Can You Get Amazon Prime Video on Nintendo Switch? Solved!

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feature watch amazon prime on nintendo switch Nintendo Switch console has a lot of activities offered. It includes playing games, watching movies, streaming music, and other purposes. It is one of the most popular devices in the market. Anyone who has one of these will surely make their daily entertainment fun. With many choices, one of the users' desires is to watch their favorite movie on their Switch. But what if you want to watch a movie from Amazon Prime? Knowing the fact that Amazon Prime is not yet available on Switch. However, it allows you to access different video streaming sites like YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, and more. So if you want to discover the possible ways, you can watch amazon prime on Nintendo Switch. This article will guide you through. Read each important detail below to begin.

Advanced Amazon Prime Video Downloader - CleverGet

Best for: It is best for its different available popular video streaming sites with quick download speed.
Price: You can purchase its complete package for $134.95 per year.

Suppose you desire to watch your favorite movie from Amazon Prime on Nintendo Switch. In that case, you will need a video downloader, use AceThinker CleverGet Video Downloader. This tool is compatible with any computer device like Windows and Mac. The tool enables you to download HD movie in MP4 file format. It supports a file format allowing users to watch it with different media players. It is an excellent video download option since it supports a fast download speed. Furthermore, it can store the audio and subtitles of each movie. The tool's built-in browsers are designed to make all the video streaming platforms easily modify and download. Lastly, the downloaded file can be selected with up to 720p to 1080p resolution. Please continue reading below to discover more of them.

Step 1 Get the Amazon Prime Downloader

First, you need to get a CleverGet Video Downloader. Hit the "Download" button given above. Next, choose the correct installer on your computer OS. After the installer file is saved, run it on your screen. Follow the instructions and continue until your computer successfully launches the tool.

get the amazon prime downloader

Step 2 Select the Movie to Download

Go to the tools' main interface. First, select Amazon Prime among the available streaming sites. Then, sign up or log in to your account from its built-in browser. Next, choose the movie you want to download. The "Download" button will be visible in the lower-right section. You can hit it anytime you wish to initiate the downloading process.

cleverget select video

Step 3 Start the Video Downloading

Press the "Download" whenever you want to start downloading the process. The following window screen will display the selections for output. It includes the video quality, bitrate, and file size. First, navigate to the drop-down menu and choose the MP4 file format you prefer. Next, move to Subtitle and select the language you need for the output.

hit download and select mp4

Step 4 Locate the Downloaded File

On the lower-right corner, press the "Download" button again. The process of downloading the video will eventually begin. You can view the downloading process in the right corner of the "Library" section. The tool will finish the downloading process after a few seconds. Afterward, the downloaded file will save automatically on your device. Hit the "Open Folder" to locate its file location.

locate the downloaded file

Alternative Solutions

Suppose you want to discover other solutions similar to CleverGet video downloader. In that case, there are still different ways to achieve it and solve your question, "can you watch prime video on Nintendo Switch." Read below to discover the other tool for downloading movies on Amazon Prime Video. This is accessible in any of your computer browsers on different devices. Check them all below.

1. KeepStream

Best for: It is best for its functionality to schedule download videos.
Price: $19.9 monthly

KeepStream is a video downloader that also supports watching various video streaming websites. Downloading movies using the tool is another solution for your wondering, "can you watch amazon prime on a Switch." It also has a built-in browser to log in and directly watch your favorite movie show on the tool. The tool provides a YT Downloader with other popular sites like Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram. Moreover, it offers a VIP service, including streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Netflix. It is developed to download videos, movies, TV shows, and live streaming. In addition, it helps users to save their desired video in 1080 quality in MP4 format.

