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What Happens When You Delete Backup on iCloud Storage

what happens when i delete icloud backupCaring for your data is a must as it holds the essential information of your files. The best way to protect and secure your data is to back up your iPhone device. iCloud makes it easier to secure and protect your iPhone files from deleting them altogether. With this service, you could save your data files to the cloud or create a complete backup of your iPhone with the help of an internet connection. Additionally, this service only has 5GB of free storage for you to utilize to save your iPhone files. So, not all your iPhone data can be stored on this platform. You might create an old iCloud backup and consider deleting it to clean up some space for your new content. Yet, it is wise to think before you act. Have you wondered what happens when you delete backup on iCloud storage? As we are curious cats, we have analyzed and collected the possible outcome when we delete a backup on iCloud service. Please read them here to learn more.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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How to Delete an Old iCloud Backup

Backup is necessary to secure your data files without losing them permanently. Thus, once we have new data files on our device, we constantly create a backup on them. Luckily, iCloud service does not override any backup files once you create a new one on its platform. It stores the previously saved files or backups on its system and makes them available when you need to restore them. However, these files may seem old and useless as we constantly update and upgrade our devices. Retrieving old data files is no longer necessary as we only focused on saving the newly created backup. So, to prevent your iCloud from maximizing the entire 5GB for your backups, it is a must to declutter and remove unnecessary backups. Follow the guide below to delete old iCloud backup stored on your iCloud service.

  • First, on your device, unlock your iPhone and make your way to your home screen. Locate the Settings application and tap its icon to launch it on your mobile screen. Under its menus, locate your Apple ID, and touch on it to access its information.
  • Second, from the list of options on your screen, select the iCloud option. Then, go to Manage Storage to open new drop-downs. On the menus presented on your screen, choose the Backups option.
  • Lastly, once you have selected the Backups option, you will see the list of backups you have done on your device. Analyze and sort those unnecessary backups. Select them and hit the delete icon to remove them from your iCloud.

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If I Delete My Backup from iCloud What Happens?

Have you been questioning what happens when you delete a backup on iCloud? This part will educate you about what will happen when you delete them. When you delete a backup from iCloud, the backup copy will be removed immediately on your iPhone device. Subsequently, the iCloud backup will be turned off in iPhone settings automatically. So, if you wish to recover those backup files, you will no longer be able to do it. Also, since the iCloud backup will be automatically disabled on your device, it is necessary to enable it again to back up your newest files saved on its system. In addition, if I delete a backup from iCloud what happens to my photos? Photos are not stored in backup files. In fact, they will not be affected if you delete your entire backup files. The photos, videos, and text messages are not included in the iCloud backup. The iCloud only saves settings and information stored on your device. Yet, if you want to get old photos from iCloud to be attached to your backup, you can add them manually.

delete icloud backup

Selectively Save Files from iCloud Before You Delete it

Distinctive Feature: It can back up as many files as you want and store them on your computer, even with an encrypted password.
What is it Best for?: This tool is best for users who want to back up their devices without needing iCloud and iTunes.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is a renowned tool that provides a better backup and restores process than any storage platforms like iCloud and iTunes. This tool is designed with two backup modes: the Standard and the Encrypted mode. With that, it can safely store iCloud backups with higher security and privacy. It also functions to sort applications and files on your iPhone device. Ticking and selecting them will add the files to the backup folder. Moreover, it comes with a feature that can safely restore iOS files to your smartphone. Follow the detailed guide below on creating a backup on your computer before you delete your iCloud backup.

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Step 1 Get AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

What happens if you delete iCloud backup? Well, it will altogether remove backup files saved on its system. So, before doing that, you can store your files on your computer using AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. Tap on the download icon presented above. Afterward, access the download folder and run the installer on your PC.

ios data backup and restore

Step 2 Choose Between Two Modes

After that, link your mobile device to your PC with the guide or help of your lightning cable. Launch the application and make your way to the iOS Backup & Restore interface. Select the iOS Data Backup and tap the backup mode you want to use. Hit on the Start icon to move with the subsequent method.

choose backup mode

Step 3 Select the Files to Backup

The next step is selecting the files you want to store on your Windows or Mac. You can unselect those files that are not necessary by removing the checkbox on the side of their icon. If all is settled and done, hit the Next button.

select backup files

Step 4 Finish the Backup Process

After you hit the Next button, an indicator will appear on your screen. This indicator will enable you to check the progress of the backup process. Please do remember that you must not disconnect your device while the backup process is in progress.

finalize the backup process

Please note that this tool can also monitor and check the last backup process you have done on your iPhone. You can read more about this information by clicking this article.
AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

A Well-known Device to Backup and Repair Your iPhone Files.
  • It has additional iOS utilities, including iOS System Recovery, WhatsApp Transfer, and iOS Data Recovery.
  • It comes with two backup methods.
  • It can create a backup while inserting an encrypted password with your device.

FAQs Regarding What Happens When You Delete iCloud Backup

1. What happens when I delete iCloud backup? ?
When you have deleted your iCloud backup, the files you have stored on that backup will be removed entirely from the iCloud service. Yet, if the files are still stored on your iPhone device, they will remain on your device’s system even if the backup files have already been deleted. You can still add these existing files to your new iCloud backup if you wish so.
2. How long does the process of backing up your files on the iCloud take?
A few aspects can influence how long your iCloud backup takes when doing the backup process. These aspects include the internet connection, data storage you still have on iCloud, and your phone’s condition. Yet, you may spend 1 to 2 hours backing up your device in normal circumstances. So, if you are wondering what happens when you delete iCloud backup and replace it with a new backup, this average time will take to do it.
3. What kind of data will you see on iCloud backup?
What happens if I delete a backup from iCloud? Here is the list of files you will remove from the backup files.

  • Device settings
  • Visual voicemail password
  • Apps data
  • Health data
  • MMS message
  • Ringtones
  • Home screen and app arrangement
  • Purchase history on iTunes
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iOS Data Backup & Restore
Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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