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feature download 4k movieThe old days of watching low-resolution movies have gone as 4K UHD is trending nowadays. It will be a delightful treat to watch those 4K movies. As you know, 4K movies will offer you a better watching experience than 720P, 1080P, 2K, or lower resolution movies. With all these factors, the popularity of 4K movies was drawn to the attention of many movie lovers. Now, many people choose to 4K movies download websites. Because who would not? Besides that, watching movies is the complete way to get some quick entertainment. But searching for the best and safe 4K movies download sites might be tiresome for you and for other people who want to enjoy movies online. So to help you, we have compiled the top six sites to watch and download 4K movies. Also, we presented other ways on how you can download 4K movies from YouTube.

Top 10 Sites to Watch and Download 4K Movies

1. YouTube

Distinctive Feature: YouTube has a dedicated app for mobile devices. It also allows users to upgrade to “YouTube Premium” for ads-free videos, music, and more.
Available Movie Genres: Horror, Drama, SciFi, Documentaries, Thriller, and many more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions.

One of the most amazing 4K movies websites is YouTube. It started offering 4K videos with VP9 compression coding in 2010. This video codec is distinct from the generally used HEVC codec. Furthermore, YouTube contributes to the availability of supporting 4K movies in up to 60FPS. Also, with the advancement of 4K cameras, many users are shooing and uploading a large amount of 4K home movies to YouTube, including Warner Bros movies. That is why it is not surprising to discover that YouTube has been home to many 4K movies. If you want to download 4K movie from YouTube, all you have to do is use a YT downloader. In the next section, we will provide you with a tool to use.

download 4k movies with youtube


  • YouTube offers a massive and diverse range of content, including user-generated videos and educational material.
  • The platform is easy to navigate, with user-friendly features such as playlists, subscriptions, and personalized recommendations.

  • The free version of YouTube includes ads, which can be intrusive and interrupt the viewing experience.
You can add videos to your playlist for later downloads.

2. LimeTorrents

Distinctive Feature: Aside from high-quality movies, the site also offers Anime games, TV shows, free songs, and many more.
Available Movie Genres: This site can find and download all types of movie genres.
Availability: The site is inaccessible in the UK, Ireland, France, and Australia.

LimeTorrents content is not limited to videos, nor is it confined to a single quality. It is even the fourth 4K films download website over the internet. It is a versatile website with sleek, and navigating around the page is quite smooth. Plus, this UHD movies download site has the advantage of allowing you to bookmark your favorite torrents or even add them to “RSS” feeds. Also, the website enables peer-to-peer file sharing. With that, you can share magnetic links and torrent files easily. Furthermore, it also has a specific comment box for each torrent where you can leave feedback or request another torrent.

4k movies download limetorrents


  • LimeTorrents provides a wide variety of torrents, including movies, TV shows, games, software, and more.
  • Users can benefit from the community-driven ratings and comments that help assess the quality and authenticity of torrents.

  • LimeTorrents may be inaccessible in certain regions due to geographical restrictions or legal issues.

3. The Pirate Bay

Distinctive Feature: It allows sharing torrent files and magnetic links through email.
Available Movie Genres: The site provides almost any movie genre.
Availability: It is inaccessible in some countries.

The Pirate Bay is popularly known as the “King of Torrents,” a distinction it rightfully deserves. It is one of the excellent torrent 4K Ultra HD movies free download sites to get your favorite movies. This best websites to download 4K movies has a massive database of movies, videos, games, TV shows, and textbooks. Moreover, the site has more than 330,000 activated files in 4K resolution. This makes it one of the top UGD torrenting sites over the internet. So, if you and your family or colleagues want to see a spectacular sequence today but do not like to compromise on quality, this is the right site to visit. In addition, you download 4K video songs in this website.

download 4k movies with the pirate bay


  • The Pirate Bay has a vast collection of torrents, making it a popular choice for users seeking a wide range of content.
  • It has a long-standing community that contributes to the availability and curation of torrents.

  • The Pirate Bay has faced legal challenges and shutdowns in the past, leading to occasional inaccessibility and potential legal risks for users.

4. YTS

Distinctive Feature: It has many domain names like YTS.AM, YTS.LT, and YTS.AG. If you visit any of its sites, you will be redirected to its official domain,
Available Movie Genres: Horror, Romance, Comedy, Political, and many more.
Availability: The site is blocked in Ireland.

When it comes to 4K movies download sites, it is impossible to overlook YTS. It is the go-to location for everyone looking for a smooth and fast download of movies in the highest possible quality, like 4K. The site will provide you the feeling like you are visiting Amazon Prime or Netflix rather than a free torrent site. Another great thing about YTS is its database. YTS comes with over 15,423 movies, including trending, timeless blockbusters! Also, YTS is a torrent site dedicated just to movies, making it ideal for movie lovers. Furthermore, it allows you to download 8K movies and 4K and access content in any format that you prefer. That includes MP4, WAV, MOV, WMV, and a lot more.

download 4k movies with yts


  • YTS specializes in high-quality movie torrents with smaller file sizes, making it a preferred choice for users with limited bandwidth.
  • YTS provides a clean and user-friendly interface, focusing on a specific niche of movie torrents.

