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Better Ways to Fix Sharing Location on iPhone Not Working

find my iphone not workingIn our modern world, identity theft is rising and alarmingly increasing as technology advances. With this, many smartphone manufacturers and developers ensure their mobile devices have better security. For the iPhone, Find My iPhone is the most well-praised security measure and feature it has. Whether you have misplaced your device or lost your iPhone unknowingly, this tool can help you to locate the exact area where your iPhone is currently located. It helps millions of users to trace and track their devices with the help of WiFi or even cellular data. However, many reports have been submitted to the Apple Support Community that their device is currently having issues with the Find My iPhone feature. There are different possible reasons why find my location not working. We have collected them in this article and their corresponding solutions to fix the error.

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Reasons Why iPhone Location Services Not Working

Find My iPhone helps users to track devices to know the exact location of their devices. This feature is not only available for the iPhone, but other Apple devices have similar features to this one. Since we are not constantly using this feature, we need to remember how it functions correctly. You want to avoid getting into a situation where you lose track of your iPhone and need to know if your Find My iPhone is working correctly. It is better to check and assess its function regularly in an emergency. It can help you track your device. But how do you know if your Find My iPhone needs to be fixed? What are the reasons why this error stays on your iPhone device? Worry not; we have listed reasons below; check them out.

  • System glitches and bugs are one of the reasons.
  • WiFi or cellular data is not enabled on your device.
  • The function itself is not turned on.
  • The SIM card was removed from your device.
  • Your device’s system version is outdated.

reasons why find my iphone not working

Fix Your Find My iPhone on Your Computer

Distinctive Feature: This iOS recovery utility is equipped with a quick fix option; even without downloading the firmware, it can fix minor issues.
What is it best for?: It is best and suitable for users who are not tech-savvy, as this tool has intuitive navigation and functions.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a well-commended tool that provides a variety of ways to fix an iOS system back to its original performance. It updates and enhances the performance of your device while removing errors along the way. This tool comes with two modes of recovery: the Advanced mode and the Standard mode. With it, users can fix and recover iOS processes and how their device functions. The Standard mode is a function where it can fix and download the latest iOS version without the fear of removing your files. This feature is the most anticipated function of this tool as it can clear out errors like sharing location on iPhone not working and more. Moreover, if that function does not work, users can use the Advanced recovery mode. This feature can fix the iOS system, update your device, and remove all unwanted data that affects the error. But remember that this function acts like a factory reset process, so backup your files before using this feature to prevent data loss.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

To instigate the process of how to fix the sharing location on iPhone not working, install AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. Tap the download icon presented above this step to get the file of its installer. Then, go to the download folder to run the file on your computer and install the app thoroughly.

isr interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone Device

The following step you must perform is to connect your iPhone device using a lightning cable. Launch the app on your computer, and check if your iPhone is already connected to the device. You will be notified if your smartphone is already connected to the application and if the details of your smartphone can be seen on the tool’s interface.

connect your device

Step 3 Select the Mode of Recovery

Next, you need to choose the recovery mode you need to use. For this scenario, it is recommended to choose the Standard mode. This feature can fix and prevent data loss on your device.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

Lastly, your device will be fixed by selecting suitable firmware. The tool will provide a list, so be careful when choosing the right one. To know the correct firmware for your device, make sure you know the latest iOS version and check on the list if it is available. Once you have downloaded the firmware, hit the Next button to finalize the recovery process.

finalize process

Check if iCloud and Find My iPhone are Enabled

When an update has been implemented on your device, sometimes your device's settings are reset. Also, suppose you are trying to resolve a system issue on your Settings app and accidentally toggle something you didn't intend to. In that case, it may result in an unintentional error like iPhone location services not working. If your Find My iPhone is disabled, it is evident that you will not be able to check the exact location of your device. Similarly, if iCloud service is disabled, the function will not provide the exact location of your iPhone. Thus, these two functions need to be turned on first to get your device's location. To perform the process of checking and fixing your location's device, follow the guide below.

  • First, open your mobile device and go to the list of your applications. Please tap on the Settings icon to access its menus and options. Then, on your mobile screen, you can tap on your account name to access the list of options related to your device.
  • Then, if the iCloud option says off, set up your iCloud account. Yet, if gigabytes or terabytes are listed with it, your iCloud is already enabled. Afterward, go to the Find My option and tap on its menu.
  • Lastly, you will see if the function is enabled on its landing page. If the function says Off, it is disabled. Tap on it to disable the function and wait until it says On.

enable function to fix  find my iphone not working

Assess Network Connection

Another reason why sharing location on iPhone not working is due to no data or internet network being connected to your device. As we all know, to get your iPhone’s location, you need to have a WiFi connection or data network. These connections will provide you with the latest location of your iPhone device. So, suppose you are around an area with a WiFi or data connection. In that case, enabling them to locate your device once you have misplaced it is necessary. They will also help you get a complete picture of your device on the world map. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to enable your WiFi and data connection to check if your Find My iPhone function is working correctly. Follow the guide below to check if your Find My iPhone works with your internet connection.

