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How to Hasten iPhone Taking Forever to Backup on iCloud

feature icloud backup taking foreverThere is nothing more important than the data and files on your device. That is why backing them up is one of the smartest and safest things to do. There are many methods to back up data on your device, and one of those is backing up on iCloud. To give a quick overview about iCloud, it is a system from Apple created only for iOS users. It is being used to securely store your files such as photos, videos, notes, passwords, and other crucial data on your device. And keep all these bits of intelligence updated across all your devices automatically. Nonetheless, suppose the iCloud backup is taking forever to finish. In that case, it is a problem that needs to be amended as quickly as possible. Here are the six best solutions to hasten the backing up process on iCloud.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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How Long Does iCloud Backup to Finish

"How long does iCloud backup take?" This is one of the complaints of iOS users these days. However, there is no specific response to this inquiry because the backup duration depends on the file's size or storage. If you want to back up large-sized files, the time will approximately take 1 to 2 hours. Another reason why iCloud backup is taking forever is the availability and speed of your internet connection. If you have a slow Wi-Fi connection, then the process might take a little while because iCloud backup depends on the connection. And the result is the same when you have low Mbps.

icloud backup taking forever reasons

Five Tips to Fix iCloud Taking Forever to Backup

To save some of your time, here are the best tips to help you quicken your iCloud backup taking so long to finish.

Solution 1. Clean up your Device

The maximum size that the iCloud backup can retain is 5GB for free. You must not exceed this limitation, or the backup will be delayed and will take some time to finish. Delete and clean up caches and unnecessary data on your iPhone. Or, if you wish to have more space on iCloud, you must upgrade to iCloud+ (price starts at $3.50 for 50 GB and other price varies depending on your country and region) so you have more space for your files. To clean up your device, here’s a simple example. Go to the settings, find the application you want to clean up, for example, Safari. Tap the Safari icon, scroll down and tap the “Clear History and Website data.” And then, hit “Clear History and Data” to finish up.

icloud backup taking forever solution 1

Solution 2. Connect to a Better Wi-Fi

And if the problem is the speed of your connection, you have to wait for it or connect to a better Wi-Fi; there's no in-between. If it's urgent, you must find a better and stable internet connection so the process will speed up. But try a few things first, like restarting the connection directly on the router or reloading your iPhone's Wi-Fi. If the internet is still relatively poor, it's time to connect to another source of connection.

icloud backup taking forever solution 2

Solution 3. Disregard Unnecessary Backup

Despite the fact that nearly all of our files are very important, you must still remember the limitation of iCloud. Double-check the data you want to backup, choose only the best and important ones to prevent a slow process. Disregard those files that are overwritten or duplicated, and choose only the crucial, necessary, and helpful files for you. For instance, delete the files saved in your Notes to hasten the backup if they are not that important. If some are essential, list them out on a piece of paper. To do that, open the Settings, tap your name, then tap the iCloud. After that, choose the Notes and hit the green button, and then you can delete it on your iPhone by tapping the “Delete from My iPhone.”

icloud backup taking forever solution 3

Solution 4. Delete Unwanted Data

We people are naturally born photo admirers, and we like to picture every happening in our lives. But we should take it slow because it might cause traffic when backing them up on iCloud. Delete all the photos or videos that are not needed, such as blurry, duplicated, size is too large, and other reasons that may cause iPhone backup taking forever. Delete them permanently, so you don’t have to worry when you are backing up your data in the future. Go to your File Manager and choose all the unwanted files and remove all of them. If you want to delete photos, go to your Photo Gallery, long-press the pictures and videos you don't need to delete them.

icloud backup taking forever solution 4

Solution 5. Backup Data Directly to the Computer

The last better solution we could offer is backing up the data directly on your computer. This method will only take a few ticks, and it is all proven and tested. You need to connect your device to the computer (Mac or Windows) using a USB cord. Allow your iPhone to transfer files. After that, you can now straightly copy all your files and paste them on your computer. And if you also need to save some space on your computer, you can compile and place all your files in a flash drive. There, all of your files are secured.

