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Quick Solution: iMessage on Mac Not Syncing with iPhone

imessage not syncing on macDigital messaging has become an integral part of our modern life. It provides different ways to connect and link users all over the world. One of the most well-recognizable tools that many users usually use is iMessage. This platform is an instant messaging service developed and flourished by Apple Inc. It is exclusively created for Apple platforms and devices. Apple's primary three devices are the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. iMessage has core features, including its availability on different platforms, sending and reading messages, and disseminating multimedia files. Although this messaging application has a lot to offer, errors still lurk on this prominent tool. Many users reported that iMessage not syncing between iPhone and Mac. It is a crucial error for those people who always rely on iMessage to connect and perform their business, daily activities, and jobs. As luck would have it, we already analyzed and collected different ways to remove this error. Read the solutions below that suit your devices.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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How to Properly Sync iMessage on Mac

Distinctive Feature: It can create a backup with an encrypted password that improves the security and safety of your iMessage.
What is it best for?: This tool is best for users who have already maximized different storage platforms to back up and restore their iPhone files. It is one of the most suitable alternatives for iCloud and iTunes to back up your files.
Price: It is a freemium service, syncing iMessage with this tool is free. Yet, you can enjoy its unlimited backup and restore function once you avail of its premium plans for $25.95

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is an optimal tool to sync iMessage from your iPhone to your Mac. As it can scrutinize and analyze each piece of data, you have on your device. It is an alternative option for iTunes and iCloud to back up and sync your data on different devices. With its features, you can create complete backup files on your iOS device. You can also export the backup files on your devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac. This tool is complete with different functions that can quickly determine your iMessages. It uses icons and filters to organize your files differently from each other. With this, you can easily create backup files on your computer and transfer them to your Mac. So, this tool can transfer and restore iPad from iPhone backup and even iPhone files to your Mac device.

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Step 1 Finish the Backup Process

Then, hit the Next icon to proceed with the backup process. Then, the toll will let you know how much the progress of the backup process is being analyzed. Please wait until it reaches 100 percent. Please remember that your iPhone is not disconnected from your Mac to prevent corrupted backup files.

idbr interface

Step 2 Select Backup Mode

Next, launch the tool on your computer to access its interface. While doing so, you can connect your iPhone device to your computer using your lightning wire. Tap on the iOS Data Backup option to proceed to the next window and select the Backup mode between Standard and Encrypted backup.

choose mode

Step 3 Choose iMessage Files

The tool will present the files you can back up on your Mac computer on the next page. On the uppermost part of the page, you will see the Message & Contacts tab, where all your messages on your iPhone are located. Tick the indicator box to associate all your messages with the backup process.

select files to backup

Step 4 Finish the Backup Process

Then, hit the Next icon to proceed with the backup process. Then, the toll will let you know how much the progress of the backup process is being analyzed. Please wait until it reaches 100 percent. Please remember that your iPhone is not disconnected from your Mac to prevent corrupted backup files.

finalize process

Step 5 Extract and Transfer iMessage to Mac

Lastly, the backup files will not be automatically saved as messages directly on your Mac device. You must extract the backup files to make them readable on your computer. You need to go to the tool’s interface and tap on iOS Data Restore. Select the backup files you have created and hit View Now to extract the files to your computer.

extract backup files

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

A Prominent Tool to Backup and Restore Your iPhone Files.
  • It also comes with different iOS utilities including iOS Data Recovery, WhatsApp Transfer, and iOS System Recovery.
  • It has two backup modes.
  • It can make backup while inserting encrypted password with it. /li>

Enable and Disable iMessage

The first guide on how to fix iMessage on Mac not syncing with iPhone is to turn off and on the application on your computer. This process is a simple solution for every application or device you have. As our devices and apps work due to our device’s internal software processes, bugs and glitches lurk that can compromise the process of your system. You must remove these errors by turning off or terminating the device. You can perform this by going to your Mac device and opening the messaging app. You can go to the Preference option to select the accounts you have on your iPhone. Then, from the dropdown menu, hit the Sign Out option. Please wait a few seconds to proceed to the interface where you can login. Once logged in, go to your settings and enable iMessage on both Mac and iPhone to fix iMessage not syncing between iPhone and Mac.

Fix it Using Your iPhone

Another solution that you can use to fix messages on Mac not syncing is by using the iPhone settings. We all know iMessage is a cross-platform messaging application dedicated for Mac, Iphone, iPad, and iPod touch. It uses Wi-Fi or cellular data to function. The text you send and receive on your iMessage does not count against your MMS/SMS messages. In other words, this platform stores messages on the device and its cloud service, allowing users to use it on different platforms with the same account. So, it is evident that you will be able to fix your iMessage on your different devices, even with your smartphone settings. To perform that, open your iPhone device and access your Settings app. Please ensure that the email address you are using on your iMessage on Mac is active and connected to your iPhone device. Access the Messages option and browse to locate the Send & Receive tab. Tap on it to access different features. Underneath the “YOU CAN BE REACHED BY IMESSAGE AT” option, you must ensure that the email address and phone number are checked.

fix imessage not syncing on mac using iphone

Solve it Using Your iMessage on Mac

After you have checked the email address and phone number listed on your iPhone and still iMessage not syncing on Mac, you need to check the iMessage on your Mac. Sometimes, even if your email is checked and synced on your iPhone device, your Apple ID or phone number on your iMessage on Mac needs to be synced. You can check and change the setup of your Apple ID on your Mac by going to your web browser and accessing the Apple ID website. Sign in to your account to access your data information. Go to the Reachable At option and confirm your Apple ID if it is listed on your iMessage account. If not, you can add your email address to it and input the correct details. If everything has been input correctly, you can go and access your iMessage on your Mac and check if the messages are synced correctly. .

fix imessage not syncing on mac using apple id

Use Device that is Not Syncing to Send Messages

The following solution you can do to fix Mac and iPhone messages not syncing is to check which among your devices is not updating or syncing correctly. It is feasible that one of your devices is having a delay when updating its messages, which is why you have an out-of-sync message thread. If your iPhone is causing the delay, you can try sending a message with it to check on your Mac if the message is updating. If it is your Mac, do it reversely by sending out messages using your Mac device. Once the messages have been sent, your devices will prompt you to update the messages and thread on your Mac or your other device.

Restart or Reboot Both Devices

To fix my iMessages are not syncing with my Mac error, this final solution is needed. Most of the time, bugs and glitches are not permanently fixed with the signing out and logging in process. They lurk on your primary device's core function and system. That means you need to restart or soft reboot your device to remove them from your software. For iPhone devices, you restart your iPhone by pressing the power button and any volume button until the slider to turn off your device appears on your screen. Toggle the button from left to right and wait for 30 seconds until the device is fully turned off. After that, you can bring the power back on by pressing the power button until the Apple logo appears. Check your iMessage app and see if the messages are in sync with your Mac. For Mac devices, go to the Apple Menu and access its dropdown options. Select the Restart option from the list and wait until your device is fully rebooted. Then, check your iMessage to see if the message convo is in sync with the iPhone device.

restart both devices


Getting your iMessage sync on your different devices is crucial, especially if you keep switching devices that depend on your work or daily activities. Usually, the sync process is automatically done, and you need to use the same Apple ID on your iMessage account on all your devices to sync your messages. But if problems appear and seem to be a hassle to fix. We only have one tool to recommend; it is AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. It is designed to create backup and transfer files through your Apple devices. Thus, if you are having difficulty syncing your iMessages, this tool is a suitable solution. Yet, if you want to be more precise in extracting and getting backup files on your devices, you can read this article.

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Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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