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Better Ways on How to Restore Photos from iCloud [2022]

feature restore photos from icloudIn a world where technology has innovated the way of our living, the iPhone dominates cellular devices all over the world. This line of smartphones is marketed and designed by Apple Inc. that utilizes the iOS mobile system. One of the remarkable features it offers is the iCloud backup service. This service is the repository for people who rely on Apple to save their photos, videos, and other multimedia files. But technology is not perfect; bugs and glitches sometimes crawl on their system. iCloud is not exempted from these errors. Sometimes iCloud backup suffers a system error and deletes all the photos you have saved in its service. With that said, you need to know the processes on how to fix and restore pictures from iCloud. Below are detailed walkthroughs on how to do it.

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Restore Photo From iCloud Backup with Recently Deleted Folder

The Apple iCloud Photo Library is a convenient way to store pictures online. It also allows users to sync the media files all over their devices. If you enable this feature in the iCloud setting, all photos are automatically uploaded to the iCloud server. Every time users delete a photo on their iPhone, it will automatically move to the Recently Deleted album. The photos moved on this folder have 30 days to recover and restore the media files. Follow the steps below on how to restore iCloud photos to iPhone.

User Guide:

  • First, visit on your web browsers such as Safari, Opera Mini, and Chrome. Sign in to your account to sync all the deleted photos on its platform.
  • Then, go to Photos and hover over to the Library. After that, click the Recently Deleted option to view the deleted media files.
  • Lastly, select the videos and photos you want to retrieve and click the Recover button on the lower part of the cloud-based storage.

recover photos with recently deleted folder

Restore iCloud Photos to iPhone (Full Restore Process)

This option works well when users upgrade their iPhone device and keep the photos from the older device. The critical guide here is to wipe out or delete all the data and settings from your original file. This option will return all the data the way you left them on your old phone. To do the photos restoring from iCloud, see the guidelines below.

User Guide:

  • To begin, go to your Settings and access the General option. Then, select the Reset and hover over the Erase All Content and Settings.
  • After that, go to your reboot and make way to the App and Data Screen. Select the Restore from iCloud Backup. If needed, you can log in to your iCloud account.
  • Lastly, choose the most relevant Backup from the list of archives. Then, check your gallery if the photos and videos that have been deleted were restored.

erase and reset all content and settings

How to Recover Photos from iCloud Backup

Distinctive Feature: It allows users to extract and recover multimedia files such as text, pictures, videos, and more.
What is it Best For?: If your data has been eradicated or your phone got lost and broken, this tool can help you recover your media files.

Fone Keeper - iPhone Data Recovery is a flexible utility that performs recovery processes quickly and subtly. This tool is packed with different functions to restore photos from iCloud and recover deleted screenshots iPhone. Also, it comes with three modes or options. Users can choose the best mode to suit their needs. In this article, we will be using iOS Data Recovery. This tool can fix almost 50+ issues without any loss of data. Fone Keeper is also compatible with different Apple devices. These include iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. What is more, this tool works on Windows and Mac. Users who use the Windows operating system can recover their photos from iCloud to their iPhones. Furthermore, this tool can recover and restore photos to their original quality. It can still recover the photos' meta information, such as the name, the date taken, and its file size.

Key Features:

  • It supports different file types, including camera roll, voicemail, App Photos, App videos, and more.
  • It supports even the lowest iOS version, iOS 5 and above.
  • It can easily connect an iPhone to your personal computer with the help of iTunes.

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Beneath this brief intro is the proper guide on how to restore photos from iCloud to iPhone.

Step 1 Install the iCloud Recovery Software

The initial guide on restoring the photos on your iCloud is to install the Fone Keeper by AceThinker. You can quickly get its installer by ticking the download button above. Pass through all the installation prompts and wizards to install it fully. Then, launch the tool to familiarize and circumnavigate its features.

idr interface

Step 2 Detect Your iPhone

Next, connect your iPhone device to your personal computer. This process is possible by using your iTunes account. Connect your smartphone and select iOS Data Recovery. You will see if your phone is connected once your device information is on the tool's interface.

connect iphone to ios data recovery

Step 3 How to Restore Photos from iCloud to iPhone

Afterward, go to the Recover from iCloud option and sign in to your iCloud account. A two-way authentication will appear on its interface. Go back to your iPhone and enable the allow function to get the authentication code. Input the code on iOS Data Recovery to access your mobile.

restore photos from icloud idr recover

Step 4 Start the Recovering Process

After that, the software will provide you with different options and media storage to recover. You can also untick the different options to focus on retrieving iCloud photos only. Then, click the start option to instigate recovering the media files.

initiate the process to recover photos in icloud with fone keeper

Step 5 Select the Photos to Retrieve

Lastly, choose the photos you want to retrieve and restore in your gallery. Then, select the Recover option to restore the photos your desired photos. You can see if the process is successful by checking the images on your Photos app.

recover photos with fone keeper

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