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[Updated]How to Backup iPhone to Computer without iTunes

back up iphone without itunesPeople are always fascinated with backup files, plans, and activities. We tend to anticipate future shortcomings and circumstances that we can encounter. That is why a contingency plan has been created. We always wanted to backup them to reminisce and look back at every piece of data stored on our phones in our files. If you are an iPhone end-user, there are different ways to backup your files, one of which is iTunes. This software acts as a media library, media player, and mobile device management. Although this is free to use to backup your file, this tool is not a user-friendly option to do it. Due to its multi-functional features, backing up files can be troublesome and hard to follow. Therefore, we have collected different ways to backup iPhone to PC without iTunes. See them below to perform the process.

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Manual Ways of iCloud to Backup iPhone to Computer Without iTunes

iCloud is one of the leading cloud-based storages that provides an efficient way to store iPhone data. It enables users to backup files, including photos, music, and documents. Also, its process is wirelessly possible on iOS devices directly on its service. It also provides a 5GB backup capacity for each user of its service. With that said, provided below are the steps to backup iPhone to computer without iTunes.

User Guide for Manual Process:

  • To begin, connect your iPhone device to a strong internet network as the iCloud service requires a high and uninterrupted connection. Go to the Settings app to access different functions as you have settled the network.
  • If you are using the iOS 10.2 version or earlier, swipe down on the list of functions and tap on iCloud. Nonetheless, if you use a later iOS version, tap on the owner name and access the iCloud.
  • Lastly, within the list of iCloud functions, select iCloud Backup and enable its function. After that, proceed and choose the “Back Up Now” function to commence the process. Be mindful of the internet connection until the process is completed so no data will fail in transit.

backup data manually with icloud

Back Up iPhone Without iTunes using iCloud Automatic Way

iCloud offers another way to backup your iPhone files. This automatic process will back up your files, documents, and accounts. This method is possible when the iPhone is connected to power, Wi-Fi, and even locked. See the walkthrough beneath to know how to backup iPhone files without using the iTunes service.

User Guide for Automatic Process:

  • To commence the process, connect your iPhone to a strong Wi-Fi connection. As stated above, a strong internet connection is a significant factor in effectively backing up all data. Then, proceed to the Settings app to locate different phone settings.
  • Next, access the iCloud function on your device. IOS 10.2 or earlier is associated with the list of Settings. For the iOS later version, choose the owner's name to locate iCloud.
  • Lastly, once you have selected the iCloud option, enable the iCloud Backup button. This process will enable the device to automatically backup the data when the device is in locked mode, connected to a power source, and internet connection.

backup data automatic with icloud

How to Backup iPhone to Mac Without iTunes

Apple has created the process of getting the iPhone backup easier than before. As they developed Mac OS Catalina, users can now perform the backup process efficiently on their computers. The process we presented below is suitable for Mac users with 10.15 and above. Read beneath the process on how to backup iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.

  • To instigate a backup process, connect your iPhone to your Mac computer with the help of your lightning cable. Then, on your Mac device, open the Finder function.
  • Next, choose your iPhone device connected to your computer at the left part of the panel. A popup reminder will appear on your screen to ask you if the device can be trusted. Hit the Trust option to proceed with the process. On the right side, select the General function. This function will provide you with different options like "Backup all of the data on this iPhone to this Mac."
  • Finally, select the option and tick the Back Up Now function to save the data you have on your iPhone.

backup icloud without itunes using mac finder

Backup iPhone to Windows 10 Without iTunes

Distinctive Feature: This tool can backup and recover your files to your computer even without erasing the data on your iPhone.
Compatible Device: It supports the following iPhone versions: iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12,iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, and earlier.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Recovery is a suitable computer utility to replace iTunes to back up your iPhone files. Users can completely store their iOS device or select data that users want to backup. The files that can be backed up on this software are Contacts, Photos, messages, call history and more. Additionally, this tool is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. This tool is preferable if users do not want to install iTunes on their Windows computers. In addition, it has no limitation on backing up the iPhone data. It also creates new versions of backups on your computer and even backup iPhone with broken screen. This feature means that the new backup files will not overwrite the previous data that you have stored. What is more, if users want to restore their iPhone files on their other devices, it also provides a quick restoration process.

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Step 1 Install the iTunes Alternative

You need to install the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore on your computer to get the ball rolling. You can acquire its installer by ticking the download button presented above. Run the file to pass through its installation wizard and prompts. Once it is accomplished, launch the tool and familiarize its interface.

ios data backup and restore interface

Step 2 Linked Your iPhone and Computer

Next, with the help of your lightning cable, connect your smartphone to your computer. Then, select the iOS Data Backup function to check if your device is already connected. Once connected, you can select two backup modes; Standard Mode and Encrypted Mode. The Standard Mode can back up text messages, call history, contacts, photos, and more. At the same time, the Encrypted Backup can add passwords on the backup files, which is suitable for safety and privacy.

Step 3 Initiate the Process

Then, select the Start function to access the files you want to backup. Each iPhone file has an indicator for you to tick and untick them to select which type of files you only want to save. From there, hit the Next button to instigate the process. It will go through you to a new interface window. This window will enable you to locate the progress of the process.

Step 4 Check the Backup Files

Once finished, you can locate the backup files on your computer by accessing its output folder. You can see different files you have stored using this software. Additionally, this tool can also quickly restore the iPhone backups with the help of its iOS Data Restore.

locate backup with ios data backup

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