icloud backup taking forever solution 5

Backup iPhone Data Without using iCloud

Operating System: It is a multi-functional tool because it can work on both Windows and Mac system

Suppose you have done all the solutions stated above. You must use a professional tool that will help you to fix iCloud backup taking forever to finish. AceThinker Data Backup & Restore is the most popular tool right now that helps many iPhone users who don't know how to back up their data. You can use this as an alternative to iCloud; it is way faster and more convenient. You don't have to wait for your backup that is taking too long to finish. Here are the features that make it stand out to the rest of iPhone backing up tools

Key Features

  • It supports various iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads.
  • You can either create a backup or restore a backup, making it more exciting and great for iPhone users who still don't have a backup to their files.
  • It also allows you to secure your data when backing up by using the Encrypted Mode of Backup. So personal information leakage is far from happening with this tool.
  • It can bail out a lot of your time because you can backup your data in a few toggles, unlike iTunes and iCloud.
  • And that's not it. You can also work and back up your files offline. You do not need a solid and fast connection. You can backup your data anytime and anywhere.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download the Acethinker Data Backup & Restore

To download the tool, you can choose any of the download buttons above. The left one is for Windows operating computer systems, and the right one is for Mac OS only. After choosing from the download buttons, wait until the installer appears on your desktop. Click the installer and follow the on-screen guides to install the tool on your computer. Launch it on your computer and understand the features of the tool.

icloud backup taking forever step 1

Step 2 Choose Whether to Create or Restore Backup

After downloading the tool, you must connect your device to the computer using a USB-type cord. Since we are trying to make an alternative for iCloud backup, you must click “iOS Data Backup & Restore.” And in the new page that will appear, you are required to choose from the two options. If you still don’t have a backup to your files, choose the “iOS Data Backup.” But if you want to restore a backup, click the other one.

icloud backup taking forever step 2

Step 3 Choose the Backup Mode

Next in the process is choosing the necessary mode. You can choose from the two modes of backups; the Standard and the Encrypted backup. The Standard one will backup all your files without a doubt. In contrast, the Encrypted one will backup your data and secure them by putting a passcode on it. If you wish to choose the encrypted backup, make sure to remember the password you put. Then, click the “Start” button to continue to the next step.

icloud backup taking forever step 3

Step 4 Choose the Necessary Files you want to Backup

After you have started, the tool will let you choose all the files you want to Backup. Choose only the necessary ones and leave the unwanted ones. However, if all of your files are crucial to you, you can click the “Select All” button, and all the file formats will be automatically ticked. Hit the “Next” button to move on to the last step.

icloud backup taking forever step 4

Step 5 Finish the Backup Procedure

In the last part, you have to choose the destination of the backup that you will create. Make sure to be concise with the destination of the file to avoid misplacement. It would be best to separate them into a new folder and specify the name of the folder. After that, you can click the “Backup” button to proceed and finish the process. You must not unlink your iPhone during the procedure, or it will be canceled.

icloud backup taking forever step 4

FAQs about iCloud Backup Taking Forever

1. What is the Reason Why My iCloud Backup is Taking Forever?

There are many possible reasons why backing up data on your iPhone is taking forever to finish. But the most common reason why this is happening on your device is, the data you want to backup is too large for the device to handle. Another situation that is causing iPhone backup to take forever is slow internet. It would be best if you connected to faster Wi-Fi to quicken the procedure.

2. How long should iCloud Backup take?

The extent of the backup process depends on the size of the file and the accessibility of the internet connection. The larger the file you are backing up, the longer the time will take. So there is no particular response to this inquiry.

3. Is there an alternative to iCloud Backup?

Yes, there is! The tool that is popular now to iOS users is the AceThinker Data Backup & Restore. It is a tool that has a lot of potential and capability. It can backup iPhone photos, songs, videos, contacts, messages, and many more in a few navigations. It is way faster than the iCloud backup, making it better and more interesting than the other tools you can see on the internet.

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iOS Data Backup & Restore
Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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