  • The initial guide to fix the Find My option is to unlock your mobile device. Swipe down on your home screen to locate the control center. Here you will see the features related to your wireless connectivity.
  • Next, locate the WiFi network and see if it is enabled. If not, tap on its icon to access the list of WiFi networks available for your device. Suppose you are not connected to any of these networks. You can use your data connection.
  • Open your data connection by tapping its icon on the control panel. This button will enable the data connection on your device. Please make sure that your device has enough data network on its system.

check wifi or data network

The SIM Card was Removed

Suppose you have an error on your device, like iPhone location services not working; then you need to check your SIM card. The SIM card is crucial in tracking your device as it holds your device's data connection when you lose it. So, you must check if you have a properly working SIM card or if your SIM card is correctly inserted into your device. In that case, you will know if your Find My iPhone is not having an error. What if your device got stolen and the thief removed or disabled your SIM card? There is still a slight chance that you can still track your device. Suppose the perpetrator connected your device to a WiFi connection. To properly do that, you must activate the lost mode in your iCloud service. Follow the guide below to enable the feature.

  • On your web browser, go to to access your iCloud account. Enter your email and password; this will get you access to your device's information; click on All Devices from the list of functions on your screen.
  • Then, select the device you have lost that is connected to your iCloud. Below the device's information, there will be three options. Select the Lost Mode icon to lock your device.
  • Lastly, wait until your device gets connected to an internet connection. Your device will send a notification to your iCloud on its exact location. With this, you can now track and quickly determine the status of your device.

asses if sim card was removed then set your device to lost mode

Update Your Device

The last option you can check to fix Find My iPhone not working is to check the version of your iOS. We all know throughout time, bugs exist and lurk on your device. These system errors can compromise the actual process and performance of your smartphone. That will result in major and minor issues, including emergency alerts iPhone not working, apps not working, and others. Yet, mobile developers constantly create updates and upgrades on our devices to remove and maximize the performance of our mobile phones. So, if you fail to do the update on your device, faulty errors may occur, like Find My iPhone is not working correctly. To amend that, you can update your device by following the instructions below.

  • First, unlock your smartphone and access the home screen. From the list of your application, tap and select the Settings icon to open its options. Then, below your account name, there will be a menu that says “Software Update Available.”
  • Next, please tap on the menu to go to its landing page. From there, you will find the latest version available for your device. You can also read details regarding the upgrade presented on this page.
  • Lastly, hit the Download and Install option. Please wait until the process and update are fully completed. Afterward, your device will restart until it fully installs the newest iOS version.

find my iphone no working update ios version

FAQs about Find My iPhone

1. Why is Find My iPhone not displaying the last location?
There are possible causes why your iPhone needs to show its latest location. The most common cause of this is due to network availability. Your device uses the internet connection to connect wirelessly to your iCloud account, which will signal what area your device is located in. This error is easily amended as you need to access an internet connection and check your device settings to clear out this minor error.
2. How to fix the Find My location not working?
Doing basic troubleshooting is excellent. Yet to have a better recovery rate to remove this error, you need a good tool. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a recommended computer software that can fix all possible issues on your iPhone. It uses firmware to clear out and upgrade your device on its original process. To know how to fix your lotion issue on your device, follow the simple guide below.

  • First, install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. Launch the tool once it is installed. Then, connect your device using your lightning wire.
  • Then, select the recovery mode from its list; it is recommended to use the Standard mode to prevent data loss. After that, hit the Confirm button to access the list of the firmware. Download the firmware by tapping the download icon.
  • Lastly, run the file by selecting the Next option on the tool’s interface. Then, an indicator will appear to check the progress of the process. Once it is finished, check your device to see if the error still lurks in its system.

This tool has different functions; you can check this post if you are interested in reading them.

3. Can you view the list of devices you have on Find My iPhone?
Yes, this feature allows users to gain access and check the exact location of their device in a single Apple ID. Whether you have an iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, AirPods, and AirTag, this feature can quickly locate them on your digital map. Some devices can also keep their location when their battery is running low, and this feature will help you locate them even if they drive out of power.
AceThinker iOS System Recovery

It is designed with quick fix option.

It consists of two modes of recovery.

It can do backup while fixing iOS system.

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