  • YTS primarily focuses on movies, so users looking for a broader range of content may need to use additional platforms.
You can check the IMDb rating of the movies before downloading to have an idea about how good it is.

5. MyDownloadTube

Distinctive Feature: Aside from movie content, this site also offers free PC games that you can install on your computer.
Available Movie Genres: Romance, Action, Horror, Documentaries, and many more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions.

Another 4K films download site that you should not miss is the MyDownloadTube. It is one of the popular sites for watching and downloading. This best website for 4K movies download has HD Hollywood, Animation, Bollywood, and Arabic movies. Besides that, the site provides you with a broad range of movie collections that you can download in the highest quality available, like 4K. But you have to register for a free account first before downloading a specific movie. Moreover, the site provides you a complete and direct link to free download 4K movies. Then, you can click these links to download the movie you prefer without downloading other software.

download 4k movies mydownloadtube


  • MyDownloadTube allows users to download movies for free, providing access to a variety of films like Warner Bros production.
  • The platform offers the option to stream movies directly.

  • Like many free movie download sites, MyDownloadTube may have ads, potentially impacting the user experience.


Distinctive Feature: The site has a search bar. This is convenient for faster browsing of specific movies.
Available Movie Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Comedy, and a lot more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions.

RARBG is a renowned online platform that facilitates the sharing and downloading of digital content, including 4K movies. Operating within a gray legal area, it offers an extensive collection of 4K movies that users can acquire without proper licensing. This famous 4K movies download free website is available on web browsers like Chrome and Safari. You can download movies in 1080P UHD, 1080P in 10Bit, 1080P with 60FPS, 4K HDR, 4K 2160P SDR, and even 3D movies. The site assures its user's movies with the highest bitrates and vivid quality options.

rarbg interface


  • RARBG curates its torrent listings, providing users with a more organized and verified selection of torrents.
  • The platform has an active community that contributes to discussions and helps maintain the quality of the available torrents.

  • RARBG may be blocked in some regions, limiting access for users in those areas.

7. Vudu

Distinctive Feature: The site enables users to rent a film
Available Movie Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Comedy, and a lot more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions except Southeast Asia.

Vudu is a popular digital streaming service that provides and offers a wide selection of genres of movies and TV shows for rent or purchase. The service also provides a growing selection of 4K Ultra HD movies that can be rented or purchased for a higher price than their HD counterparts. If you want to download 4K movies from Vudu, you'll need a compatible device and a fast internet connection. You can download Vudu's app on compatible smart TVs, streaming devices, and game consoles. Once you have the app installed, you can browse Vudu's selection of 4K movies and choose the one you want to download. Remember that 4K movies are larger than HD movies, so they will take longer time to acquire and need more storage space on your device. Additionally, some movies may not be available for download due to licensing restrictions.

vudu interface


  • It comes with app version for mobile devices and Smart TVs
  • It permits unlimited download of 4K movies.

  • Few movies are not accessible due to licensing issues.

8. FandangoNOW

Distinctive Feature: You can purchase a movie in this website in legal way
Available Movie Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Comedy, and a lot more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions except Southeast Asia.

FandangoNOW is an excellent online platform that offers an extensive collection of 4K movies and TV shows. It lets you download videos or your favorite titles in stunning 4K resolution and watch them offline without interruptions. Downloading 4K movies on FandangoNOW is straightforward. All you have to do is browse through the website's vast collection of movies, select your desired title, and choose between renting or purchasing it. Once you have selected it, you can download the film to your device, and it will be available to watch whenever you want. FandangoNOW offers a variety of payment options, and the download speed is fast, ensuring that you can begin streaming your desired movies in no time. With a user-friendly facade and vast scope library of movies, FandangoNOW is an excellent choice for anyone looking to download high-quality 4K movies.

fandangonow interface


  • You can legally download movies in this website.
  • You can also stream and download movies at the same time.

  • Downloading videos is not free

9. Ultrafix

Distinctive Feature: It contains old movies converted and transformed in 4K resolution.
Available Movie Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Comedy, and a lot more.
Availability: It is accessible in almost any regions.

Are you trying to get better 4K movies and TV shows for your device? Ultrafix is one of the great choices you can consider in your arsenal. This streaming platform provides 4K video resolution, allowing its patrons to experience a cinema-like feeling when streaming on this website. It has old films reimagined into 4K quality, which is suitable for moviegoers who are favored for streaming and downloading classic films. Also, it provides different video resolutions from which users can select. They can choose to stream and download movies in HD, 4k, and 8K resolution.

ultrafix interface


  • Classic movies also are available for download and stream.
  • Concerts are available for streaming in this platform.

