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Best Practices on How to Backup iPhone Music to iCloud

back up music to icloudMusic is undeniably one of the entertainment materials that we use every day. Whether we are doing household chores, getting together with friends, or doing work stuff, music is always the one who will kill our boredom. Its rhythm and tempo relax and comfort us depending on what genre they portray. That is why many web developers allow us to make music readily available to us. Music streaming websites also paved the way for listening to music on mobile devices. The iPhone is one of the most well-recognizable mobile brands that caters best music quality. This device allows users to download music and other applications that provide music-streaming functions. However, there are times that we may need to clear out or factory reset iPhone devices due to some system issues. It is not favorable for users who have many downloaded music on their files. Getting them downloaded again on their different sources may take you time and effort to get things done. Luckily, we have a solution to help you escape that long process. This article will help you learn how to backup iPhone music to iCloud so stay tuned.

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How to Backup Music to iCloud

Before we indulge in different ways to backup iPhone music to iCloud, we should tackle what makes music so important to us that we can assign some spaces in our device only to save them permanently. Getting music on our mobile devices is a great thing to have; it can help us get through the better part of our days. Wearing a pair of earphones while prancing on a treadmill will help us pass through activities. Music takes a lot of forms and guides us in many ways. How this entertainment material helps us can be in different ways, but one thing is sure, music is essential to us. That is why we sacrifice most of our internal storage only to save them at ease. There are two methods to backup your iCloud using the default settings. You can check the following guide on how to get your music saved on your iCloud.

1. Backup Music to iCloud With Default Setup

iCloud is a cloud storage platform that is dedicated to Apple devices. An Apple account user can use up to 5 GB of free storage. It is essential for saving personal information from your devices. It holds the most updated, safest, and readily available backup files whenever you need them. On its platform, you can access your files, photos, music, and other files stored in its system. The best thing this cloud storage has is the ability to sync your iPhone files whenever you make changes. For instance, if you have downloaded music from a music site, this file will be automatically stored on iCloud service. However, if you haven’t set up your device on an automatic backup process, then changes to your files will not be saved on its system. Therefore, it is necessary to know the default ways on how to back up music to iCloud. Follow the guide presented below to do the process.

  • The first guide on backing up music on iCloud is to unlock your device and access its home screen page. Then, from the list of iPhone applications listed on your screen, search for the Setting app. Tap the gear icon to access its interface.
  • Next, Under your Apple ID account, you will see the iCloud options on its menu. Tap your Apple ID to locate the list of options. Then, go to the iCloud service to go to the next page of the process.
  • Lastly, scan the list of features on your screen and select iCloud Backup to check if it is on. If not, toggle the button or hit the “Back Up Now” option to instigate the process of iPhone backup music.

default setting to backup music

2. Backup iPhone Music to iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library is an Apple platform or service that stores personal music libraries online. This process is possible by matching your song tracks to the music listed on the iTunes store. You can also do the process by uploading the tracks directly if songs are not matched on the iTunes store. This platform lets you stream and download your music files to ten other registered devices. However, you can only get this feature when you avail of the monthly subscription to Apple Music. Another way to have this feature on your device is to get iTunes Match premium service and pay $24.99 a year for your iTunes store. Below are the steps on how iCloud Music Library works and how it can back up music to iCloud.

  • The first guide you should do is to unlock your device to access your home screen page. Select the settings from the list of applications listed on your device. A new window will appear that will provide a list of options dedicated to the Settings of your iPhone.
  • The second step is to scroll down on your iPhone screen and navigate to the Music icon. Tap the menu on its left side to access its functions. A new list of options will then be shown on your screen.
  • Lastly, swipe on your screen until you reach the Library option. Under it, there is a Sync Library option. Toggle its button to enable the iCloud Music Library and back up your Apple Music.

