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Proven Ways on How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail

backup iphone contacts to googleThe world is bombarded with invisible lines and connections from different devices, towers, and satellites in a New Millenium. During this time, a study was conducted where an average adult cell phone owner receives or makes around five voice calls daily. With our population of around 8 Billion, 40 billion calls were made and received daily. The development of smartphones makes this data increasingly bombarded. With these devices, we can make calls, text, and receive information. One of the greatest brands we have to date is the iPhone. This compact device is a flagship phone well-known for its chic and well-rounded design. It has better storage for contacts that include 500 contact numbers. Despite that, do you know you can also save or backup your contacts with different storing services? Well, you can use Google or Gmail to backup your contacts. With that said, we will present to you the best ways how to backup contacts to Google Drive iPhone.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Suppose you want to save your iPhone contacts on different Google services; the initial solution you can use is your Gmail. This free mail service had almost 1.5 billion active users worldwide. This platform is accessible with different kinds of devices. You can sign in on this free mail service using your PC, smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. It is available in 105 languages, making it the most used Email service. You can store up to 15 gigabytes of files, including photos, contacts, and more. Thus, saving and backing your iPhone contacts is a convenient solution. To know how to backup contacts to Gmail on iPhone, see the guide below.

  • On your list of applications, go to the Settings app to access different Menus. Scroll down until you can visit the Contact icon.
  • Access your contacts by tapping its icon. Once on its menu, select the Account option and hit Add Account. From the selection of options, choose Google to log in to your Gmail account and sync your contacts to its service.

backup iphone contacts to google

iPhone Contact Backup to Gmail

Suppose you already have a Gmail account on your iPhone. It is much better to sync it and back it up. This process does not require any log-in or sign-up process to save your iPhone contacts. It has a similar function to the first solution but different ways to perform. This solution is considered one of the better ways to backup iPhone contacts due to its wireless process. You only need to toggle a button to do it. To know the process of syncing iPhone contacts on your Google account, follow these steps.

  • Open your Settings app to access different menus. Then, swipe up to access the lower options on your settings.
  • Locate the Mail icon and go to the Account option. Select the Gmail account from the list of accounts you have on your device. Then, on the list of options presented on the Gmail account, toggle the button for the Contacts icon to sync contacts.

sync iphone contacts to gmail

Send iPhone Contact as Business Card

Receiving and sending business cards might seem old-fashioned, like living in the early 2000's. Combine it with your iPhone and Gmail account, and you can save iPhone contacts on your Gmail account. The iPhone contacts can share contact information, including numbers, on different platforms. These services include WeTransfer, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Gmail. This process is possible due to the iPhone's capability to create virtual cards on your contact information and send them effortlessly. The only downside of this resolution is you need to send and create a v-card for each number you want to backup. Follow this process to learn how to backup contacts on Gmail on iPhone.

  • On your iPhone device, open your contacts. Select the contacts you want to save. Chronologically you can send them to your Gmail account.
  • Then, hit the Share Contact option to access different platforms. Select the Gmail account, type the Gmail you want to send your contacts, and hit send.

send contacts as vcards

How to Backup Contacts to Google Drive iPhone

Google Drive is a platform that can serve as a file storage and data synchronization service. This service allows its patrons to save and store files in the cloud on Google’s servers. It also allows users to share files through link access with different Google Drive users. This platform is accessible on different devices, including online or web browsers, mobile devices, and PC. Google Drive encompasses all parts of the Google Docs Editors office suite that provides collaborative editing of documents, presentations, forms, contacts, and more. Lastly, it provides 15GB of free storage and service. Yet, you can expand this capacity to 100GB and more by acquiring premium plans. To know how to save iPhone contacts to Google, follow the guidelines underneath.

  • On your iOS device, go to the Apple App Store and search for Google Drive. Then install it to access its service. Log in to your Google account to launch the tool.
  • Then, on its interface, access the Menu icon. There, you can see the list of options for your account. Go to the Settings and tap on the Backup options. Hit the Start Backup button and allow Google Drive to save your contacts. Lastly, wait until the process finishes.

backup contacts using google drive

Backup iPhone Contacts On Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: It comes with the restore process that allows users to recover contacts files on their computers.
Price: The premium plan of this iOS utility only costs $25.95. It is a one-time payment for two computers with endless support and updates.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is an iPhone utility that provides a better backup process. This tool is much more prominent than the solutions mentioned above due to its recovery process. It is equipped with the Restore function, where backup files can be easily transferred to your iPhone device. It is a helpful feature when you have accidentally deleted contacts on your iPhone. Besides, this feature does not exist in the solutions mentioned above. Therefore, it is advised to use this tool to back up your files surely. What is more, it can store and backup files limitlessly. Unlike Google service, this tool only depends on your computer's storage capacity. Thus, it will not limit you to saving contacts, photos, videos, and more on your computer. For additional bonus tips, this tool also comes with different processes. It can recover iOS systems, repair iPhone glitches, and get backups from other services like iCloud and iTunes. To know more about the straightforward backup contacts on iPhone, you need to see this article.

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Step 1 Install iOS Backup & Restore

The beginning step to backup contacts with AceThinker iOS Backup & Restore is getting its installer. Download the file by ticking the buttons presented above this step. Run the file and pass its installation wizards and prompts. Once the tool is installed, launch it to get familiarized with its process and navigation.

idr interface

Step 2 Select the Backup Mode

The next step in backing up your iPhone contacts is selecting the backup mode. Once you have connected your device with a lightning cable, you will be directed to select modes. It comes with two modes, the Standard and Encrypted mode. The Encrypted mode is backup files with a passcode while the Standard mode does not have.

idr select mode

Step 3 Choose the Contacts to Backup

Afterward, hit the Start button to scan your files. Then, from the list of iPhone files, deselect all and leave out the Contact icon. In this manner, your backup process will be smoother and more manageable.

idr select contacts

Step 4 Finalize the iPhone Backup Contacts to Google

Lastly, hit the Next option to process the backup files. Then, an indicator will be prompted on your screen. Please wait until it reaches 100 percent to look for your stored iPhone contacts.

idr finalize function

ios databackup restore icon
AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

A prominent tool to backup and restore iOS contacts with smooth process.
  • It can backup iPhone contacts with encrypted password, making it more secure and safe.
  • Its restore process can retrieve any backup versions directly to iPhone.
  • It can easily save iPhone files with the designated backup folder.
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iOS Data Backup & Restore
Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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