Learn How to Watch Netflix on FaceTime App with Friends

The era of trying to find a time to meet in real life is not applicable. This is replaced by the ease of video chats and online platforms that keep us close to our friends and family no matter where we are. This shift also applies to how we enjoy entertainment, with the rise of watching movies and shows together online despite being miles apart. FaceTime call can be a streaming app for a movie or TV show to stream Netflix. This creative solution merges FaceTime's well-known video call features with Netflix's extensive collection, letting you watch movies and shows together virtually with your friends and family. Get ready because we're about to cover all the details you need to know to host the best FaceTime Netflix party ever!

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Setting Up Your FaceTime Netflix Party Learn the requirements when having a watch together with FaceTime.
Step-by-Step on How to Stream Video on FaceTime Calls Comprehensive guide on how to successfully watch Netflix on Facetime using SharePlay.
Other Streaming Platforms to FaceTime Netflix Alternative tools to enjoy watching movies with friends without FaceTime.
Conclusion Summarize the benefits of using FaceTime for a virtual Netflix experience.

Setting Up Your FaceTime Netflix Party

Let's face it: traditional movie nights can be a logistical nightmare. Scheduling conflicts, travel time, and the struggle to agree on a movie – it all adds up. Here, we'll guide you through everything you need to get started, transforming your living room into the ultimate virtual hangout spot. We'll cover the technical requirements, from ensuring everyone has compatible devices to troubleshooting potential connection hiccups. Plus, we'll offer tips on choosing the perfect movie or show for your virtual gathering, making your FaceTime Video Netflix party a night to remember.

Technical Requirements:

  • Devices & Software:
  • The good news is that most of us already have the tools needed! FaceTime is readily available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Android users can participate using a compatible video-calling app like Google Duo. Make sure everyone updates their devices and apps to the latest versions to avoid compatibility issues.

  • Internet Connection:
  • A stable internet connection is crucial for a seamless viewing experience. Buffering and lag can kill the movie night vibe. Recommend to your friends that they connect to a strong Wi-Fi network to avoid any interruptions during the co-watching session.

Step-by-Step on How to Stream Video on FaceTime Calls

FaceTime might be known for video calls, but a clever trick called SharePlay session or screen sharing (available to Apple users on iOS 15 or later and iPadOS 15 or later) can transform it into a virtual co-watching platform for streaming video and begin viewing.

Step 1 Initiate the FaceTime Call

Invite friends and family and initiate a new FaceTime call using the FaceTime app on your Apple device, iPhone or iPad, or Apple TV. Once the call is stable, you can now initiate SharePlay on your end to view the movie for everyone on the call.

Step 2 Activate SharePlay

During the call, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to reveal a menu bar. Look for the icon and tap SharePlay icon (it resembles a square with arrows pointing outwards). Tap on it to unlock the world of co-watching possibilities for an app that supports SharePlay!

Step 3 Choose Your Streaming App

With SharePlay activated, you'll see a list of compatible apps. Select your supported streaming apps, like Share Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max Disney, or other apps. Remember, only apps support SharePlay will be available. Once it's established, you can now watch Netflix with your friends.

Other Streaming Platforms to FaceTime Netflix

Alternative 1: Watch Netflix, Disney, HBO Max, Hulu with Teleparty

FaceTime with SharePlay provides an easy way to have a virtual gathering with Netflix with friends, but it's not the only way to do it. Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a Google Chrome browser extension, a streaming app that supports watching movies together online. Here's why Teleparty could be the ideal choice for your next online movie night: Teleparty does more than just allow you to talk in FaceTime. It works on different devices, from computers to smart TVs and even tablets, allowing anyone with a compatible device to join in. This ensures broader participation and a more welcoming online gathering. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating schedules and the concern of who can join due to device compatibility issues – Teleparty makes for an effortless and engaging video streaming app with friends. Explore how to use this effective tool to host your next memorable movie night online!

  • Head to your web browser's extension store or Play Store (Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Edge Add-ons, etc.) and open the streaming app Teleparty. Install the extension and follow the on-screen instructions. This will grant you access to Teleparty's co-watching functionalities within your browser.
  • Navigate to your chosen streaming service (Telepathy works with Netflix app, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more!). Pick the movie or show you want to watch together. With Teleparty installed, you'll see an icon (usually red) next to the address bar. Click on it to initiate a Teleparty session.
  • Teleparty will automatically generate a unique link for your virtual viewing party. Share this link with your friends and invite them to join the fun. Once everyone clicks the link and joins the party, you'll be able to see their avatars and chat in real time while the movie plays in sync for all participants. Now, sit back, relax, and watch content with interactive movie night with your friends, even if they're miles away!

Alternative 2: Download Movies and TV shows with Aqua Clip

Co-watching platforms provide an enjoyable way to socialize, but there's a lot to appreciate about the ease and autonomy of streaming movies and series on your own time. You can use Aqua Clip, a program designed to let you easily download your favorite content straight to your device. This tool lets you download movies and TV series ahead of time, guaranteeing uninterrupted playback even in areas with weak Wi-Fi. This is especially useful for movie nights planned in advance, where avoiding buffering issues that can break the movie's rhythm is key. Additionally, Aqua Clip gives you full control over the download quality. Whether you're looking for top-notch visuals with high-definition choices like 720p, 1080p, or up to 4k! You can also conserve storage by choosing lower resolutions, and Aqua Clip has got you covered. The software is known for its fast download speeds, enabling you to get your content quickly.

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Step 1 Download and Install Aqua Clip

Go to the official Aqua Clip website (avoid third-party download sites) and download the software compatible with your operating system (Windows or Mac). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
aqua clip interface

Step 2 Find Your Content

Launch Aqua Clip on your home screen and navigate to the search bar. Here, you can enter the title of the movie or TV show you wish to download. Alternatively, Aqua Clip might offer suggestions based on popularity or browsing history.
download netflix with cleverget

Step 3 Customize and Download

Once you've found your desired content, Aqua Clip will display various download options. Choose the quality that suits your needs—high resolution for sharp visuals or a lower resolution for smaller file sizes. Aqua Clip also allows you to select specific episodes of a TV show or the entire season. Finally, click the download button, and Aqua Clip will take care of the rest, grabbing your chosen content at impressive speeds and sharing it on your streaming apps with playback controls like fast forward and rewind.
select quality


FaceTime with SharePlay offers a convenient way to relive the magic of movie nights with friends, even when miles apart. It leverages the familiarity of video chat, combined with the vast library of Netflix, fostering a sense of connection while you enjoy your favorite shows and movies. However, the future of co-watching technology promises even more immersive experiences. Imagine synchronized virtual environments where you and your friends can watch a movie together in a shared digital space, complete with avatars and interactive elements. The possibilities are endless! While FaceTime with SharePlay provides a solid foundation for virtual movie nights today, exciting advancements are on the horizon.

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