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Fast Methods to Look for iPhone Backup File Location

feature itunes backup locationMedia files are essential for us; we tend to store our data, photos, and information with these files. With the breakthrough technological advancement, data we create on our devices tend to clout and cram our storage. Nevertheless, different developers have innovated specific services that can help us ease our congested devices. iTunes is one of them. This software acts as a media library, media player, device management utility. Developed by Apple, this tool was initially intended for streaming music. Nowadays, it is well-known to store and backup Apple devices. This practice is commonly used by iPhone and Mac users. Although it can fully backup the files you want to store, searching for them is not easy. Luckily, we have scrutinized different ways to find iPhone backup on Mac and Windows devices. Learn how to execute them below.

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Where is the iPhone Backup Location Mac?

Mac devices offer a quick guide on how to search for the location of backed-up files you have restored using iTunes.

User Guide to Locate iTunes Backup Folder

  • To begin, access the Finder function on your Mac device and launch its interface. From there, locate the magnifier icon in the Finder menu or press the shortcut keys “Command + F on its main interface.
  • Copy and paste or type the directory location, “/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.” Wait for the system to analyze the location and make way on the files direct folder.
  • Lastly, the system will automatically present all the iPhone backup files, and other Apple devices backups once analyzed.

itunes backup search for location on mac

Search for iTunes Backup Location Windows 10

On Windows 10 users can locate their iTunes backup files under the MobileSync folder.

User Guide to Search for iTunes Backup File Location on Windows10.

  • The initial step is to go to the Start menu of Windows 10. If you have acquired iTunes from Microsoft Store. Utilize the search bar right next to the Start menu. Type and enter %appdata% or %USERPROFILE%.
  • Once in the folder of Appdata, double-click the Apple folder and make way to Apple Computer. Then, access MobileSync from the list of folders.
  • Lastly, access the Backup folder and find all your iPhone backup folder.

itunes backup search for location on windows

Locate iTunes Backup Location with Computer Software

Distinctive Feature: This tool is suitable for backing, restoring, and locating iPhone files even without restarting your device.
Best For?: It is suitable for users who could not locate their iPhone backup. It is also suitable for users who do not want to restart their devices.

If none above works, this final solution will absolutely locate your iTunes backup location. This tool is AceThinker iOS Data Recovery. Restoring or backing up your iPhone files with this software is now quick and easy. Users only have to plug in their device to their computer and run through some functions to backup and find iPhone backup location. Additionally, it supports almost all media files and information. You can backup and restore your calendar, contacts, call history, and WhatsApp messages. It is also suitable for non-tech savvy persons to restore and backup their files. It is proven due to its ability to locate easily the files you have backed up. Nonetheless, it can also restore photos from iCloud and your Photo app. Furthermore, you can keep multiple version backup files; the tool won't override or delete the previous backup.

Key Features:

  • It supports most Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Its processes does not require users to reboot or restart their iPhones.
  • This tool can restore and backup files even without an internet connection.

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Step 1 Get the iPhone Backup Software

To begin, get the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore by downloading its installer on your computer. Hit the download button presented above to acquire it fully. Run the file and pass through all installation wizards needed for the process. Once installed, launch its main interface and familiarize its function and features.


Step 2 Link the iPhone to Your Computer

Using your lightning cable, connect your PC and iPhone to access the files you have on your smartphone. Then, access the iOS Data Backup function to see if the smartphone is connected to the utility. From there, there are two backup modes presented on the tool. Choose the Encrypted backup and click the Start button to proceed.

locate itunes backup with ios data restore and backup

Step 3 Select the File You Want to Backup

Then, select the files you need to backup by hitting the box beside them. To backup all your files, click the “Select All” button. After that, tick the Next option to select the iPhone backup folder on your computer.

select the files to backup with ios data restore and backup

Step 4 Process and Finish The iPhone backup file location

Afterward, tick the “Backup” to initiate the process. Wait until the system finalizes the process. Once finished, the files you have backed up are now available on the file folder. You can now locate your files in their designated folder.

initiate the process to backup with ios data restore and backup

Step 5 Locate the iPhone Backup File Location

Finally, go to your computer's storage and locate the file you want to backup. You can transfer these files from different devices such as Mac and iPad. If you want to back up your files, go to the iOS Data Backup & Restore and utilize the iOS Data Recover function.

 backup files with ios data restore and backup

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