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Backup iPhone to Computer: 3 Best Ways You Should Try

feature backup iphone to computer Backup software makes multiple copies of your data on your devices. If the original data you stored is damaged or lost, you don't have to worry about that. Everybody has issues with their electronic devices, including smartphones. It is among the best backup methods for backup iPhone to laptop to ensure that you don't lose information on your device when it's lost or damaged. Moreover, it also helps when you backup an iPhone to a pc when you purchase a new device and want to copy your settings from the previous device to it. Now the question is how to backup an iPhone to a PC? We will be covering this in our article. So sit back, read and relax!

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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What is Backup & How Long Does it takes to Backup an iPhone?

Backup, also known as a data backup, is a copy of your phone's data stored in a backup place that can protect you from data loss. It is becoming pretty common to backup iPhone to computer.

Data loss could result from these causes:

  • Software or hardware failures
  • Data corruption
  • Attacks by malware or viruses
  • Accidental data erasure

2 Ways to Backup an iPhone Using iTunes

Method 1: Backup iPhone to Computer using iTunes

The backup of your data to your Computer or Mac using iTunes lets you backup the most important information on your iPad or iPhone, such as calendars, contacts, photos, messages, notes, etc. It allows you to protect the data on your iPhone Backup and save backup iPhone to PC. You can also back up your iTunes backup to your iPad or iPhone from your computer. Be aware that before you create backups of your documents, you've installed the most up-to-date version of iTunes on your Personal Computer. Here's how you can backup your iPad/iPhone to your Computer using iTunes.

User Guide:

  1. After installing the most recent iTunes version on your PC, connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer with an approved lightning USB cable in good working order.
  2. Start iTunes and, on the homepage, click the Device icon that is next to the drop-down menu of categories located on the left-hand side of the iTunes window. Select Summary from the right side of the program, and then choose "This computer" under "Automatically Back up." To ensure that your passwords and other information are protected, click on the "Encrypt" box. Then, you will be asked to make a password to secure your encrypted backups, which will automatically be saved to Keychains. Remember that this password will be required whenever you need to access your backup file.
  3. Once all the required settings have been put in place, you can choose "Back Up Now" under Manually Backup. The backup process will begin immediately, but it could take a while to complete the backup, based on the number of files. You can click Finish when the backup is completed.

backup iphone to computer using itunes

Method 2: Sync iPhone to Computer with iTunes

With iTunes installed on your computer, it is possible to transfer various files, including books, films, songs, etc. You might already have them stored on your iPad or iPhone, but backup them is the most efficient. It is also possible to backup your photos and music files by syncing them on your iPad or iPhone to an appropriate folder on your computer. When you sync your iPad or iPhone to iTunes, the photos or music stored on your iOS device will update automatically to be in sync with the album you have on your computer. Many types of files are easily connected to your computer with iTunes. They include media files, such as albums, songs, playlists, movies, podcasts, TV shows, audiobooks, or even novels. It also allows you to transfer video and photos. The steps required to sync your iPhone or iPad using iTunes are as follows.

User Guide:

  1. Connect the iPhone or iPad to your PC via a lightning USB cable that is functional, and enter your Apple password to ensure that the Computer has access to your data. Start iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, and then click the Device icon within iTunes windows, placed at the top left of your screen.
  2. On the left-hand right side on the left sidebar of the iTunes window, click Music or another category that you would like to connect with your computer. On the top of this specific window, click that checkbox beside Sync.
  3. Hit the Sync button located in the right lower corner of the window. If it cannot begin automatically, press the Sync button manually. If it's successful, Once it's done, you can see the synced data in the folder you created for this backup to your PC.

Backup iPhone to Pc without iTunes

You can save the files on the device onto your PC without using iTunes or iCloud. Moreover, iTunes isn't the best alternative as the data stored within it are not accessible or viewed. AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is the best option as you can create a full backup of all your iOS devices or simply WhatsApp Contacts and Photos in only one click. It is possible to keep several backup files since there's no limit on how many backups you can make, and the new backup won't replace the older ones. This is better than iTunes or iCloud. All it takes to backup is a single click.

Feature Highlights

  • You can selectively choose and store data.
  • AceThinker allows you to export any data from your device.
  • No data loss occurs when you restore data via normal mode.
  • This program provides one-click backup restoration to your computer.

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How to backup iPhone to computer?

Step 1 Install the software

Installed and launched Fone Keeper. Choose the tab that says iOS Data Backup and Restore. This will bring you to the interface of the program.

Step 2 Select iOS Data Restore

Then, connect a USB cable to connect your iPhone/iPad with your PC. AceThinker will recognize your device. From the program interface, select iOS Data Restore.

Step 3 Select the files

All the backup files listed on the list will appear. You can pick any one of them and then click View Now.

Step 4 Save Your Data

From the interface, it's possible to look at the details. Select the information you'd prefer to save.


Now you know how to backup iPhone windows; follow the abovementioned methods and back up your data. We recommend using AceThinker when dealing with backup data from your iPhone and be sure to protect yourself against any loss.

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iOS Data Backup & Restore
Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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