reasons Why iPhone is in Brick Status

Before we tackle and discuss the solution on how to unbrick your iPhone, we need to know the reasons or root cause of this error. If your device is not responding, your iPhone can be categorized as bricked. It is also on bricked status when your device cannot respond to reboots and inputs. There are various reasons why your smartphone can get brick status. We have listed the most common and possible reasons for this problem.

  • The most common cause of iPhone bricked status is if your device installed an unstable version of iOS. If the update is disrupted, the bootloader of your device leads to damage to its firmware.
  • If your device is running low in space or storage, it is probably vulnerable to malware attacks. Having malicious data on your iPhone may cause your iPhone to become unresponsive.

Furthermore, you can identify if your iPhone is on brick status or non-responsive. You can see the listed signs and check if your iPhone has one of these issues.

  • Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Stuck in recovery mode
  • Stuck on spinning wheel
  • Won’t turn on
  • Stuck on a black screen

reasons why iphone is on brick status

If your iPhone has this error, keep reading below how to resolve and quickly fix it.

Charge Your iPhone

The initial observation you need to look at to fix a bricked iPhone is by charging it. Sometimes, your device is unresponsive after a long update because it has already exhausted its power supply. That is the main reason why some technicians and mobile developers advised us that if we are going to update our iPhone, it needs to be connected to the power source or fully charged. Not only will it allow your device to stay powered on until its updates finish, but also it will not disrupt any package or updates that need to be installed on your device. With that said, you can use your lightning cable or charger to connect with a power source and charge your iPhone device. Wait until your device acquires enough charge to turn itself on. Remember that the recommended waiting time for an iPhone to have enough charge is about 20 minutes. After the said time, you can check and try to turn on your device.

charge your iphone

Hard Reset the Device

If the charging of your iPhone did not make any improvement on the status of your device, you could force and hard reset your device. Your iPhone needs a simple reset to reset its processes and software operations most of the time. That is why it is recommended to reset your iPhone from time to time. Resetting your device is not something to do on a whim. Yet, it can be helpful and necessary in the right situation and circumstances. Simple resetting refreshes the software of your device and can also remove other major software problems. These errors include the iPhone black screen spinning wheel, apps keep crashing, and even your device is on brick status. Therefore, you should know the basic steps to reset your device. You can follow the simple guide beneath to fix and restore bricked iPhone.

  • The first step to fixing the iPhone brick issue and hard resetting your device is by ticking locating the side buttons of your iPhone. You can hold the Volume up button, which is located on the left side of the device, then let go. Next, press the Volume down button and let go. Take note that you should press the Volume up and down buttons quickly yet not simultaneously.
  • Afterward, press and clasp the power button until the logo of Apple appears on your screen. With this process, your phone should restart and alleviate the issue.

restart your device to fix brick iphone

Enter DFU Mode

If the hard reset did not work on your end, try DFU mode on your device. DFU mode or known as Device Firmware Update mode, is the state of an iPhone device that can be put back into its working status. It is similar to the BIOS on Windows operating system and Recovery Mode on Mac. If your device is in DFU mode, your iPhone is more accessible to iTunes and Finder at a more prioritized level. This privilege or prioritization can help you to fix your device from bricked status. To put an end to and fix a bricked iPhone on your device, follow the guide beneath. Remember, this process is only applicable for those users who have their iPhone stuck in recovery mode and it is not responsive.

  • If your iPhone is stuck in iTunes recovery mode, it is also considered a brick. It cannot respond to all the commands and processes applied to its system. To solve this, plug in your iPhone to your Mac using your lightning cable. While doing that, launch iTunes or Finder on your computer to successfully connect your iPhone device.
  • Then, go back to your iPhone to press and hold the power button for three seconds. At the same phase, continue to hold the power button, press, and clasp on the Volume down button. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Afterward, release the side button yet continue holding the Volume down button for five seconds. Then, release the Volume down button. If the screen is illuminated but blank or black, it is already in DFU mode. You can use iTunes to repair and fix the brick mode and try to open your iPhone once more.

enter your device on dfu mode

Get Help

If the above solutions did not go well in your situation, try to seek help from the professionals. You can try to go to Apple's support website to chat and have assistance from their support team. This website can help you regarding iPhone screen repair, device performance, battery replacement, and subscription or purchase refunds. In addition, you can check their Apple Support Community to get in touch with other Apple users who experience the same problem. Nevertheless, you can also visit reliable mobile repair shops to fix the issue and enable them to solve your device immediately. However, this may take time to fix your device, which is more or less 2 to 3 business days.

get help on apple support team

Utilize iOS System Recovery

Distinctive Feature: It consists of two modes to repair your iOS device. These are standard mode and advanced mode.

Suppose the above methods do not fit your taste, or you do not trust any repair shop near your area to fix a bricked iPhone. In that case, you can utilize a third-party application to solve the issue. You can try AceThinker iOS System Recovery to perform the solutions. From the name itself, this tool is a dedicated application to repair iOS system issues and problems in the nick of time. With its fast and advanced technology, its processor enables users to fix different issues quickly. It uses two modes to fix iPhone brick status, Standard mode, and Advanced mode. If the issue is caused by malware and virus intrusion, it is recommended to use the Advanced mode. Yet, if the reason is just not continued software updates, you can use the Standard mode. Nevertheless, any mode will indeed remove not only the brick status of your iPhone but can also solve over 50 iOS-related issues. To know the detailed guides on solving and unbrick iPhone devices, read the steps below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download iOS System Recovery

The first guide you need to follow to fix your iPhone brick status is ticking the below-mentioned download button. Doing this will allow you to download the installer of AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. After that, run the file and pass through the setup wizards. Once it is already accomplished and installed, launch the tool to circumnavigate its interface and functions.

ios system recovery main interface

Step 2 Link The Device

The subsequent step is to connect your iPhone device with a laptop or computer with the iOS System Recovery tool. Use your lightning cable to make and create a bond with these two devices. If the connection is successfully established, the tool will enable you to make your way to select between the two modes.

ios system recovery select mode

Step 3 Download the Firmware

Afterward, select the mode that suits your device better to remove the error. For the sake of this procedure, we will be using the Standard mode to fix the issue. Hold on and wait for the system to analyze the device. Then, available firmware is available and presented on the screen for you to acquire. Download the firmware to fix the issue and hit the Next button to continue with the process.

ios system recovery download firmware

Step 4 Finalized the Process

Lastly, wait for the tool to finalize the process of solving the brick status of your iPhone. You can see an indicator that provides the current progress of the process. Once it hits 100%, the tool will finalize the repair process and apply it directly to your device. You can check and turn on your device to check if the methods completely removed the error.

ios system recovery finalized process

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