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See what are people talking about AceThinker Screen Grabber Free and please tell us what you think about it.

28 Reviews

Worth a try

I didn't think this was any good actually but it surprised me. 4 stars
by Keaton | 2021-07-05 11:22:21

Better than a few paid ones

I wasn't expecting a free screenshot tool to be as high quality as this is. It's not the best (how could it be?) but it's better than some of the paid tools I've tried.
by Trent | 2021-06-16 14:03:49

Why is this so good?

How come this free grabber is so good? I don't get it
by Waylon | 2021-05-23 04:14:10

Worth it

I have the paid version, it works very well on full page screenshots. It doesn't skip content and it doesn’t look overly pixelated.
by Iker | 2021-05-18 09:07:33


Best screen capture quality I’ve ever got! I had to uninstall some extensions so I needed a free tool for this.
by Brynlee | 2021-05-04 13:20:02

my brother

I want to make a video
by faeem | 2020-10-26 09:04:16

A free tool that is actually good!?

A free tool that is actually good!? Who would have known? For most free tools there are certain things that don't work or who knows what. But this tool looks and feels pretty good. Does what it should and does it quickly.
by Rylan | 2020-09-09 22:49:48

Looks simple

Looks simple but behind the exterior we can find plenty of important features we can take advantage of.
by Marcus | 2020-09-05 22:49:20



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