icloud music library enabled

3. Tips About iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library, also known now as Sync Library, is an option on your Apple devices that enables you to access songs, playlist, and intelligent music playlist all over your ten devices. It ensures all the songs you have on your Apple Music are up-to-date. But how does this feature work? What is the science behind this smart syncing feature that allows us to stream music on all our devices? After you enable this function, the Music application or iTunes will start scanning your existing songs. With its audio fingerprinting and metadata-matching technology, it will locate each song available on iTunes. If it is available, it will match the song and make it available on your devices. To have a better perspective, analyze this scenario. Suppose you have a song from Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer at 128Kbps. If it matches the song in the iTunes Store Catalog, you can get the song in 256 kbps quality and upgrade it on your device. The upgraded quality will then sync across your device.

how icloud music library works

How to Backup Music Downloaded Online

Distinctive Feature: It comes with a function that can backup iPhone music that is not purchased on Apple Music.
What is it best for?: It is suitable for users who have maximized the storage of their iCloud backup. It is the best alternative for iCloud to back up your iPhone files.

We already talked about how to back up music purchased on Apple Music, but how about those songs downloaded using downloading music applications? Worry not; we already have a recommended solution for that. AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is an impressive tool that allows users to store their iPhone files directly on their computers. It has two modes to back up your music safely. Suppose you want to be extra vigilant on your files and don’t want others to access your backup files. In that case, you need to use its Encrypted mode, which will give your backup files and extra protection using a password or passcode. Follow the guide below to learn how to backup iPhone to computer with this tool.

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Step 1 Install Data Backup & Restore

To make iCloud backup music on your computer, install AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. You can also download the file installer of this tool by tapping the download button presented before this step. Then, you can access your download folder to run the file and install the app thoroughly.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Choose the Backup Mode

Next, launch the tool on your computer screen and select the iOS Data Backup option. While doing that, connect your smartphone to your computer using a lightning wire. Once the device is analyzed, two modes will appear on the application. Select the Standard Backup and hit the Start option.

select mode

Step 3 Select Files to Backup

Then, a new page will appear with files you can back up on your computer. Hit or tick each box to associate the iPhone files with the backup process. To simplify the process, you can untick all the boxes except for the App Audios option.

select files to backup

Step 4 Backup iPhone Music

Lastly, tap the Next button to initiate the backup process. A last window will appear, giving you an indicator of the progress of the process. Please wait until the indicator reaches 100%.

finalize process

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore
A best solution to backup music in a safest way.
  • This tool is designed to recover backup files from your computer.
  • It can encrypt password on the backup file.
  • It does not over write the old backup files.

Extra Knowledge: What Will Happen if You Disable iCloud Music Library

Here are the scenarios that might happen if you turn off your iCloud Music Library on your iPhone:

  • Even though you avail of the Apple Music premium subscription, you can only listen to music or stream online on your Apple Music. Downloading and adding to your Apple Music library is prohibited.
  • The songs on your device will not be updated or synced across your device.
  • Turning off its function can have a good side. You can manually copy music and songs from your iPhone to your Mac via lightning cable.

backup music additional knowledge

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Does the iPhone automatically back up on iCloud?
Yes, the iPhone has an option that lets users choose whether they want to back up their files automatically or manually. When enabled, the advantage of this option is that you can make changes to your device’s file, and iCloud will get a copy of that file and save it on your system. However, the downfall of that feature is it can quickly maximize the 5 GB of free storage that iCloud users have.
2. Is the iCloud Music Library free?
No, this feature is for users who avail of the premium pass of Apple Music and iTunes Match. This feature will only be enabled if the subscription is still active, and that is the only time you can use this feature to sync all songs across your devices.
3. What is the best tool to backup non-iTunes purchased songs?
AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is a function that can store your iPhone music directly on your computer. It creates a backup and safely saves the file on your internal storage. With this tool, you can also recover the backup files back to your iPhone if bad things happen to the original files.


Above are the solutions you need to know for backing up your iPhone music on your iCloud or computer. Once you have mastered the basics, the process will become smooth sailing. There are other solutions or functions that may help you get your device to its full potential. You can check this link for additional knowledge. You can also comment below for more details that you want us to resolve regarding iOS issues or related inquiries.

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