Is Disney Plus free with Amazon Prime?: 5 Ways To Get It Free

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feature is disney plus free with amazon prime Is Disney Plus free with Amazon Prime? This is a common question that many people ask. Amazon Prime offers many benefits, but Disney is not one of them. You must pay for a Disney Plus subscription separately to access content. However, there are a few ways to obtain Disney Plus for free or at a discounted price. In this blog, we will discuss some ways to get Disney Plus for free or at a reduced cost. You can utilize these methods to save your Disney movies without breaking the bank.

How to Get Disney Plus with Amazon Prime

Method 1: Free Trial

Amazon Prime: This platform provides a 30-day free trial. This allows you to access all its features, including the streaming service and Amazon music unlimited. After this free trial, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. You can pay $12.99 monthly or $119 annually for a Prime membership.

Disney Plus: Unfortunately, Disney Plus does not offer free trial. This free trial subscription phaseout is a recent change that Disney+ made. Yet, Disney Plus occasionally offers promotional discounts that you can take.

Now both video services provides multiple devices for streaming online movies.

So how can you get Amazon Prime Disney Plus free trial? In this situation, you can use this method. Create a new Amazon Prime account and claim the free trial subscription. Then you can give this Amazon account to anyone with a Disney Plus subscription. But in return, you can ask this person to share their Disney Plus account with you. With this method, you can have a free Prime Video and Disney+ subscription.

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Method 2: Share Accounts

Is Disney included in Amazon Prime? There's another solution you can use to this problem. It is one of the quickest methods to get a free Amazon Prime and Disney Plus subscription. As mentioned earlier, these platforms provide multiple devices on a single account. This feature allows the users to share it with different people to use the same subscription. This will not cause you any extra cost to your account. You can ask a family member or friend with an Amazon Prime and Disney Plus subscription to share their account. With the help of account sharing, you can get a free subscription for both platforms.

Method 3: Account Online Trading

Online platforms like social media can be used for account online trading transactions. For example, you have an Prime subscription and a free trial. You can trade your account that offers a Disney Plus subscription. The person offering the Disney + subscription can give you access to their account. At the same time, you provide them with access to your Amazon Prime Video account. In this process, you both have the same account, which two users can use simultaneously. With this method, you can have both subscriptions without paying separately.

Method 4: Cards Collaboration

Another solution to your question, "Is Disney Plus free with Prime?" is to collaborate your card with Amazon Prime to get Disney Plus. Collaboration allows Amazon Prime customers to get free Disney Plus for six months. This means you can access Disney+ without paying for it if you're an Amazon Prime customer. This offer is available for customers who have not previously subscribed to Disney. It is a practical way to save money while enjoying Prime Video and Disney Plus services.

Method 5: Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV

Another way to budget on streaming services is to buy a bundle using Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members can get Disney+ for free using their Fire Stick or Fire TV. This is a great solution if you are already a Amazon Prime member. It allows them to access both services. This will significantly benefit those who save money on entertainment expenses. In addition, this bundle also includes access to other streaming services. With that said, you can use this offer to enjoy watching Chinese anime on this service. Bundling streaming services together is a smart way to save money. You can also access all the original content you want to enjoy watching at your home.

Watch Disney Plus Classics Movies and TV Shows Offline

If you are a subscriber to Disney Plus, you have the option to download movies on this platform. But how about the users who want to watch these movies offline or outside the Disney+ app? In that case, you can save and watch the downloaded movie offline with a powerful downloader. One of the best downloaders for Disney Plus movies is CleverGet. This movie downloader is an advanced tool that provides a high-quality resolution. It can download 4K movie resolution and this tool also supports batch downloading. You can use this feature to collect movies like Star Wars sequences to watch offline quickly. It is also a fast downloader. It allows you to watch movies more than wait to download them. That's why CleverGet is the most recommended solution for saving Disney Plus movies.

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Step 1 Install the Movie Downloader

To install CleverGet, click the download button above. Then, after obtaining the installer file of the software, you need to run it on your device. Then begin installing CleverGet. After installation, launch the software to access its interface.

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Step 2 Modify the File Location

Once you have launched CleverGet, click "Settings" to modify the default download location. You can select a specific file to store the movie you download. This will help you to access the movies you download instantly.

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Step 3 Search for the Movie

In the search bar of CleverGet, enter Disney Plus to access the platform. Log in to your account to browse through the available movies. Then play a movie you want to download on that platform.

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Step 4 Download the Movie

After playing the movie, you want to download on Disney Plus, click the "Download" icon. You will notice this on the right side of your screen. Then the software will provide an option to select the video quality and format. Select the highest quality available and click the "Download" button.

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Step 5 Check and Play the Downloader Movie

Once the movie download process is complete, you can access it on the file that you selected earlier. To play the movie, click on its file, which will open with your default media player. Enjoy the movie you have downloaded using CleverGet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Amazon Prime's Disney Plus cost?
Disney Plus is cheaper than other services, costing $7.99 monthly. Suppose you want to subscribe to Disney+ through Amazon Prime Video Channels. In that case, the monthly cost is slightly higher, at $8.99. This will let you access both platforms, which is still great. You can consider its vast content library on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.
2. What are the differences between Disney Plus and Amazon Prime?
Both services offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows. But Disney Plus focuses mainly on family-friendly content. On the other hand, Prime Video provides a more diverse selection of content. These contents range from family-friendly to mature audiences. These platforms are both great options for streaming entertainment. But it ultimately depends on the user's preferences and viewing habits.
3. What is the best movie downloader for Disney Plus?
If you want the most reliable tool to download Disney Plus movies, you must have CleverGet on your device. This tool is special software with powerful downloading capabilities. You can access different movie platforms using this tool. It also can enhance the video quality output of the video you need to download. Making this tool the best option for downloading Disney movies for offline watching.


Searching for a solution to the problem of "Is Disney Plus included in Amazon Prime?" You may see different ways to resolve this on the internet. Amazon and Disney+ are other platforms. But with the help of the methods above, you can get them on both platforms without spending too much money. You can save money and enjoy browsing with two large movie library platforms.

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