Four Ways and Solutions on How to Save Bookmarks on iPhone

feature backup iphone safari bookmarkEvery societal group reads a lot of reading materials in their leisure time. In a recent report, an average person reads four books every year. Reading is one of the most treasured skills humans have to communicate. We tend to get new knowledge and discover new information by reading. As the world progresses with the innovations, reading becomes easier and more accessible. Now, we use the internet to get information and find educational enrichment. This is possible with the help of web browsers. These search engines connect us to different articles that provide specific answers to our queries. One of the most common mobile browsers nowadays is Safari. Like other web crawlers, this tool provides different features. These include saving bookmarks and the history of your search queries. Yet, as it provides compelling features that are helpful for its users, there are times this browser fails. So, if you have this device, you must know how to save favorites on iPhone to prevent losing them permanently.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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Save Safari Bookmark With iTunes

Saving bookmarks is much more accessible right now. With the help of different tools, you do not have to worry about losing your Safari bookmark. iTunes is a computer and mobile program that serves as a media player, data library, and mobile device management utility. It was developed by Apple Inc and intended for playing, downloading, and organizing iOS media files. Aside from that, this tool also works and is compatible with Mac and Windows OS. Though it is well received for its media playing capabilities, this tool can also be used as a tool to save Safari bookmarks. This function is possible due to its ability to backup and retrieves iOS media files with the help of your personal computer. That being said, let's dive into the walkthrough on how to save favorites on iPhone.

  • Launching iTunes is the initial guide to saving Safari bookmarks on your iPhone. If you are using a Mac device, it is already pre-installed in its system. However, if your PC is running a Windows OS, you can download it on its webpage by going to the Apple Store for Windows.
  • Next, connect your iPhone and PC with the guide of your lightning cable. Once they are connected, launch your iTunes to your computer and go for your device icon. This icon is located at the uppermost part of iTunes. Once you have clicked the icon, your iPhone’s information will be presented on its windows.
  • Lastly, scroll down and locate the Info section and check the box Sync Bookmarks With option. You can select different web browsers to sync the Safari bookmarks. Then, hit the Apply option to save the changes you have made. After the process is finished and accomplished, you can check the Safari bookmarks on the selected web browsers.

save safari bookmarks with itunes

How to Save a Bookmark on iPhone using iCloud

iCloud is a cloud computing and storage service that Apple Inc. introduced last October 12, 2011. It accumulates over 800 million active users that use and take advantage of its service. This cloud-based program allows users to store data. These include documents, music, and photos on a remote server intended for iOS and macOS devices. Additionally, it provides 5GB of free storage on each iCloud account. It backs up iOS devices directly to its server instead of depending on manual backups such as iTunes. It also offers an automatic backup process to save and store Safari favorites. This process is possible with the help of an internet connection or mobile data. Without further ado, let's check the process on how to save bookmarks on iPhone using iCloud service.

  • On your iPhone screen, circumnavigate to your list of applications and locate the Settings app. Tap its icon to open different setups and functions dedicated to your device. Then, go to Apple ID by tapping its access option. From here, you can see the iCloud option on the first option.
  • Hit on the iCloud menu, and a list of iPhone files will be presented to you. Enable the Safari button to save every setting and bookmark you have on your device. You can check as well if the iCloud Backup option is turned on. Suppose it is on disable status, access its menu, and toggle the button until it turns green. This indicator will notify you that the device will automatically be backed up whenever the iPhone is on a locked screen.

save safari bookmarks with icloud

Backup Safari Bookmarks With iCloud Program

Like the iCloud service on your iPhone, you can also backup Safari bookmarks on your PC using the iCloud program. The iCloud program has a similar function to the iCloud service that you have on your iPhone. It also includes 5GB of free storage for its users and synchronizes all data across all devices. These devices include Contacts, Reminders, iCal, and Safari. Additionally, it also functions as a storage solution for your contacts, notes, photos, business backups, and more. To find the solutions on how to save a bookmark on iPhone using the iCloud program.

  • The initial step to execute the Safari bookmarks' backup process is installing the iCloud program on your device. You can visit the Apple Store to get the program on your computer. If you are using Windows OS, you can download the application on the Microsoft store. Once the program is installed, you can log in to your Apple ID or iCloud Account on its sign-up page.
  • Afterward, access the iCloud menu and make way to the Safari options. You need to make sure that the Apple account you are using is similar to the Apple ID on your Mac. This will allow the Safari browser to sync from iPhone to Mac. Then, open Safari on Mac and launch the Export Bookmarks from its menu. Choose the file location where you can save your Safari bookmarks and click on the Save button. Take note that the Safari bookmarks will be saved in HTML formats.

save safari bookmarks with icloud program

Backup iPhone Safari Bookmark For Mac/Windows

Distinctive Feature: It has an additional function where the Safari bookmarks can be restored from backup files.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is computer software that is an alternative solution for iTunes to backup files. Its users can make a quick and complete backup of their iOS device with its function. This tool can backup iPhone video, contacts, messages, and other iOS files you have on your device. It is also well-suited and compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. In addition, you can also change the backup location of your file on your desired folder, making them organized and systematized. Furthermore, the backup process is limitless. You can backup multiple iOS files without overwriting the earlier backup versions. This feature makes the iOS Data recovery a better option than iCloud and iTunes. To begin with the walkthrough on how to save favorites on iPhone, follow the guidelines underneath.

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Step 1 Download iOS Data Backup and Restore

The initial guide to storing Safari favorites on your iPhone device is by installing the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. Try to hit any of the buttons presented above to get its installer. Once you have done that, go to your download folder and run the file. Pass through its installation setup or wizards to install the app on your computer fully. After that, you can launch the software on your computer to check its navigation and processes. Doing this will benefit you to have a better workflow experience and quick process.

ios data backup & restore interface

Step 2 Connect iPhone to PC

The next step is to link the iOS device to your computer. This process is possible with the help of the lightning cable. Once the mobile device and computer have a bond or are linked together, you can launch the tool to analyze the mobile device. Then proceed with the selection of the backup mode. Select between Standard mode and Encrypted mode.

ios data backup & restore connect

Step 3 Backup iPhone Safari Bookmark

Once you have selected your preferred backup mode, the application will proceed with the selection of the files that need to be stored. You can untick all the files and leave the Safari Bookmarks option ticked. Then, click the next button to proceed with the backup process.

ios data backup & restore

Step 4 Finalized the Backup Process

Lastly, finalized the process by waiting on the progress of the backup process. There is an indicator that will give you a heads-up on the progress of the process. After 100%, the backup process is finished. You can locate and check the backup Safari bookmarks on its designated backup output folder.

ios data backup & restore finalize the process

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Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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