User Guide:

  • Visit KeepStream Video Downloader on your web browser to access its interface. Get the software and install it on your computer. Please adhere to the installation guide and wait for it to be launched.
  • Acess its interface and select Amazon Prime. Login to your account to the webpage. Then, search the movies or series you want to acquire using the tool. You can play the movie on its interface for a while. Select the "Ready for Download" button on the upper-left side of the interface.
  • A new window screen will display where the options for output are given. Tapping the Download button after selecting the resolution will initiate the download process. While doing that, you can check your output on the "Downloaded" panel. You can play and open the video file location to start watching offline.

watch amazon prime on nintendo switch with keepstream

2. Keepvid.Works

Best for: It is best for its fast speed downloading and conversion process
Price: Free

Another Solution to download Amazon Prime Movies you can try is KeepVid.Works. This tool provides various options to save the movie for unlimited offline viewing. The device supports video downloading and converting. It lets users convert video into MP3 format. The program is free to use and is accessible via the internet. It also provides high-quality video downloads. Users who want a fast-speed download process are perfect for this tool. Follow the guide below to learn the downloading process of the device.

User Guide:

  • Open your computer browser and search for Keepvid.Works. Next, log in to your Amazon Prime account and get the link to the video you need to stream offline. Paste the movie URL from the center text bar and press the download button beside it.
  • Hold for a while until the conversion process is done. Modify the download preferences by hitting the green "Gear" button on the right side. Once it completes, hit the "Download" button. The preview screen will display automatically.
  • Click the ellipsis icon and select the download option. The process will then be initiated. The final procedure comes with a different approach for different devices. For Apple devices, tap and hold the download icon to select the download link of the video file.

watch amazon prime on nintendo switch with keepvid works

3. 4K Video Downloader

Best for: It has the best option to save higher quality videos.
Price: Its subscription costs $15 once a year.

4K Video Downloader is an admirable Amazon Prime video downloader. The tool's simple user interface lets it download quick videos in just a few clicks. It gives high-quality video output in file format, including mp4. This program lets you download all YouTube videos, channels, playlists, and other subtitles. The guide is presented below so better read it thoroughly. You can obtain this tool using your Windows and Mac and collect unlimited movies you want quickly. It has a free and Paid version. You can get the tool's full features after downloading it on any available web browser.


  • What you need to do to get Amazon Prime video on your device is to install the 4K Video Downloader. Access its main product page on your web browsers to get the file installer. Once you have it, you need to access your download folder to run and install the app. .
  • On the same web browser, access the Prime Video website and log in using your credentials. Browse the movie or series you need to acquire and copy the URL. Access the tool’s interface and paste the link on its address bar.
  • Finally, choose the video resolution after the tool analyzes the URL. Tap on the download option to save the video. On its Download tab, you will locate the recently downloaded files and access them to preview the downloaded Prime video.

watch amazon prime on nintendo switch with 4k video downloader

Transfer Downloaded Amazon Prime Video to Nintendo Switch

Suppose you're an Amazon Prime member and have a Nintendo Switch. In that case, the Nintendo Switch is a great way to enjoy your streaming content. After preparing all the downloaded movies, you collected them using the above solution. It is now time for you to transfer downloaded Amazon Prime Video content to your Switch Nintendo console. To start with, follow the steps below.

User Guide:

  • Begin by connecting your Nintendo Switch to the computer via a USB cable. On the Switch Home screen, head to "Settings" and find "Data Management." Select the option "Manage Screenshots and Videos."
  • Press the "Copy to a Computer via USB Connection" to enable the connection. On your computer, open the disk of the Nintendo Switch, then open the folder of "Album." You can directly drag and drop the videos or screenshots from the Nintendo Switch's folder to the computer.
  • After the transfer process, tap "Disconnect" on Switch. Then, check the downloaded video on your Switch device. When okay, you can start watching your favorite Switch movies anytime.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

So, can you get amazon prime video on Nintendo Switch? Definite yes! Watching Amazon Prime movies on Nintendo Switch is possible. After discovering the best solutions for downloading movies, you can now grab the chance to download and watch your favorite movies offline on a Switch. Pick an ideal tool to collect your Amazon Prime movies in HD and transfer them to your Nintendo Switch console anytime. Grab the CleverGet video downloader now and read more about how to download amazon prime videos on mac to make more discoveries. Watch videos on your Switch device safely and quickly now.

Tools Free Trial Supported Output Format Ads
CleverGet Available MP4 and MKV No
Keepstream Available MP4 only No
Keepvid.Works Available MP4 only Yes
4k Video Downloader Not Available MP4 only No

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