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The Best Solutions on How to Backup iPhone Notes to PC

how to backup iphone notes to pcOur over-dependence on technology has led to an abundance of applications and websites which simplify our daily lives. The iPhone users heavily rely on notes apps to note down details about important events and many other things. It's a stressful event if you erase notes on your iPhone. It happens by accident or because of internal glitches. If you're the victim of this, this article will help you with your backup notes on the iPhone issue. The iPhone typically offers the ability to backup notepads to iCloud. But, we'll provide a third-party app that will quickly show you how to back up notes on iPhone.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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Most Workable Way to Backup iPhone Notes to PC or Mac

iPhone and iPad users with PCs will understand the difficulties when backing up any data on their PC. However, with the help of AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore, you will be able to scan and backup notes from iPhone to PC in a readable HTML file. It is also possible to do this backup to iPhone messages, photographs, contacts, Facebook messages, and many other files.

Feature Highlights

  • No data loss for devices during the restoration.
  • You can backup and restore all information you need.
  • One-click will back up your entire iOS device onto your computer.
  • Allow previewing and restoring any backup file to a device.
  • AceThinker Fone Keeper is fully compatible with Windows 8/10/11 and Mac 10.10 or later versions.

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How To Backup iPhone Notes To Pc using AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore?

Step 1 Connect iPhone or iPad to the Computer

Connect your device to the internet and start the software. Choose the option iOS Data Backup and Restore on the AceThinker Fone Keeper interface. This will bring you to the interface of the program.

backup notes on iphone acethinker iphone keeper

Step 2 Select iOS Data Backup

You'll need to select one of iOS Data Restore or iOS Data Backup. There are two choices for backup: standard backup and encrypted backup.

backup notes on iphone acethinker ios data backup and restore

Step 3 Select Data

If you're looking for Standard Backup, you can select the data you want to backup. Based on the volume of data stored in the iPhone or iPad, it can take a few minutes. You'll be able to browse the data you can back up and export, such as videos and photos, Messages and Call Logs, Contacts, Memos, and more.

backup notes on iphone acethinker ios data backup and restore

Step 4 Backup Files

After selecting the file type you want to use, click "Next." Then, select the location where your backup will be stored. Once you've done this, the program will start to create a backup of your data.

backup notes on iphone acethinker ios data backup and restore

Other Methods to Backup Notes from iPhone to PC

After discussing the most helpful method to backup, iPhone notes to PC or Mac, here we will discuss some other ways that you can also try to back up your iPhone notes to PCs.

Method 1: Backup Notes on iPhone using iCloud

iCloud is a standard cloud computing and storage service available to Apple users. Since its debut in 2011, it has allowed users to save various files that can later be accessed using other devices. The app is available in various languages, making locating an unclaimed or stolen Apple device much more accessible. Follow the steps below to backup your notes into iCloud. You can also find an answer for "how to backup notes on iPhone iCloud?"

User Guide:

  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet and has a reliable Wi-Fi network. Go to "Settings" by tapping on the gear icon.
  • Click on the name on the left side of the "Settings" app. This will enable you to get access to iCloud and Apple ID settings.
  • Access iCloud by opening the "Settings."
  • Continue scrolling until you come across "iCloud backup" under the section iCloud.
  • In this step, you will need to turn on your iCloud backup to enable it.
  • Click "Backup now" to begin this backup procedure. The system will inform you when the backup process is done.

backup notes on iphone icloud

Method 2: Backup iPhone Notes to PC via Gmail

Don't worry if none of these methods work. Apple iPhone device comes with the ability to sync notes to Gmail. It's a straightforward method to backup notes to a PC and any other gadget with a Gmail account. We will learn how to back up iPhone notes to your PC using Gmail.

Step 1 Sign in to the Gmail account

Verify if you have a Gmail account available on your iPhone or there isn't. If none is present, you need to create a Gmail account before doing this. Start by opening "iPhone Settings" > "Notes" > "Accounts" > "Add Account" > "Google" and follow the instructions to add the Gmail account.

backup notes on iphone gmail

Step 2 Choose a Gmail account under Notes

To transfer notes from your iPhone to your Gmail account, you must enable "Notes" for the account you wish to add. Select "Settings" on the iPhone and then scroll down to locate "Notes"> "Accounts," and then click "Gmail account.” A list of the contents will appear, including contacts, images, etc. These can be transferred to Gmail. Switch to turn the "Notes" button on. It will change the slider button into a green hue.

backup notes on iphone gmail

Step 3 Check Notes

Back up your home screen and open the "Notes" application to show your Gmail account. The application will sync your iPhone notes to the Gmail account. Then, you can use the file browser on the computer to browse notes you have previously saved to your iPhone.

backup notes on iphone gmail

In Conclusion

The process of backing up to your iPhone and iPad can be easy these days, and all you have to do is locate and choose the most effective and efficient method. We recommend using AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore, the most convenient and straightforward method to save your notes on your iPhone or iPad. So this article was all about backing up notes on an iPhone.

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Last updated on March 31, 2022

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Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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