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Fast Solutions to Resolve iPhone Cannot Delete App

feature can t delete apps on iphone“How do you delete an app that won't delete? I tried to slide it into the trash but it won't work.” Many users have reported this issue online. Moreover, they can’t wait to get to the solution. Issues usually arise when the iOS software of your iPhone is updated to customize new features to fix bugs and cache issues. However, this may result in some apps not working. In this case, when you want to remove the app by tapping it long enough to see “X” that appears on the top left corner of the app, or you see an app fidgeting with the “X” on it. If you try to press the icon, it doesn’t work for you; then clearly, you would thoroughly need to go through this article to know why you cannot delete apps on iPhone.

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Why Can’t I Delete Apps on iPhone?

When you tap and hold the app, but you still can’t see the “X” icon, or you’re not able to delete apps on iPhone, you must be wondering what the possible causes could lead to the issue. This error may happen due to the following reasons:

  1. Although you can delete all the third-party installed applications and some of the built-in apps from your iPhone, this issue may have occurred. When you tried to remove the non-removable system apps of the iPhone.
  2. Suppose any organization or workplace issued your device, then due to MDM (Mobile Device Management) restrictions. In that case, there are certain applications you won’t be able to remove without contacting the admi
  3. Sometimes, your parents or even you can mistakenly put up screen-time restrictions to certain applications.
  4. You cannot remove apps from your iPhone if an error has occurred, leaving your app not completely installed.

reason why you can t delete apps on iphone

5 Ways to Fix “Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone” Problem

Listed below are the five ways that answer your query “I deleted an app on my iPhone, but it still shows up.”

1. Don’t Activate 3D-Touch Feature

In iPhone 6s and newer devices, a 3-D touch feature has been introduced, enabled when you tap and hold the app for less than 2 seconds. To make sure “X” appears on the top of the app, you will need to hold the app for a few more seconds. If it appears you might be successful in deleting the particular app.

disable 3d function

2. Look for Restrictions on iPhone

  • Firstly, go to the settings menu of the iPhone, then find and tap on the Screen Time option.
  • Here, you will find an option for Content & Privacy Restriction.
  • In the next window, tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases. Enter the passcode when you are asked for it.
  • Lastly, select the Allow option for the Deleting apps.
  • Go back to the app you want to delete and check if it was helpful.

disable content restriction on iphone

3. Delete Stuck or Waiting Apps

Sometimes, you try to update or download a new application, but all you see is a gray app icon and waiting for a text. For that, firstly, you need to check if you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and have enough storage space at hand. You can delete the app once it has been downloaded. However, to terminate the continuous downloading process, you can tap and hold the app long enough for the pop-up to appear. In that drop-down menu, select cancel the download. If you don’t see this option, hold the app long enough that the app begins to jiggle, then tap on the minus (iOS 14/15) or cross (iOS 13) and then tap delete

remove stuck application on iphone

4. Restart/Force Restart Your iPhone

Suppose your iPhone cannot delete the app even after following the above solutions. In that case, you can try to restart your iPhone because this usually fixes minor issues and bugs. You can restart by pressing the Sleep/Wake button until the slide to power off appears. On the other hand, go to Settings> General> Shut Down.
You can simultaneously hold the wake/sleep button and home button for a force restart in iPhone 6 and prior devices. In iPhone 7 and newer devices, press the home button and volume down button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

restart iphone to delete application

5. Reset All Settings on iPhone

If nothing else works for you and you need to remove the app, you can try to reset all the settings on your iPhone when you cannot delete apps from your iPhone. Go to Settings >General Reset> Reset all settings. You can retry to uninstall the app, but this will remove all the saved passwords.

reset all settings on iphone

To Sum Up

We have listed down all the effective solutions to your query ‘iPhone will not let me delete apps.’ So, you can choose the solution which suits your preference. If you think you are not tapping long enough, you may activate the 3-D touch feature. Next, you may want to check if any child or time restrictions are applied to any app. If nothing works, you can either restart your iPhone or reset all the settings on your iPhone.

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Last updated on February 28, 2022

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