  • Limited list of new movies

10. Torlock

Distinctive Feature: You can download movies with subtitles in this platform.
Available Movie Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller, Fiction, Comedy, and a lot more.
Availability: It is banned on different regions including Australia, Denmark, India, The Netherlands, and more.

For the finale, the last 4K movie downloader that you can consider using is Torlock. This torrent site is famous and favored by film enthusiasts who need to acquire movies with better video quality compared to other common streaming sites. It comes with different alternative or mirror websites, so you can easily search and access its main API. Its unique interface comes with different filters that enable you to acquire and download movies easily. For example, its filters include quality, genres, ratings, year of release, language, and order. So, if you are looking for 4K quality horror movies with great ratings released in 2024 for Hollywood movies, you can easily locate and download the film.

torlock interface


  • You can download 4K movies with free-of-charge.
  • It also contains plethora of video resolution for every movie.

  • Pop up ads are constant

Best Way to Download 4K Movies from YouTube

Distinctive Feature: This desktop program includes a built-in browser and a media player. It helps you save time from using other apps to play the downloaded videos.
Available Movie Genres: The tool can download any movie genre. That includes Romance, Action, Horror, Drama, and many more.

User-Friendliness: It requires only a few clicks to downloads videos or your favorite 4K movies.

The first five 4K movies sites mentioned in the first part are the movie-streaming sites. You can watch and download movies in 4k without installing other software with those sites. But for YouTube, you need a third-party program to download any videos from it. That applies if you prefer to upgrade your YouTube app to its “Premium” version.

Luckily, there are many programs that you can use to download 4K videos from YouTube. Here, we introduce to you a reliable tool called Aqua Clip. Aqua Clip is a great YouTube video downloader that you can use to get your favorite 4K movies. With this tool, you can download large-sized movies, YouTube playlists, and other videos. Also, downloading many videos at the same time is possible. That is because the tool uses advanced multi-thread technology that triples the download speed of each video.

Get it for Free

Step 1 Get the 4K YT Downloader

First of all, save the installer of the Aqua Clip to your computer. To do so, hit one of the “Download” buttons presented overhead. Make sure to check your OS to determine what installer suits your computer. Afterward, carefully follow the installation prompts to save the tool on your computer. Then, launch the software and familiarize its interface.

main interface

Step 2 Begin to Download Movies from YouTube

Next, advance to YouTube’s official website and search for the 4K movie you like to download . Then, copy the movie’s URL from the YouTube address bar. Once done, go back to the tool and paste the URL into the “Paste URL” box and wait until you see the result. After that, hit the drop-down button under the file name and choose “2160P” for a 4K result. Finally, hit the “Download” button to start downloading.

start downloading the movie

Step 3 Watch and Enjoy the Downloaded 4K Movie

Once the movie is completely downloaded, move on to the “Downloaded” panel of the tool. Using your mouse, right-click the movie's filename and select “Play Video” from the menu. Then a media player will appear on your screen playing the downloaded 4K movie that you can view with your friends or family.

right click the downloaded video and tap the play video

When you need to check for other 4K video downloaders, try reading this link.
Aqua Clip

An excellent video downloading tool that can download high quality videos up to 4K.
  • Search any video by entering the link or related video keyword.
  • Grab any videos without worrying about annoying ads.
  • Save an entire playlist 3x faster as it is equipped with multi-threading technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better between 4K in 30FPS or 4K in 60FPS?

The two refer to the number of frames per second. The higher the FPS, the smoother the movie will come out. You can detect less natural movement when downloading at 4K in 30FPS. But at 4K in 60FPS, every move on the video is smoother and much more enjoyable to watch.

4k movies download faqs

What does 4K UHD mean?

If you are a beginner, you will be confused about its name. The full definition of 4K UHD is “4K Ultra High Definition,” which is the standard TV resolution of 3,840x2160. While for 4K movie theaters, the resolution is at 4,096x2,160. Furthermore, 4K UHD is four times the resolution of 1080P displays and more than 23 times the number of pixels on 720P.

4k movies download faqs

What is 4K HDR?

High Definition Range or HDR is a term only used for the camera. You can combine the exposure to create one image that provides a much more representative balanced picture. Yet, now, this technology can be put into 4K movie download sites. The 4K HDR on movies will provide a wider color gamut than a standard RGB movie.

4k movies download faqs

Comparison Chart

When it comes to downloading 4K movies, many sites are available online. However, it is important to be cautious as many of these sites may contain harmful or illegal software. It's always recommended to use legitimate and licensed sites to download movies to ensure the safety of your devices and data. In conclusion, it is crucial to research and use reliable sources to download 4K movies. Better use an alternative tool to download movies and films freely and legally. Aqua Clip is one of these pieces of software that will help you achieve better-quality output in less time.

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